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  1. The Vintage Rally looked to be well attended from both a spectator and exhibitor perspective. I win first in European Sportbike with my Metralla. I would certainly go again. They would like to see more european bikes entered. I spent all my time outside talking bikes and looking through the swap area. I did not go into the museum so can't report on that. John
  2. Used NOVI (of race car fame) aftermarket air conditioning unit. See photos. I have no other parts for it. $100.00 plus ship from Iowa 50632 PM me. Thanks. John
  3. I'm taking a Bultaco Metralla to show on Saturday. It is a world class museum.
  4. Not sure. If I can't find back glass restoration of the car will not happen. Thanks. John
  5. Need rear glass for 59 Imp. 4 door. 4 door WITHOUT quarter windows. Tailights also wanted. Thanks. PM me. Thanks. John
  6. I think Restoration Supply in Ca. offered them in the catalog. John
  7. Want to buy 1939 or 1940 Mercury coupe running boards in any condition. PM me. Thanks. John
  8. Info on data plate says OE 11285 Lot # 138 Load 2000 lbs Most likely a 1911 or so Model O Baker Photos attached. John
  9. Did you ever have new boards made for the 15 Milburn? One of the boards on my customers car is twisted end to end and has a dent upward with cracking visible. As ridgid as these boards are I can't figure how this damage could have occured without ripping the board completely off the car. Thanks. John
  10. This tank is rust free and with some solder work could be restored as new. $200.00 buys the tank, cap and cock.
  11. Need heater blower motor brush holders for the REDMOND blower motor. If you disassemble one of these motors do it carefully because the brush holders are plastic and break easily. Thanks, John
  12. Need REDMOND heater blower motor brush holders. If you disassemble one of these motors do it carefully because the brush holders are plastic and break easily. Thanks. John
  13. I believe the 1951 factory chassis manual ( not body manual ) shows all the heater parts. Does anyone have the chassis manual and if so could you look in it to see if the heater system especially the core box, core and related parts are shown in it ? I would pay for a copy of that page if possible. Or post a scan on this thread ? Thanks. John
  14. Does the owners manual show the heater core and if so does it show a plate covering the air outflow side of it ? Could you copy the page showing the core and core box ? Thanks. John
  15. See photos of tank, cap and fuel cock. The sender is a 12 volt Stewart Warner. There is no rust in or on this tank. I mentioned earlier that the tank was dent free and that isn't true. There are some small ones in it. The nice thing about these tanks is that the fill opening is large enough to allow you to reach into it for cleaning or other work. I don't believe these tanks are reproduced. Can anyone use it? Thanks. PM me if interested or to ask questions. John Worden
  16. This tank was an auxiliary tank in a customized 1951 Lincoln Cosmopalitan convertible built in Arizona in the late 50's The car has been in use in Arizona until I acquired it last month Augest 2011 I don't need the tank and have removed it from the car. It is a high vent type probebly suitable for mid and late 50's Porsche 356 A S.W. fuel guage sender has been relocated rearward and to the pass. side. The outlet has also been relocated to the drivers end from the middle of the tank floor. Other than that the tank is clean, black in color and dent free. The cap shows a small amount of surface r
  17. Where can I get a reprint of an owners manual and heater installation info? Thanks. John
  18. High vent. Out of Arizona. With cap. Will have more details tommorrow after removing it from car. Located in central Iowa 50632 Thanks. John
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