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  1. One set 1930 Buick headlights, one rim, headlight bar. Buckets and rim need repair. $300.00 Located in Iowa 50632 PM me. Thanks. John
  2. Begging everyone's pardon for jumping into this thread. I would like to know if the small medallion in the center of the black truck front bumper is a factory part? Also does anyone know of a source for the RIBBED white walls on the black one? They are not mentioned in Cokers catalog. Thanks. John
  3. Aftermarket AC units can be purchased from street rod sources. May rob the small 6 banger of power though. Disc brake setups may be available also although properly restored originals should work well. Use lower gears for descending mountain roads. These are not high speed vehicles under any circumstances. A high speed differential may end up overdriving the truck and make it unsafe. A properly restored front suspension and steering should steer easily. These trucks are not heavy. Your goal to drive the Great Race sounds fantastic. I'm restoring a 37 for a customer now. Luck. John Worden
  4. Looking for color codes or formulas for 1937 Dodge Brothers PU exterior and interior grey. Prefer Dupont (now Axalta) Thanks. John
  5. Vic, I'll get back to you on this. Thanks. John
  6. I will be be fabing a new steel floor for a 37 DB MC pickup fairly soon. I plan to make it in two sections as factory and press the wide ribs with my Pullmax nibbler. I will make the "V" cross braces as well. Measurements will be taken from a rusty original. Does anyone want me to make any of these parts for them? Thanks. John in Iowa 50632
  7. Anybody ever replace the stock tank and if so what did you use? I need one with fit and function of original. Thanks. John
  8. Need both back rest and bottom springs in restorable or better condition for 37 MC pickup. PM me. John in Iowa 50632
  9. I am baffled as to how the rear hood (trunk?) prop fits and works. I have fitted it to what I think are all the original holes in the body and hood only to have it bind in the wide open position when trying to close it. I have seen a photo of a 1915 Milburn in a museum fitted with a flower vase inside on the passenger door B (striker) piller. Would a vase have been standard equipment from Milburn? The big question is does anyone have one they would part with or know of a good substitute? This car is nearly finished. Thanks for the help. John Worden
  10. For the 1915 Milburn in my shop we made replacement contact parts. You would be extremely fortunate to find originals. For safety sake I keep the rear wheels jacked up off the floor when working on the electrical system. Luck. John Worden
  11. Want to buy tire truer or shaver. PM me Thanks John
  12. One black/charcoal mesh package tray new in package. One left front wheel opening molding new in package. One used OEM bumper jack set blue with some surface rust. One partial fizz can Pontiac metalic blue paint. One set door vent window glass clear OEM 1968 codes. $100.00 for all plus ship. John in Iowa 50632 Thanks
  13. Thanks for posting. A friend of mine Charlie Hall did some work for Hubbard years ago.
  14. Three front fenders. Set of 4 doors off 89 Chev wagon. All fit 80's full size chev, buick, pont, olds. Not perfect but virtually rust free. $100.00 for all. Thanks. PM me. John in central Iowa 50632
  15. Bill Parry of Pasadena. Olive green, size large, long sleeve, zippered front, button cuff, belted with monogram on breast pocket. Small holes on both knees. Vintage unknown. Otherwise like new. $20.00 plus ship from Iowa 50632
  16. Want set of 4 Denman 820x15 ww tires. for my Lincoln Cosmo. Have Ford flathead V8 parts or ? to trade or cash. John W. in central Iowa 50632 Thanks.
  17. My scrap metal friend has located what appears to be a Hupmobile chassis with parts of disc wheels. Springs and axles included. Will get more info and photos. Anyone interested at this point? What identifying features or specs should I look for? Thanks. John in Iowa 50632 PM me.
  18. This is a rust free original tank, valve and cap out of Arizona. The outlet has been moved. Sender may have been moved as well. Restore this rust free tank and put it back on the road. See photos. $200.00 plus ship. Trade for Appleton 112 spotlight parts or 49- 53 Ford flathead 2 carb intake or headers. Thanks. John in Iowa 50632 PM me The spindle photo was attached by accident. It's speedo drive side marked VW I also have 2 no vent VW wheel rims. Offers???? Trade?? John
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