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  1. Rust free from Arizona. Modified but restorable see photo. With gas valve less sender. $200.00 + ship Thanks John
  2. Thanks. A curved lens with flat bezel narrows the choices considerably. They are not branded with auto makers logo. The needle has a crescent moon shape opposite the needle end. The face is black. "gas" not fuel. 2 5/8" is the measurement most used to identify them. John
  3. I need one each Stewart Warner curved lens flat bezel gas and water temp 100-215 degrees gauges restorable or better. Black face. Trade or cash. Thanks. John Worden
  4. One Quick Charge Corp. 84 volt charger used once briefly with carry handle. $200.00 + ship (40 LBS) zip 50632 Thanks. PM me John
  5. Looking for some of the metal molding and vinyl (?) insert for the roof perimeter late 40s Diamond T Thanks. John PM me
  6. The box on the 37 in my shop is all steel including the floor. Was steel an option or where all 37s steel or is this box off some other make? Thanks. John
  7. Yes you did and they worked out perfectly. The car owner and I were fortunate to have crossed paths with you. Thanks. John
  8. I Need a restorable frame. What have you? Thanks. John PM me.
  9. We found the original blue and black under crudely brush applied black paint. The blue is fleet color Rodeway Blue. Thanks for the complement.
  10. Steve, I want to post photos of the interior because it is beautiful. It was done by a shop in Ames Iowa so I can't take credit. Before the interior shots I will "fit" some rose buds in the vases. The car drives well in first, second and reverse. I haven't got up the nerve to go faster yet. I forgot to look at the volt/amp gauge while underway. Steering is fairly light once underway. Suspension with driver only is stiffer than I thought it would be. Softer would be nice. It is a bit odd sitting back so far in the car. I can see the allure of a light electric for around town use. Four passenge
  11. Milburn #6 test driven today. All seems fine. Much relief. I'll post interior shots soon. John
  12. I Just finished making this new crank hole cover. Grill had six cracks in it. All repair and plating done by Wrights Custom Chrome in Grafton Ohio.
  13. Left over from restoration----- 1 Used OEM jack set 2 Used Oem left front wheel opening molding. 3 Set of Used OEM nice door vent window glass. AS-2 LX-16 LOF SAFETY PLATE SOLID TEMPERED 4 New repo in the package charcoal mesh package tray liner. $100 plus ship from Iowa 50632 Thanks. John
  14. I figured it out. I had cables crossed. Tiller forward for car forward. John
  15. Milburn owners or those with Milburn experience please tell me if you push the speed control tiller forward to go forward or pull it back toward the driver to go forward. Thanks. John
  16. So to be clear I'm reading that the interior door and window cranks, instrument bezels, w/shield crank/bezel, upper brake lever/button should be nickel. Thanks for the help. I want this work to be accurate. John
  17. Now I'm curious. You say the upper part of the handle was nickel plated. Was nickel plate used on the w/shield crank handle/bezel, the instrument rims, the bumpers, the headlight rims, the ram hood ornament, the window and door handles etc or just the brake lever? Thanks. John Also do you have the formula or color info for the gray?
  18. Just a suggestion on the floor board. I restored a 42 WC some time ago and while making the new floor board I made the battery access hole large enough to allow the battery to be pulled straight up or down through the board without removing the board. I fabricated a metal plate large enough to cover the access hole. It's silly to have to remove the floor mat and complete board to service the battery. I will do the same for the 37 MC in my shop now. It looks like your brake lever was sprayed with black paint. Can you tell if the lever was chrome plated originally? Thanks. John
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