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  1. The reason I don't hang around this forum much is the fact that people don't respond after posting questions. If you won't respond please don't waste peoples time. This forum contains a vast amount of useful information and communicating is a two way street.
  2. Lawrence, Do you have a panel that could be used as a pattern or could you provide a dimensional drawing? I could most likely make a new panel for the car. Thank you. John Worden
  3. You could also heat the area gently with a heat lamp.
  4. Speaking of early electric coach work, I was amazed at the amount of skill shown in the construction of the aluminum front and rear quarter panels on the 1915 Milburn I finished earlier this year. They are large with compound shape mostly. I could not find any sign of a weld either inside or out which means that they were formed in one piece. Quite an accomplishment then and now. John
  5. I bought the plate from Poland on ebay. "DODGE TRUCKS" was not centered on the plate and I informed the maker through ebay that I wasen't happy with it. He sent a photo of one with the words centered (like shown on the ebay listing) and I think he will send a corrected plate. I'll keep you posted. John
  6. The original is not flat in addition to having an extra hole. I have gone through ebay for a refund or replacement with a plate done correctly. If a replacement or refund won't work I will go ahead and use it. John
  7. One set of park lights left over from a collision job many years ago. Intact but hairline cracked lens. $100.00 the set plus ship from 50632 Thanks. John See photos. Driver quality+
  8. I have some leftover parts from a 29 rebuild some years ago, rocker arms, shafts, shaft supports, distributor base, special nuts and bolts etc. At $50.00 plus ship could you use it? I will post a photo Sunday. John
  9. What model Dodge truck? I restored a 1942 WC pickup and painted the engine silver.
  10. Vic, My plate is bent and has an extra hole in it. It's not restorable. Thanks for the offer. I will look into the one from Poland most likely. John
  11. I have a number of 37 DB pickup seat bottom individual coil springs available for $5 each. They are not the same as the backrest coils but may work. John
  12. Vic, I will look at my plate to see if it is flat. If it is I will send it to you. Thanks. John
  13. Rust free from Arizona. Modified but restorable see photo. With gas valve less sender. $200.00 + ship Thanks John
  14. Thanks. A curved lens with flat bezel narrows the choices considerably. They are not branded with auto makers logo. The needle has a crescent moon shape opposite the needle end. The face is black. "gas" not fuel. 2 5/8" is the measurement most used to identify them. John
  15. I need one each Stewart Warner curved lens flat bezel gas and water temp 100-215 degrees gauges restorable or better. Black face. Trade or cash. Thanks. John Worden
  16. One Quick Charge Corp. 84 volt charger used once briefly with carry handle. $200.00 + ship (40 LBS) zip 50632 Thanks. PM me John
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