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  1. NAPA shows them in their Fel Pro catalog. I ordered some. Will advise after comparing them to originals. John
  2. Looking for sheet metal shims 37 DB half ton PU outer rear axle. I've tried Mitchell, Bernbaum and Roberts. Thanks. John
  3. Could someone post a photo of the park brake assembly on the passenger side? I'm not sure that I have all the parts. Thanks. John
  4. No wood. 108,000 original miles. Dark blue metallic. Never hit. No time for planned sedan delivery conversion. Always stored inside. Stored since 2011. Good title. Will start with gas poured down carb. and run on that gas. Virtually perfect blue interior with crack free dash pad and steering wheel. Some primered surface rust on ext. Rusty underneath. $600.00 located in Iowa. Thanks.
  5. Restoration completed by Anderson Restoration in 2002. Driven 111 miles. Stored in climate controlled garage. AACA RE OLDS Award. POST WAR CAR Award. BOMGARDNER Award. Multiple AACA award winner. $97,500 obo Selling for owner who is retiring. Car is located in Iowa. Thanks. John Worden PM me.
  6. At the rear of the generator is the oil galley. Should there be 1 or 2 oil cups in which to add oil to the galley? Thanks. John
  7. I need new data plates for the starter, generator, distributor for a 37 PU or mine restored. Any leads appreciated. Thanks. John
  8. That will help greatly Dave. Thanks. Good for you on the move. John
  9. I want to be sure of the generator cutout and voltage regulator circuit. Thanks in advance. John
  10. I've searched and found plenty of Chev. and Ford wiring information. I need to see a wiring diagram for a 37 DB pickup. Thanks John
  11. Was the road draft tube painted engine color or black? Thanks. John
  12. The Lester tire has a 4" WW One plus for the Firestone is the 4 1/4" WW despite the flawed appearance. From What I can tell all the Firestone 820x15 bias ply WW tires on the planet come from Coker regardless of who the seller/retailer is. I have asked about sanding the side wall on the H.A.M.B forum and haven't read of a successful WW detailing method as of yet. Thanks. John
  13. This is what I got from Coker several days ago. 820x15 Firestone bias ply. The appearance is disappointing . They will accept them back but say that replacements will be no better. What to do?
  14. Looking for a set of 4 Denman 820x15 WW Any out there? PM me asap. Thanks. John
  15. I gave up on finding 40 v bulbs. I configured the system to accommodate 6 volt bulbs.
  16. I'm pretty sure no one repops the large boot so I am going to restore this one using "flexible parts repair material" used to repair modern bumper covers. The boot doesn't flex much at all and the repair material will fill the cracks, sands easily and is paintable. John
  17. The large one was on the 37 when it came in to my shop. That doesn't mean that it is original though. However there are detailed "renderings/photos" in 2 Dodge truck specific history/resto guides showing the large boot. John
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