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  1. I have added more photos since your post. I'm happy to answer any detail questions. Sorry but $5000.00 won't buy it. The car is in the Ft. Myers Florida area. (wish I was there today)
  2. The car will sell for less than the $100,000 + restoration cost. Offers considerd low will be politely refused. Viewing the car can be arranged. Thanks. John
  3. I could build a complete electric truck using this chassis or advise how to do it.
  4. AM radio unknown voltage. 3 section antenna and cable included. Top end of lower section damaged. I have not tested it. Can have it tested and repaired if need be. Push buttons and dials work. Removable push button covers shown in top of radio. Some pitting on pot metal. $25 plus ship Thanks. John
  5. Mr. Smits I have PM'd you. Thanks. John Worden
  6. Multiple AACA awards winner. Pics available for serious consideration please. PM me or call 641 474 2313 home and shop in Iowa. Car is in Florida. Thanks. John
  7. I have a 53 Olds 98 Convertible available selling for a friend. It has won many major awards and is located in Florida. I have more pics. PM me or call 641 474 2313 home and shop Thanks. John
  8. Need complete set of seats for 1950 Merc. 2 door Thanks John PM me or call 641 474 2313 home and shop in Iowa Distance most likely not an issue.
  9. The kit showing 4 self locking nuts below 9 brass nuts.
  10. AMS has a partial installation kit showing 4 self locking nuts. That's why I ask.
  11. Ok thanks. Are 4 self locking nuts used with the 4 thick steel intake washers? If not, where? John
  12. I'm fairly certain that 4 of these brass spacer/washers were used to bolt the Ex/Intake manifolds to the 37 block. Notice that the interior ID is tapered. Where are they used? Thanks. John
  13. They fit between the brake backing plate and the end of the axle housing outside of the bearing.
  14. I've read all the posts and thank you all for them. I will measure everything again today to confirm that the measurements fall within those listed in the Motors Manual. The manual also specifies equal shim thickness which I have gained. If all is good I will fit the shims and backing plates and measure end play again. John
  15. Thanks guys for the help. Today I was able to get .003 end play one side and .007 the other which is just within tolerance. The manual says to have equal shim thickness both sides. As of today I need a .036 shim both sides. I have 2 .030 shims and will most likely make the rest. John
  16. My Motors manual calls for .003 to .008 axle end play with equal readings at both sides to center the thrust block. There is no step by step instruction. I have both sides within specs. measured with a dial indicator now but not equal. I will probably shim tight on the side with the most end play and loose on the other thinking that there may be slight changes to the end play as the miles traveled accumulate and the new bearings seat. I don't like the imprecision of it.
  17. I can't seem to adjust one axle shaft end play without affecting the opposite side end play. Is there a trick to it? My manual gives the allowable measurement and instructs to adjust end play with shims but does not say how to do it. I have both sides within specs. but can't even them out. Thanks. John
  18. Napa can supply gaskets but not shims. Will make what I need. Thanks. John
  19. NAPA shows them in their Fel Pro catalog. I ordered some. Will advise after comparing them to originals. John
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