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  1. Julian, I may be able to make the panels for your car. I would need photos or samples or measured drawings of the originals. I can send photos of parts I've made if you wish. I would need your postal address to send photos to. Contact me directly if you wish. Thanks. John Worden Green Mountain, Iowa phone 641-474-2313 central time.
  2. Neal, Finding a clean door may be difficult. I suggest having yours repaired by a qualified metal man. Shocks and wire harness and brake hoses are available from Roberts Motor Parts or Andy Bernbaum (spelling ?) Buy tubing from auto parts store and make your hard brake lines. What is wrong with the speedo? Be specific. If the needle fell of, try removing the stainless bezel and gluing the needle back on. If the needle plastic is warped, make a new one and glue it on. If you have the original seat, remove all old upholstery material and make repairs to the springs and seat spring frame and reco
  3. Sir, I suggest having a metalshaper fabricate a new set. Look at metalshapers.org or metalmeet.com for leads to locating such a person in your area. I could also do the work. I would need a spat or measured drawing or photo etc. before proceeding. Contact me if interested. Thanks. John Worden Green Mountain Iowa. 641-474-2313
  4. I just finished the restoration of a 1941 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe and may be of assistance. For clarification, this car was a 2 passenger coupe with a horizontal deck behind the driver/passenger seat. I never did know if it was a business coupe or an opera coupe or a business mans coupe. I like to call it a bootleggers coupe because it could have transported gallons of hooch in the huge trunk and in the hidden area behind the seat below the deck. Everyone had a differant name for it. The seat back cushion ( not the complete seat back frame ) hinges upward to allow access to the large area bel
  5. Greg, Most likely I could make the piece if you are unable to find one. I would need measured drawing, or sample part or remnants of the original for a pattern. I can email photos to you of pieces I've made in the past if you wish. John Worden Green Mountain, Iowa Phone 641-474-2313
  6. Try cleaning your tank first. Remove it from the truck and drain it. Pour in a couple handfulls of small rough stones and some soap and water. Rotate the tank so that the mixture " scrubs " the interior surface of the tank. Do this for several minutes. This action will loosen rust and varnish and allow it to flow out with the water. Pour out and decide if it needs it again. Let interior dry completely and look inside the best you can. At this time you can use the tank sealing products to coat the interior or use it as is. Probably a good idea to replace the fuel line between the tank and fuel
  7. 1980-1987 2 DOOR caprice drivers door wanted. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT. Prefer with power glass. JOHN WORDEN Phone 641-474-2313 in Iowa
  8. John, I fabricate sheet metal parts such as what you need. I can email photos of completed parts if you wish. My shop is in Iowa. Regards. John Worden Phone 641-474-2313
  9. 163,000 miles ex chiefs car with all records since new. Needs body work. Grey with burgundy int. 305 Cu.In. $800 or trade for 1930 Buick parts. Located in Iowa John Worden 641-474-2313
  10. Please describe rear posts in more detail. If they are stamped sheet metal I may be able to make new ones. John Worden Green Mountain Iowa 641-474-2313
  11. Does anyone know if or how the Butcher Brothers modified their 1930 Indy race car engine? I have pictures of the car but they don't show the engine. Anyone modified this engine for more power and speed? Thanks. John Worden Iowa
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