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  1. Sitting on boxed 32 rails with dropped tube axle and slider type spring. Rear parallel leaf with late chev axle. Ribbed roof insert and ribbed firewall. Bent spoke Kelsey Hayes rims. Firestone track type tires. Front fenders, hood and radiater shell. No glass or interior. New wood framing in roof for headliner. Lower 10" of drivers door rough. Repo stock 32 dash sheet metal. No title. $16,500 Serious inquiries please. Car is located in Iowa. Thanks. John at 641-474-2313

  2. I don't know of any companies making these. A good custom or restoration shop should be able to make and install a new floor. If the original is missing or not usable for a pattern you should provide photos or a drawing or a car with a floor suitable for patterning to the shop. JW

  3. My Mercer experience goes like this. In 1974 I worked in a subcontracting shop located at Golden Restoration ( Golden, Colorado ) that did some of the metal work and painting for Golden Restoration. The owner or owners of GR went to Texas and returned with a 1913 Mercer Raceabout. It appeared to be in fairly good unrestored condition and ran strong if my memory serves. Rides were given around the large storage building. It was the first car I had ever seen with a large round monocle windshield. It truly was a MACHINE! I believe it was then restored. I left the shop soon after and it seems like a few months later the car appeared for sale in Hemmings Motor News. The ad was hard to miss because it was 2 pages I think,in full color. I had never seen color ads in HMN before. Even the paper was special. Does anybody remember or know of the car now? John Worden

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