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  1. Needs complete restoration. Good Iowa title. Car located in central Iowa. One of 900 some built. Not a beat up rust bucket. Engine included is not original to car but is within the correct serial number range. Very few parts missing. Transportation can be arranged. Photos available to interested parties. Can restore for a new owner if required. Thanks. John Worden 641 474 2313

  2. Built in 1926. Good Iowa title. One owner former Ford dealer in Kensett Iowa. Professionally appraised at $8500.00 Needs tires and a top. Ruckstell axle. May not want to restore this one. What will you give for it? Thanks. John Worden 641 474 2313






  3. One of 800 some built. Located in Iowa with good Iowa title. Needs complete restoration. Engine included is not original to the car but is complete and within the correct serial number range for the car. This is not a beat up rust bucket. Missing running boards and little else. Photos available to those interested in purchasing it. $7000.00 buys it. Can arrange shipping. John Worden 641-474-2313 home and shop central time Thanks.

  4. I own one of these chassis and am searching for specs., photos or an actual example in a museum or collection somwhere. Information on these is scarse and any help is appreciated. I would consider restoring this one to a new owners specs. if anyone is interested. I am now restoring the 6th Milburn Light Electric Coupe built. Thanks John Worden

  5. The data plate says chassis# OE 11285 lot# 138 and load 2000 lbs. The patent dates are Mar 1 1904 Dec 1 1908 Feb 15 1910 and June 7 1910 I found pictures of a 1910 or so Baker truck with a chassis that looks somewhat like this one. Anyone have any parts? Had to be chain drive because there is no differenial. Drive sprockets are missing however. I own it but not sure what I'll do with it. How do you replace solid rubber tires? John Worden

  6. Monday, my friendly scrap man will show me a Baker chassis of unknown vintage with solid rubber tires and Baker ID plates on it that he was instructed to CUT UP FOR SCRAP. If after looking at it, it looks to be of some value I will post further info here. Some other parts have been pushed into a pile so I don't know what to expect. Should be fun though. John Worden

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