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  1. Looking for a set of factory ribbed end bumpers for a 1936 Oldsmobile. Please send me any photos you may have and what you want for them, even if it is just one. I am in Washington State so I will need to ship them. Thank you, Drew
  2. Just picked up this supposedly all original 1941 Oldsmobile Dynamic Cruiser but every single window seems to be stuck shut...yes I know the skirts are backwards, and actually from what I read earlier may only be for the 98 model, but the rest of the car is original and extremely complete. I was able to douse the rear driver's door regulator pretty good with PB Blaster and break it free and it now works great....however the driver's door is proving to be a major pain the rear. I cannot find any information online about how to remove the regulator with the glass attached, since I can't roll it down. Is there anyone here that has some advice that they can offer? Thank you, Drew
  3. Outstanding detail and knowledge in this thread. I have seen both a sloper and a holden bodied 37 phaeton here in the states but was not aware of the specific information you provided. Thank you for sharing that. I have always wanted a Holden bodied sloper after seeing one in Oregon...years ago.
  4. Are you and the car still in Kitsap County? I live in Poulsbo and would be interesting in seeing it in person. Thanks, Drew
  5. Just ran across this post...what an amazing project and job you are doing! Looking forward to updated photos once available.
  6. Wonder if this ever sold? Any front end shots of it?
  7. Its a beautiful car, thanks for the sharing. Can you post anymore photos of the motor and interior?
  8. Thanks for your help, I found this website that discusses (5) types of wheels options for 1929 Chryslers and it appears I have may have miss-stated mine as Buffalo hayes wire weehls and that they are possibly the Motor Wheels version that are held to the wheel by cap head bolts on the brake drum. http://www.rodsandwheels.com/emagazine.php?flag=show_story&toc_id=382 By the way, you did a beautiful job on the wire restoration of your own wheels. Thanks for the photo. Drew
  9. Mike my car had an aftermarket fuel pump added, but originally had the vacuum tank. thanks
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