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  1. Well the 3/8" carriage bolt shoulder does not hold the bolt from turning. Still don't know why Buick slotted these holes but I just used a hex bolt with flat washer on inside of frame and the bracket, lockwasher, and nut on outside.
  2. Greg, Any idea why the two holes on the inside of the frame for this L bracket have a keyhole slot hole in the frame rather than a round hole? A 3/8" carriage bolt will go into this slot and seems to fit the square shoulders of the bolt which would of course keep it from turning when tightening up by one person whereas a hex head bolt would turn and with a fender on, one person cannot reach around to both sides of the bolt at one time. Is that the reason?
  3. I have just finished creating a right front side mounted spare fender for my 1936 Buick 40 Series Coupe and I now have a very nice restored non-welled fender for sale. It is painted Francis Cream. $150. I will take some photos if there is interest. It would be expensive to crate well enough to protect in shipment but can be done. Actual cost of shipping and crate material would be extra. Best to pickup in Greenville Texas.
  4. Got some questions for owners of 36 Buick 40 Series cars with side mounted spare fenders. I am about to install my newly restored right front SM fender and support brackets. I know how it all goes together but would like to know the correct orientation for the L bracket that bolts to the outer side of the frame. Does the short leg of this bracket point fwd or aft? Does it make a difference and is it the same on left as on right? Does the fuel line go thru the large oval hole in this bracket on the right side? Thanks
  5. Ok final price reduction. These three fenders are free. Plus shipping costs unless you pick up in person which is no charge at all. Offer good thru this week then they will go to scrap yard.
  6. Thanks Tom. I thought I had been thru my service manual already and did not find the jack. I'll check it again. I do have that manual handy.
  7. Well turns out I can't get to my owners manual for several weeks to check if a jack is shown. Doesn't any 36 owner out there have an original jack they could photograph and post photos?
  8. I've seen a jack on ebay for sale a very long time at a hefty price and I nearly bought it anyway until the seller's answer to my logical question did not set well with me so I passed on it. I simply wanted to know if the jack would function or if was rusted and frozen up. The answer was that surely I did not expect to actually use the jack? I don't even know if that jack is truly for 1936 or not. It was suggested that I check my 36 owners manual for a picture of the correct jack but I cannot get to my owners manual for several weeks to check.
  9. Now reduced price on these parts to try and avoid the scrap yard. I will take 30 for the front fender and 15 for each of the rears. Will sell each separately. All costs plus shipping.
  10. Good thought. I will check and see.
  11. Would like to buy a 1936 Buick tire jack Assembly and handle. In the meantime I am looking for someone to post pictures of the correct jack, photos with measuring tape shown for size of jack would be most helpful.
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