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  1. Thanks for your opinions! The owner was/is concerned about 'flat spots', feeling that they take too long to even out. Car will only be 'casually' shown; point deductions are not an issue ;-) Main concern is just to 'get there' to show the car! Also, he is in the high technology world, so generally feels that modern must be better.....we discuss the pros & cons of this regularly! (careful not to go "off topic" here.....;-)
  2. 1939 Chrysler Royal Sedan.....bias ply or radials? Must be wide whitewalls...... Which are preferable, and why? TIA, Tritone (for Christian)
  3. Can someone guide me to such a thing.....online would be great! I specifically want to see the "nose" of the crankshaft......to see what the end looks like: splines / keyway / other........ TIA, Tritone
  4. ...the "Town & Country" lettering for the rear lower apron of a 1956 New Yorker wagon. Would buy it if you have it, Would copy it if you would loan it, Would even be happy with a really high resolution photo of it! Help out a fellow 'long roofer' ! TIA, Tritone
  5. JACK M - tell me more! Like; still available? where is it? TIA, James
  6. rluke - did you move on the New Yorker wagon? I have one (NFS, so don't even think about it ;-). Happy to share firsthand info & knowledge! PM if interested. PS I'm buying a dry Cali car spare......for some parts
  7. Packard8 - Sorry, I don't have your gaskets, but I do have 2 352 Stokes conversions. Is yours a Stokes, or other? Would love to see pix to compare w/mine tritone at rockisland dot com TIA, James
  8. Might it have been wood-grained Dynoc? Very common on the 'tin woodies' ....
  9. Tritone

    Ribbed coils

    Any suggestions where to find 4 6V Delco Remy ribbed coils? TIA, Tritone Like these:
  10. Looking for recommendations on a wiring expert in the Seattle, WA area. Want to find someone with experience on postwar to mid-'50s European cars, especially Italian. Any suggestions appreciated! TIA, Tritone
  11. prior to 1968 there should be riveted metal chassis plate on the inner engine firewall or on the inner fender.
  12. Need 1957 Chrysler New Yorker steering wheel. Must be restorable or better condition. Most interested in the plastic wheel itself, can live without center chrome ring if you don't have it. Really really need this piece...... I have pix if needed. TIA, James tritone@rockisland.com
  13. Jack - Might have been interesting if GM had taken this route; they would have had to fix all those 'gremlins' you've found in your tuning efforts (valve weights & lengths, camshaft? webs, etc.). Might have made your life easier (but less exciting?) james
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