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  1. Don, I had what I thought was a vapor lock problem which I later traced down to a crack in my metal fuel line. It was fine when the car was cold. Once things heated up, the metal line below the fuel pump would expand and air bubbles would get sucked in. Turning on my electric pump counter-acted that, unless things got REALLY hot (like 100 degrees on the asphalt). At that point it was letting so much air in the pump couldn't keep up. Replacing the line solved that probelm. Just another possible thing to check out. I also had some rough running at speed which turned out to be a bad b
  2. My dad was in the army and overseas at the time, but I am sure his 49 Mercury coupe was in the garage at the time. I'll have to ask my aunt if she remembers how I got home, no one else left to ask. Dave
  3. The one I miss most was my 1965 Thunderbird, aqua, with a matching interior. A close second would be my 1968 Eldorado, silver with a black vinyl top and a black & white houndstooth interior (hey, it went with my teal leisure suit!). Dave
  4. Beautiful car! A 41-47 Clipper was on my short list when I bought my Cadillac, just ran into the Cadillac first. Dave
  5. I had my 47 stripped to bare metal and repainted in basecoat / clearcoat by a local Maaco into old cars this year. The body was in excellent shape, no rust, no bondo. The old lacquer was crazing though. They did all the trim removal, stripping, etc. They put 32 hours of body work in fixing any old waves and ripples. They painted the wheels and door jambs as well. I did not have them do the engine compartment or trunk as the old maroon paint was ok in those areas, and was not highly finished back in 47. They did a full color sand after the paint had cured. They use the classic cars as f
  6. I've told folks here we need to sponsor an employee car show at the office, if they want to see the 47 here. That way it would be for an auto show, and not commuting. :-)
  7. The one Citroen car club meet I attended, we had a 3-wheel gymkana - take one of the rear wheels off, put a rubber guard around the brake plate, with a piece of white chalk at the bottom. Make a timed run through the obstacle course. Fastest time without leaving a chalk mark wins. Of course with the hydropneumatic suspension on Citroens, it was easy to drive with a rear wheel missing - it automatically levels and keeps that corner up. :-)
  8. I really like the new design. As soon as the new items show up on the merchandise pages, I'll be doing some shopping.
  9. Great boat Barry! I have always loved wooden boats. There's a local wooden boat group here which brings some of their beauties to our regional Cadillac meet each year, and it's always a joy to see them.
  10. I use the Tefba filters on my car. I like the way they can be cleaned without disassembling the radiator hose. http://www.fasterjags.com/Tefba.html
  11. Larry, congrats on the Lincoln! I'm so sorry about the Facel, such a beautiful car. She'll be perfect again. I agree with your response about cameras and lights, doubt they'd stop vandals. Maybe you could look into backing the glass panes in the garage doors with Lexan, so nothing could get through into the shop.
  12. Thanks Matt, maybe he said a 0.5 degree change in camber - at the time I was thinking I'd just bring it back to him should I ever change. Sadly he's not in business anymore (not sure what happened). I know my friend is reading this, so it should help him out. I have a few more years on my bias ply tires before I'd be looking at radials for my car. My tires only clear the skirts by 1/4", and I have been worried a radial would be likely to rub. Diamondback actually sent me measurements, so I need to measure my Firestones and see how they compare sometime.
  13. A friend of mine just moved to radials on his LaSalle. He's wondering what, if any, changes in alignment he should make. I recall when I had the front end rebuilt on my 47 Cadillac that the shop owner said he'd set things up for bias ply, and if I ever went to radials he'd need to change it. I think he mentioned a 0.5" change in toe-in, but I can't recall. Unfortunately he is no longer around. Anyone have any advice on alignment settings for my friend's LaSalle?
  14. Tom - I haven't forgotten I owe you some pictures. The color looks great (lighter than mine). The shop painting my 47 Caddy told me they weren't satisfied with my roof, passenger door or passenger rear fender - so, they fired their painter, hired a new (but known to them) one, and are repainting those. I'm glad they are being picky, but hope I get to see the car before it hibernates again for the winter!
  15. For me the things I enjoy, beyond the friendship and comraderie, are: Having people to tour with, do burger runs, go to shows with, etc. It's especially nice on a long trip to know there are people along who will be there if you break down, etc. Having a monthly (or semi-monthly) meeting to keep informed on the local club and car scene. Receiving a local club newsletter with useful or interesting articles, lists of upcoming events, etc. Having a source of referals for local mechanics, body shops, parts suppliers, etc. Contribute as a group to worthwhile local causes (3 of my 4 local clubs su
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