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  1. Derham in Pennsylvania worked all the way up into the 1970s ~~~ Bowman & Schwartz in Ca. would be my guess here however ! They made some very strange coachwork !
  2. Finally~~~ We now have real living photographic proof that car guys really do get~~~ reinCARnated ~~~ into a new after-life !
  3. I suspect that these were all aftermarket auto-store accessory add-on lamps~~~ K-D made these sort of add-on lamps in the late 1940s-1950s They usually came with some sort of clamp-on bumper mounting brackets . Fire Co members & some Police used & still use these blue lights~ School buses & other trucks used the "Stop" style tail add-on lights. Almost any car or truck could have used the amber fog-style lamps. I do not think these lamps belong to any specific brand or make of auto or truck ! These sort of lights pop-up for sale on the market all the time and are not really worth all that much ! I hope this finally answers your K-D Lamp questions ?
  4. How about an early solid rubber heavy duty truck wheel /tire ?
  5. Bryan: Your points are exactly why I started this forum thread in the first place. I know I can get some sort of sham"Title" paperwork from an out of state so-called "Title Company". But~~~ The shell game that they use to launder a car title does not sit well with me. I wish to Title this car in Penna. the proper & correct LEGAL way ! I want no future question of my true legal ownership ! This is one of the many reasons that it still sits now in my friend's Maryland barn and not with me here in PA . I want this title issue sorted out first ! This 1904 Curved-Dash Olds was said to have been bought new by this Maryland farm family ! It is said to have spent all of it's life in this Maryland stone barn ! My friend who tipped me to it's sale has known about it since the early 1970s I have several period pre-teens photos of this car at this farmhouse as well as photos from the 1960s ! There is some question in my mind as to this horseless carriage having ever had ANY state issued title ? I have several problems to deal with here~~~ There are TWO states involved~~~ This car is also over 106 years old ! It has no Title ; and may in fact never have had one issued by the state of Maryland or any other state ? I also do not live in Maryland and do not know their laws or law-makers! This 1904 Olds also has no VIN number as such ! Just a chassis number . In short~~~ I want to get LEGAL TITLE in the proper state approved manner ! This is not very easy to do however !
  6. OK---Folks~~ I give up~~~ I confessed~~~ Arrest me ! BUT~~~ first you will have to deal with the statute of limitations . This happened almost 30 years ago ! ;-) I guess this makes-up for the time old Ed tried to over- charge $6.00 for a used fan belt ! By the way~~~ That yard owner's son was a good friend of mine~~~ He was there with me at the time I "Found" that Checker Cap Badge ! He told me to "Take-It!" Interesting side note: In the early 1990s Harold Katz the former owner of the Philly 76ers basketball team bought this scrapyard off of old Ed & his family for 4 &1/2 million $$$~~~ The entire yard's contents of scrap autos were crushed & cleared and a new mega-shopping center was built there ! Ed and his entire family immediately moved to sunny Florida to retire ! That old auto junkyard should have been declaired a "Superfund Site" ! Just like "Love Canal NY " Dave we all like to spar with you on automotive related environmental issues ~~~ After all~~~ We are all old car nuts & friends here on this geat forum !
  7. That good old Chevy 265-283 Cu-In V8 engine later morphed & evolved into 307, 327, 305, 350,and finally 400. not to mention the later bored-out & stroked 383. Also an aluminum version was built. And a V6 that was made by chopping-off two of it's cylinders ! There is little doubt that this small Chevy "Mouse Motor" was the most successful and prolific V8 Detroit ever built with well over 65 million units built over almost six decades ! BUT~~~ As usual~~~ I am getting way ahead of YOUR story & history lesson ! I cannot wait for Part II !
  8. We have an entire old set of two-pin & hook style spanners in a canvas wrap. This set is perhapps 70-90 years old ! The twin pin style are indeed used as stated on the nut you pictured above~~~ The hook-style nuts have two slots cut in the outer side of the nuts for the special hook style spanner ! Both spanner types were often used to make adjustments on the suspension, brakes etc of older Antique autos. I suspect a tool-kit came with your car originally with such special spanners .
  9. Dad and I had never been pulled-over for speeding in a Packard~~~ BUT ~~~ We were & are constantly being pulled-over for going too SLOW in one of Dad's early Brass-Era Antiques !
  10. Guys: I thought this thread may be helpful not only to me~~~ But to other Forum & AACA members~~~ I am sure that I am not the first person here that has had a similar title issue with an old Antique car in their own state~~~ And I will not be the last I am sure. This is a real problem issue with US old Antique car nuts ! You should have seen the woman's face in MD at the DMV when we tried to obtain a title for a 1904 Oldsmobile ! She looked at me stunned like a deer looks in your headlights~~~ Her exact words~~~ "Did I hear you say it was a 1904 Oldsmobile ??? " She and her boss had no idea what to do to help us ! They DID try ~~~ A similar situation happened at the PA DOT office ! And can you just imagine what would happen if I took this 1904 Olds Horseless carriage to our State Police for the required new title auto safety inspection ? Can't you just see their faces now ?
  11. Barry~~~ Given the fact that Dad & I spent thousands in this junkyard over the years , and the fact that I bought a chevy big-block for my race boat that day ~~~ I would say that 10 cent badge was paid for 1000X times over~~~ I cannot count the number of Big Bock MK IV Chevy engines that we bought for boat racing in over twenty years from Ed's junkyard ? ! Who has not seen all sorts of "Trash" in old junkyard car trunks?~~~ The yard owner did not care about this stuff~~~ He was in the scrap & used auto parts business ! This badge was headed for the crusher or burn pile~~~ COME ON NOW BARRY ~~~ GIVE ME A BREAK !
  12. Not to knock lawyers here~~~ BUT~~~ If I had my lawyer go all through this tangled legal process my legal bill would wind-up costing as much as I have already paid to purchase this 1904 Olds in the first place ! All this to satisfy the State of Pennsylvania and some Judge ! My point here is that all Antique autos that are found in barns, garages, and in farmer's fields did not, or no longer have any legal titles~~~ The State should have some easy process in place to handle very old autos withot titles~~~ A process that protects everyone's rights ! And one that does not force law abiding citizens to jump through all sorts of legal hoops and cost them an arm and a leg !
  13. These were basically commercial autos designed for a specific job. Like a Divco milk or bread delivery truck ! They were only built to carry paying passengers ! Just like a bus~~~ They made few design changes over the years because the taxi cab company buyers never really cared about having the latest & greatest in design styling ! They wanted a big & roomy, robust, easy & cheap to repair commercial auto that they could keep on the road making money ! In fact their old dated & unique design really worked in their favor as everyone in town knew they were a Taxi Cab ! Who knows how many Checker autos exist today ? AND~~~ Does it really matter ? There is really not much of a collector market for old Checker Cabs~~~ Except possibly in period-style Hollywood movies ?
  14. Mike: Sorry you cannot use your great Model "A" project truck anymore ~~~ It appears that you did a fine job restoring it indeed ! It looks like a great truck for a super low price !
  15. This also opens-up the topic of all those Indy pace cars, especially Corvettes , that are bought new and never ever driven . I know a guy that has an Indy pace-car corvette and a 1990 454 SS Chevy sport truck that both have under 20 original miles on the clock. Both are sitting in his garage. The factory plastic covers are still on the seats and paper on the carpet ! This guy has been speculating on these since they were new ! He is now very ill and may not survive very long~~~ Sadly this truck and auto will be arond much longer than he will~~~ And HE never really enjoyed actually driving & using both !
  16. Denman is now out of business and the factory has been liquidated ~ Some dealers have stock on hand~~~ But when they are gone~~~That's It ! You might also condsider Lester tires sold by Universal Tire in PA. All the brands you mentioned are very good. Just pick the tread design you like the best & fits the vintage look of you car !
  17. What you describe is NOT normal and is a real fire hazard ! I would re-check the carb float needle valve ; and also check for proper float level !
  18. Peter: Go on the web and check-out the Peter Mullin Foundation automotive Museum collection. Peter bought the old Otis Chandler Museum building in Oxnard Calif. and has set-up his own fantastic wold class museum collection of similar autos ! Peter is a world class collector/restorer of these rare coachbuilt French autos ! He has many similar auos. He may be able to help you trace your Delage's history. You can contact Peter though his museum website ! Peter is a fastastic fellow indeed !
  19. Here are the additional photo attachments~ For some reason I could not get them all to attach in one reply post ? I hope this helps you Jeff !
  20. I just got an email from the owner of these films. They are NOT 8MM or 16MM movies as such ~~~ I believe they are in actual fact 35MM film slide strips ! ? He describes them as film-strips that are used with a hand cranked projector ? At any rate here is what he has in the photo attachments below ! I suspect that these are similar to the film slide strips we remember from our old school days~~~ Some of these school film strips had phono records for the sound portion ~ I do no know if his film strips include any phono record sound; or not ? At any rate the owners name is Jeff ! I do not have Jeff's permission to post his email contact info here~ BUT~ If you wish to contact Jeff , the film's owner, Wayne the Administrator here, can foreward your email to him if you wish I suspect . I believe the collector community would love to see these "films" or film strips ! They are part of GM automotive history that must be saved & shared for future generations !
  21. Collectors would be thrilled to view and own a copy of your films. I like the idea of making a DVD copy to sell to collectors via eBay~~~ GM may still own the copyright content rights to these films however ?~~~ This is an issue that you may wish to explore ? These training films need to be saved for history ! Are these 16 MM films with sound ? If so~~~ I have friends who can project & also make the conversion of these to DVD !
  22. The fact remains that the only part you actually have from this Mercedes Benz 770K staff car is this spare wheel ! This indicates, at least to me, that the car which was owned by Saddam, was most likely looted & stripped in Iraq during the confusion of the last Gulf War. After all~~~ Why was this spare wheel EVER removed from this very are car in the first place ? I hope this auto still exists but I strongly have my doubts of it's survival in one piece ! Realistically~~~ This wheel belongs back with one of the few surviving Mercedes Benz 770 K autos in existance ! You might consider selling it to a Mercedes Benz 770K staff car owner/collector/museum .
  23. The Farmer's family (heirs) do not want to get involved with this missing MD title issue. They went to the Maryland DMV with me once and we had similar issues as with Penna. They have now got their $10. K cash and have washed their hands of this title issue~~~ "That's your Problem~~~Not Ours !" "Let us know how you make-out; or if you need us to sign any papers !" I have seen guys with signs on their backs & briefcases at Hershey and other flea markets in th past selling old car titles~~~ We often wondered where these old titles came from ? Possibly old auto Junkyards/scrappers ? Old quickie Title services ? Some guy raiding the DMV's trash dumpster ? Your guess here is as good as ours . We had often wondered about the legality of buying such a used car title ?~~~ At the very least you would have to change your auto's VIN or car serial numbers ! ? It is highly doubtful that they, or anyone, would ever have a title for a curved dash Olds ! In Fact~~~ I doubt that this Olds ever had a title in1904 when new in the first place !
  24. The Edelbrock Performer aftermarket carb is just an updated Carter AFB/AVS that is made for Edelbrock by Webber. Both the Edelbrock aftermarket carb and original Carter are fine carbs. They are almost exactly the same ! I have both ! The Edelbrock has an electric automatic choke. If I were you I would stick with the original Carter & have it properly rebuilt ! I have rebuilt & tuned these carbs many times~~~ These carbs have few issues ! They are spectacular performance carbs ! These are indeed great carbs ! You should NOT be having any of these problems with a properly rebuilt and tuned Carter AFB carb ! Find another carb rebuilder who actually knows these carbs and what he is doing !!!
  25. Restorer32's friend Dick P. not only drives his 1921 Silver Ghost everywhere here in the USA~~~ He and his Silver Ghost Assn. buddys often take these cars on tours all over the world. Europe, Australia, China, etc. They are often loaded into ships or containers for the overseas trips. These folks log literally tens of thousands of miles each year ! I know one Silver Ghost that has over 750,000 miles on it's clock . The engine & drive train running gear are 100% original to the car ! It's owner now tells me that the engine is now just "broken-in" ! I also knew Allan Swift of Springfield Mass. who was 102 years young when he passeed-away . He got his 1928 USA -built Springfield Rolls~Royce Phantom I Picadilly Roadster NEW as a graduation present from his father and it was his daily driver all of Allen's life since 1928~~~Allen drove it rain ,snow, or shine for 82 years ! Everyone in his town knew Allen and his R~R Roadster ! He also took it to shows later in his long life ! That's where I met him about 15 years ago. He is considered to be the oldest original owner & driver of a R~R car bought & owned since new. Allen donated it to the Springfield Mass. museum in his estate trust, along wih a Million $$$ to help build the museum and mantain the car in the museum ; where sadly it just sits inside most of the time now! Allen loved to drive & also show his Phantom I It was never restored and looked almost new. The driver's side running board rubber was worn through it's burlap backing down to the wood in a 6" circle where he stepped to get in the car. That was the only wear you could actually see on this Classic ! Here is a link to Allen's story~~~ Allen was a great fellow indeed ! Like Allen I aso drive all my cars~~~ They will be around much longer than Allen or myself ! I wish to enjoy driving them while I am sill around !