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  1. West & Jeff : I was THINKING the exact same thing~~~ But was afraid to voice my opinion on this forum~~~ I get enough negative feedback from other opinions & stands that I have taken in the past on this forum here ! West ~~~ I stand 100% BEHIND you on this one ! I will let West take the "Flack" for saying what I had been thinking all along !
  2. Before you go to all the trouble & headache of pulling-out your distributor and using an electric drill and shaft to spin your oil pump~~~ Use the car's starter motor to prime the oil pump, filter, and oil lines. For some people pulling -out the distributor can open a whole new series of troubles ! Just disconnect your ignition coil battery + terminal wire or center high voltage lead and spin the engine with the car's starter. Only run the starter for 20-to-30 seconds at one time and then allow your strter motor to cool in between runnings for 10 min. To help spin the engine faster you can pull-out your spark plugs so that the engine will revolve faster ! Good Luck !
  3. Do not underestimate the benefits of reverse flow back-flushing a radiator ! You can in fact do this yourself ! Often one of the radiator tanks can also be removed by a good radiator shop so that the core can be properly rodded-out ! If not rotten and leaking most old V-cell & Honeycomb radiator cores can in fact be cleaned so that they work very well ! Replacing that old core, with an original cell style can be very costly.
  4. When I think about the Pebble Beach Concours competition I think of the statement once made by Jay Leno ~~~ Pebble Beach is a great Concours Show event where Millionaires & Billionaires can compete equally on a level playing field ! To me~~~ That just about sums it up !
  5. I have a older friend that has an old irreplacable cylinder head & block from a large Full Classic that has a few porosity pinholes in it's cylinder head. These small pin-holes are in the waterjacket areas and are from long-term use and storage with tap water only. This is later 1920s car without a pressurized cooling system. The cylinder head combustion chambers are OK, and hold combustion pressure, and seem to have much thicker cast iron remaining in this critical area. Years ago my Father had a Brass-era block with intergral head sealed with some epoxy porosity coating process applied in the waterjackets under pressure . I do not know what company did this as Dad has just passed-away ; but it has heald up very well over the years. It has never leaked since ! The block/head was first put in a tank of acid & hot tank soaked to clean-out all remaining rust in the old waterjackets. The casting was then placed in a pressure vessel with some sort of special epoxy sealer bath. The vessel was pressurized to 100psi or so to force the epoxy into any pinhole casting flaws. When the epoxy sealer was fully cured the outside of the casying assembly was then glass bead blasted to remove the excess outside epoxy coating. Finally the now newly sealed casting was pressure tested in a water bath. Does anyone know of any company that still does this method of casting porosity sealing ? This outfit also did a similar sealing procedure on aluminum heads and castings. I believe this was basically an industrial outfit that was based in the suburban Phila. area ! They did not specialize in automotive castings ; but also sealed them too as a sideline ! Does anyone know of such a casting-sealing speciality company around today ? What product was used to seal these castings ? Has anyone had a cylinder head or block sealed in this manner ? Did you have good long-term leak-proof results after it was finished ?
  6. Very Neat idea~~~ They should have put this Olds Toronado XSR option into production; or at least had an outside contractor do the power T-Top factory conversion like GM did with later T-Top cars & Convertibles you could order from your GM dealer !
  7. Welcome to the forum Kjeld ! What a great colorized photo and quite an impressive auto ! This very grand & large auto has chain drive; so that should narrow our search down quit a bit !
  8. Joe: You and I are on the very same wavelength ~ I am 55 and have also felt as if I was born decades too late for the very same reasons you stated !
  9. That E-M-F car owner could easily wear his Top Hat to the Opera in that coupe' Many horse carriages from the times just prior to the automobile had similar high roof-lines as did the early electric autos .
  10. In Philadelpha near the International airport in the mid 1970s ---early 1980s the major Checker Cab operator had a cab service facility & parts yard with several dozen old Checker Marathon Cabs that were being used as service parts cars. By the time the cab company was finally finished with an old parts car cab there was not much left. Old "Smashy" the local large S. Philly scrapyard/junkyard operator nearby got what little that was left over when they were finished pulling-off needed spare parts .
  11. Nothing within 100+ miles of my location near Philly ! I doubt you realistically will find any ethanol free gasoline near any major east coast citiy !
  12. I suspect your Freon-R-12 or R-134a A/C system charge may be slightly low or borderline . This will first show up as an A/C warning fault code when the outdoor temps are low in the 75*f or lower range. Your system does this via a pressure switch to protect your compressor from damage & burn-out . You may need to re-set yourA/C warning fault code and slightly re-charge your A/C system to top-it-off properly !
  13. Bill: If he is unable to help you out with new A/C hoses any full line NAPA auto store can replace your old dried out hose with new hose using your old fitting end connections and a new crimped-on end-ring. The final end result will look exactly like a new OEM custom A/C hose ! Hope this info helps you out !
  14. No need to change the normal standing position of your car to check shock fluid level. Most folks use hydraulic jack oil ~~~Most auto stores have it. Motorcycle fork oil can also be used~~~ It comes in several thickness grades to give you a stiffer ride . ~~~
  15. We saw this Bugatti in person and it really is only about half of a car. The side that was burried in the mud has totally rotted away ! It does now make an interesting display ~ This just goes to show you the stupid things that some government officials will do while on the job ! Ordering a Bugatti auto to be destroyed by pushing it into that Swiss lake was just plain stupid ! That customs official that ordered this Bugatti pushed into that Swiss lake should have beed fired ! The Bugatti should have been sold at public auction instead of being destroyed by customs ~
  16. Complete MK IV aftermarket 1964 Full size Chevy Small Block V8 air conditioning system ~~~ Not approved for AACA judging as this is an AFTERMARKET add-on AC system ! Will most likely fit any full size Chevy with a Small Block V8in this era... 58-70 ? !2 Volt blower & compressor clutch~~~ R 12 FREON style ~~~ (Can be easily converted to R134a if needed) Chrome Metal Mark IV Monitor under-dash Super Chrome plated two loover condenser / Blower unit with thermostat and Variable speed fan blower. York Compressor with clutch & all mounting brackets~~~ New Filter Dryer with sight glass~~~ Front Evaporator coil with brackets All needed extra engine and, Alt, PS, Crank drive pullys ( 3) Twin belts~~~~ Hoses & Lines~~~ (Should be replaced with new hoses, as hoses are now old, on new hose ends ) Owner's & Installation Tec. manuals. This is a COMPLETE useable period correct AC aftermarket system ! Entire kit is in SUPER conditions except old hose lines ! FREE FREE FREE to very first caller !!! You MUST PICK-UP at my NE Phila Suburban home~~~ NO SHIPPING !!!! FREE FREE FREE ! ! !
  17. You might try a fatter & wider key itself that actually fits the gear keyway slot~~~ File the lower portion of the new key to fit the keyway slot in the oil pump shaft ! New Gears are always best~~~ If you can in fact find them !
  18. They are not going to crash it, smash it, crush it, burn it, , shoot at it, blow it up , or hotrod it like they do on other Discovery & Cable TV channel shows like Mythbusters, or Jessie James's , Boyd Coddington's or Chip Foose's, "Pimp" my ride, or other old shows~~~ARE THEY ? WHAT EXACTLY do they want this late 50s black BUICK actually for ?
  19. Jim ~~~ You and I are on the same wavelength and are thinking the very same things here ! I have only seen the few craigslist photos of this car~~~ It does NOT look all that great and I do see quite a bit of rust here ! The woman seller's story also rings many alarm warning bells~ WE know you have your heart set on buying this old Maverick and fixing it up & making it yours~~~ But Remember~~~ There are thousands of cars like this out there & better ones for similar money out there ! I would suggest you save-up a little more money and buy a car in better overall condition~~~ Spend a few hundred more NOW~~~ and you will save THOUSANDS $$$ later on restoration & frustration ! Fixing an old car up can be a very rewarding and fun hobby ! It can also be a great learning experience ! If you don't pick the correct car in the first place it can be a nightmare that will spoil this old car hobby for you forever ! You could also get burned or hurt ! I started to fix my first old "Battering Ram Beater" up when I was just 16 ! We want you to have fun & be safe with your first project ! You have to ask yourself why some other person has not already bought this old project Maverick ? There MUST be SEVERAL reasons ! Please listen to Jim & myself ! We have both been there~~~ And done that~~~ MANY MANY TIMES BEFORE ! I know that this is NOT what you may want to hear~~~ It seems you have decided to actually BUY this car without actually ever inspecting it first hand ! Do NOT buy just on a cheap price ! If you advertise here for what you are really looking for I suspect someone here may be able to find you a better car . Advertise on Crigslist , or here that you are a young fellow looking for his first car project~~~~ Someone will find a better car for you ! In fact they may GIVE it to you for FREE ! I have my Dad's old 1979 Chevy Caprice Classic that runs great and is safe to drive with a V8 and AC with full power equipment and New Tires that I will GIVE YOU~~~ For FREE ! It can be driven home ! If you want it ? And if your Mom says it's OK ! I suspect others will be willing to make you a similar offer you can't refuse !
  20. Tire Truing or tire shaving as it is commonly called~~~ This is a valuable service that I have not seen offered in decades. BACKGROUND INFO: For those who may not be old enough to actually understand what sort of service this fellow is now offering~~~ Years ago my father would often have his new & Antique car bias ply tires shaved or ground by this special Old Time tire truing or shaving machine. The tire & wheel is rotated on it's center axis while a knife blade ,or special grinding wheel depending on the type and brand of the machine, is used to slice shave or grind the tire tread area to remove very small amounts of excess rubber to make the new tire perfectly true & round~~~ The amount of rubber removed is very small~~~ You'll never miss it ! This was usually done before the tire & wheel assembly was then static or spin balanced with weights ! The end result of the process is a perfectly round and smooth rolling & running tire ! All quality tire stores at one time used these tire truing/shaving machines. They charged extra for this special service as they do today for spin balancing ! This service was also performed on older used tires that were worn, cupped, and flat spotted due to panic braking, and poor suspension geometry & allignment wear issues etc. Racers are about the only folks who still shave or true tires anymore. They use it to get more contact patch on the ground or to adjust tire size & stager ! Today you almost never see this sort of tire truing/shaving service offered ! Most of these machines disappeared and were scrapped decades ago & along with the Antique Drum & brake shoe diameter matching & shapeing machines ! I only know of one such tire truing/shaving machine in still around, and in use, in my area near Philadelphia ! This shop caters to the race car commuity. Sadly ~~~ Some of the old antique tire molds used by a reproduction tire company are now 60-100 years old ! As the reproduction tire mold equipment used today gets older, and banged-around & bent over the years, ~~~out of round new reproduction tires have become more of a severe problem issue . Vibration and poor handling, and suspension wear are usually the result. Many folks have improperly switched to non original style radial tires as a result of this new tire out of round antique bias tire issue. Old Style bias ply tires have gotten a bad reputation needlessly because of this out of round when new issue ! I wish more folks would offer this sort Old Time tire truing & shaving/grinding service ! It is needed just as much as the great vintage reproduction tires are needed for all our Antiques & Classics. Glad to hear someone is now offering this valuable old & almost forgotten tire truing/shaving sevice once again ! It is much needed in our old car hobby today ! Good Luck !
  21. Hood ornament mascots are still being faked and reproduced today in large numbers. Many are "Antiqued" on distressed to make them look old and worn. In the period there were litterally hundreds, if not thousands of aftermarket mascots you could buy. Most were of very poor quality materials~~~ Some were made better than others ! The better bronze, brass & german silver mascots were sold in high-end jewelry & department stores etc. The cheap pot metal diecast afermarket mascots were sold everywhere, auto parts stores 5 & dime stores etc. Many were funny clowns and amusing figures. Sadly~~~ Mascots were a popular thing for folks to steal in those days & still today ~ Ofen owners would remove their original & valuable mascots and use a reproduction mascot when pakin their car on the street ! , Very wealthy auto owners often had their own one-off custom mascots made by well known artists of the day. These were cast using the lost wax casting method . There are as many, or more, fake & modern & old period reproduction mascots being sold on internet auction sites today than real authentic mascots. I have never seen this unusual archer style before~~~ He is posed in a very strange position with one leg foreward ! It is NOT genuine Pierce Arrow mascot ! I do like this unusual archer however ! I suspect it is an aftermarket period mascot or a modern outright fake made for the modern collector's market ! Experts have in fact been fooled into buying a reproduction; or outright fake . When buying any mascot~~~ BUYER BEWAR ! Do your homework~~~ There are several great books on car radiator & hood ornament mascots~~~ Every mascot collector needs to own a copy of these books !
  22. I would never take any craigslist or ebay sellers word on the condition of any car this old that they are selling. BUYER BEWARE~~~ Have the car checked-out by someone that knows what to look for ! Lay on the ground and actually look for rust under the car at the suspension areas where they connect to the basic car structure itself ! These cars are known to sometimes have serious rust problems underneath yet the body itself may look fine on the outside exterior ! Any unrestored Maverick this old is sure to have some rust ! The two gallon gas tank will work but be sure it is properly secured and cannot tip over. Make sure it is also out of the way of any hot exhaust pipes & manifolds ! You don't want to start a fire here ! I am not exactly buying what she has told you about the no underside rust and the "bad Gas" statement ! The engine should run on the gas in it's gas tank ! I am not trying to prevent you from buying this project~~~ I just don't want to see a young person like you get burned with buying a lemmon of a first car project ! Be Careful & Good Luck !
  23. Some folks think these replica Olds are the REAL authentic Antique 1901 OLDS autos~~~ When I first found, and bought my 1904 curved dash Olds some months ago I got a call from forum member EMFowner here who, along with his Dad, collect rare early autos. He told me of attending an early antique auto show where a guy was displaying his 1901 Olds replica like mentioned in the posts above.. It was obviously a replica with a lawnmower style modern engine. When he talked with it's owner he asked him how long he had owned the 1901 replica curved dash Olds. The owner shot back that it was NOT a replca but it was in fact a real 1901 Olds. He then asked the owner if Olds in fact used this sort of lawnmower engine in their car's origionally in 1901~~~ The owner replied YES~~~ and he was dead serious ! I thought this was very funny while at the same time very sad ! I will let EMFowner tell you this complete story if he wishes to do so !
  24. I remember way back in this period a nice older woman with sitting in her almost new Caddy at our local shopping center with a front flat tire . I offered to change her flat tire but we could not locate the Wire Wheel key anywhere in the car ! I called the local Cadillac dealer who was only ten min. away who had a "Master Key" that they loaned us and we were all set to go ! That was my good deed for that day ! Find a Cadillac dealer who has been in business a long period of time~~~ They will have a master key and can order you a new key based on your car's VIN number ! This original key could also be strapped to the jack-handle with a wide black rubber band in your car trunk. The other trick used at this time was to pound a close in size 12 point socket onto the outside of this special lock-bolt ! This only works with some types of GM wire wheels and wheel cover locks . Good Luck !
  25. I believe the famous Thompson Trophy awarded at the Thompson Trophy Race one of several legs of the National Air Races an unlimited air race pilon event heald at around 50 foot in altitude. The trophy was in fact donated by Mr. Charles E. Thompson who also owned the company mentioned above ~~~Thompson Products Corp (later to become TRW ). Mr Thompson sponsored the annual race and the trophy to spur fast unlimited horsepower aircraft development. The man in uniform seated in the "Thompson Special" could in fact be one of his famous Thmopson Trophy Air Race & Air Force/ Army Air Corps pilots ; or possibly a Thompson Trophy Race winner. Could this in fact be Jimmy Doolittle who won the Thompson Trophy Air Race in 1932 ? Could Charles E. Thompson have also awarded this "Thompson Special" Packard auto to the Air Race winner along with the famous Thompson Trophy ? Does this fantastic auto still exist somewhere ? We need more resarch here !