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  1. Do any forum members here still attend the annual Feb. Atlantic City NJ Car Auction & Fleamarket ? Dad & I used to go every year and it used to be great when it was heald at the old boardwalk Convention Hall . Lots of Antique & Classic cars went over the auction block ! The indoor fleamarket used to be fantastic also~~~ It was packed with great auto parts & well known vendors ! To us it just is not the same anymore ! In the last 15 years or so in my opinion it has gone downhill . There are many 10 y/o or newer cars auctioned and very few Antiques & Classics. It's almost like a used car auction ! The muscle-car clones & so-called "tribute cars" are there in great numbers now ; as are street & hotrods etc. The fleamarket has many vendors selling non-auto related home improvment items, replacment windows, cookware etc. We used to laod-up with needed parts & restoration supplies ! Not any longer ! The only thing I buy at the fleamarket now are cheap Chinese Air Tools ! This event was once packed with great Antique & Classic autos & collectors ! The boardwalk was packed also~~~ With everyone carrying JC Taylor shopping bags full of car parts ! In our area this event used to be second only to the Hershey Fall Meet in attendance & FUN ! For us it always WAS a must attend event ! Many times we drove through snow & ice to get there ! We also used to stay at an AC hotel overnight ! I still usually attend The Classics at the Trump auction ~~~ But it too is not what it once was ! Few real true Full Classics are auctioned there anymore ! Many that do attend do not make reserve ! What are your opinions on these two Atlantic City Auction events ? Do you still attend ? Have you ever purchased a car there lately ? Do you like the Fleamarket ? I am trying to decide If I want to go again this year ? ! It may not be a worhwhile event for me to attend anymore ; as there are not many real Antiques & Classics going over the auction block there anymore~~~ And~~~ Since my Father is now gone~~~ It just won't EVER be the same ! We both attended every year~~~ Just like Hershey ! What are your opinions of these two events ? Will YOU be going ?
  2. "Packard won the battle of Britain" ??? Packard had NO ENGINES involved at all in this early WW II Air Battle ! NONE ! DAVE~~~ ACTUALLY~~~ The Rolls~Royce Merlin V12 engine won that great air battle~~~ Packard wasn't there at all ! Packard came in on the air war much later building high production copies of the Famous Rolls~Royce Merlin Engine in the USA under a licence agreement with Rolls~Royce . It was R~R who also designed the later Merlins that Packard built much later in the war ! It is true that Packard built many more Merlin engines in total than R~R later in the conflict ! But they were all Rolls~Royce designs. Herrman Goering is was quoted as saying Germany has lost the air war when he heard the sound of the Merlin engine ! Rolls~Royce is still building high quality jet aircraft engines today? In fact it is the third largest jet engine builder today~~~ IS PACKARD ? What happened to Packard's aircraft engine business after the war ? Or for that matter their auto business? There is no doubt that packard built fine autos up to the WW II period. Packard helped the war effort by building all sorts of engines~~~ BUT~~~ Some Packard folks today give more credit to Packard for many so-called automotive firsts than is really due ! Dave~~~ Next you will be telling everyone that Packard put Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969 because it used some Packard wire !
  3. Alan: I am a bit shocked that you want to buy a Cord ? ~~~ After all~~~ Cords are NOT STEAM powered autos ! Unless you wish to actually build the very first one ? All kidding aside~~~ Alan: Would you do all us AACA forum members a big favor here ? If you can please do a search here on this site for a thread titled~~~ The Plumber's Folly ? We all need to know if this is/was in fact the wreck of a former Steam Auto pictured here on this thread ? It has been driving us all crazy for many months ! If so~~~ What make & approx year ? You are the best Steam Expert we all know ! Thank's
  4. What about just using a big wire wound ceramic resistor to drop the voltage to the gauges in question only ? Sometimes simple is better ! Possibly an ignition style ballast resistor as used to drop coil voltage ? These gauges do not draw very much current ? The resistor should not get very hot because of this very low current draw of the gauges. I doubt that the resistor heat would be very much of an issue ? What does everyone think about this simple idea ? This would be similar to the heater fan motor system used for various blower fan speeds over many decades ?
  5. I am posting this question here because I received zero replys on the Ford Model "T" forum below in the many months since my thread posting. I thought I would take a shot at asking my questions here ! I am NOT a Ford model "T" expert by any means~~~ There was an unusual and very very early Ford Model "T" touring car in Ocean City NJ for decades. The car was 100% original and owned by Judge Robert "Bob" Boakes of Walnut Lane. This was one of the earliest & most unusual Model "T" autos we have ever seen. The touring car body had a very small removable door at the rear tonneau in the center of the rear seat area. The small removable door had very unique take-apart style hinges that allowed this door to open and completely lift-off ! Would this be called a rear entrance tonneau touring car ? The body was 100% original~~~ It was NOT a reproduction , nor something that was slapped together ! BUT~~~ It the coachwork was NOT built by Ford~~~ There was a unique & unusual coachbuilder's plate on this body. The name of the coachbuilder escapes me at the moment ! The large rear seat was very plush and much higher than the front seat ! This body also had very unusual running-boards not your typical brass Ford model "T" units. The car also had very early brass acetylene headlights with an early gas generator on the runningboard~~~ Again not the typical brass headlights used by Ford on later Brass-era Model "T" autos ! The engine was unusual in that it had exposed valve springs ! As a youngster I rode in this car many times as the Judge often used it on this small island resort as his summer driver. He would often offer me rides into center-city to the local hardware stores ! This Model "T" was also a fixture at the annual Ocean City NJ Antique car show & boardwalk run ! Now my questions to the forum members~~~ Has anyone else seen this, or a similar rear entrance tonneau body on an early brass-era Model "T" touring car ? What exactly would this unque "T" body style be called ? When did Ford stop using this very early exposed valve spring engine design on his "T"? Who, other than Ford , built coachwork for the model "T" early in it's production and supplied them to Ford ? What approx year/s would this car have been ? Does anyone have a photo of a similar brass-era model "T" with this unique small rear entrance door ? How about a photo of the early exposed valve spring "T" engine ? The last I saw of Judge Boakes's auto was about four years ago~~~ He has since passed-away ! I have no idea where this car is today~~~ I was offred the car for very reasonable money by the judge himself at this time four years ago~~~ I passed on buying it because we had run out of inside auto storage space ! But~~~ his family still owns his old pink early 1960s style Ocean City NJ Walnut Lane split-level vacation home ! For all I know his model "T" may still be sitting in his garage there ? !
  6. mdsbob: Thank's for setting the record straight here~~~ Most of the information i posted early in this thread were from my memory of talks that I had with my late Father over these many years. I am quite sure if my Father were still with us he would have been able to provide much more accurate information on Winthrop Rockefeller's Museum operations as you have just done for us ! James Melton's career & health took a turn for the worse & he decided to re-locate his collection to Florida for health reasons. His style of music was no longer in vogue~~~ Rock-and-Roll was now here to stay~~~ Melton had also spent tons of cash on his old car hobby & lifestyle. He had thought that his career would go on forever~~~ Sadly this was not the case ! This move put him under much more financial & health stress and sadly as you stated he passed-away at a very young age shortly after just establishing his new Florida museum ! My Father was great friends with James Melton~~~ Sadly~~~ I never met him personally .
  7. For many years there was a very very early Brass Ford Model "T" touring car in Ocean City NJ owned by Judge Robert "Bob" Boakes of Walnut La. that had an unusual & very small center rear tonneau entrance door in the middle of the back seat area. This small door was easily removed with it's unique take-apart style hinges . The body was 100%original ~~~ It was a very early brass-"T" with unusual & unique running boards also. It also had very early Acetylene gas lights with a running board gas generator. I believe another coachbuilder built this body for directly for Ford . It was the most unique and earliest model "T" we had ever seen ! The engine had exposed valve springs also ! There was a coachbuilder's plate on the car~~~ Their name escapes me for the moment ! I rode in this car many times as a youngster as the judge drove it all the time in town during the Summer. It was a regular fixture at Ocean City NJ's Annual Antique car show & boardwalk run. Does anyone have a photo of this , or a similar, rather rare & unusual style rear entrance tonneau type "T" touring car ?
  8. We had a Graymarine V8 V8C-238 boat engine (327 AMC based) that was installed with the flywheel foreward and the Borg-Warner velvet drive transmission fastened to the front timing case area. After long periods on non use the oil pump, which was now up front and out of the oil pan level with an unusually long pick-up tube. This set-up woud often loose it's pump prime. We found that by removing the oil pressure sender we were able to force oil into the dry pump with a hand pressure or electric drill style oil change pump ! If you pump is indeed stiff I suspect it is building up pressure~~~ You may have damaged your oil pressure sender. Replace it first before pulling your oil pan . If not~~~ you may have popped-open the pump's pressure relief valve and it is now broken or is stuck ! Some valves have a ball bearing style valve & seat. Others have a fiber disc style valve !
  9. Keiser is correct~~~ We had a friend in the New England MG "T" Register in the 70s that had an old fashoned nickel plated kitchen faucet that he used as his radiator "mascot" ! Another guy used an old beer tap !
  10. My 1926 USA-Built Springfield Silver Ghost has hydraulic shocks front and rear and also a single white Hall back-up light connected to a switch on the gearbox ! This back-up light set-up was adoptd by USA Springfield R~R many years before 1926 ! The hydraulic shocks front and rear were new for 1926 on Springfield R~R . So~~~ Numbers 8 & 9 can be stricken from this Packard Firsts list !
  11. David is correct~~~ Winthrop Rockefeller the grandson of John D., and brother of Nelson, indeed did start a car museum. In fact he bought the collections of several early collectors as the starting basis of his museum. The James Melton collection was but one collection that he bought. Rockefeller did in fact start an early antique tire production business from his museum's basement ! All tires were made to order ! Dad once told me that Winthrop in fact lost money on every tire that he made and sold~~~ And he really did not care as he produced tires for the love of the Antique car hobby ! Winthrop Rockefeller is often forgotten today. He was a true pioneer in the Antique car hobby movement .
  12. Henry Austin "Austie" Clark and the famous early TV, Radio, & Movie singer James Melton along with several other early mega-collectors twisted the arm of one of their friends & fellow collectors in the Firestone family to drag out some old tire molds and re-make some early tires. Denman, (now out of business as of this spring), was also one of the first to make reproduction tires. As I said earlier Ford "A" & "T" tire sizes really never totally went out of tire production. Devon & Radnor PA was a hotbed of early Antique & Classic car collecting. In fact many antique car clubs started in this area. The area was, and still is rather an isolated rural Horse Farm area where there were plenty of beautiful pastural country roads to drive your antique autos. There was also little traffic to contend with ! Some of the first antique car auctions in the country were heald in this area also. Several area collectors had barns & fancy stables/ carriage houses full of old antique autos. My Father kept his growing collection of Brass-Era cars at a family member's old unused stable in this area. The cars were each kept in their own horse stalls . . Odd and obsolite tires were a major problem for early car collectors like my Dad & his friends. Dad often drove on old rotten tires he picked-up some place that often powdered & wore away quickly' or worse yet self-destructed if you tried to drive on them for any long distance at any speed. ! The old mechanical car parts themselves were really not the problem issue as there were plenty of almost complete antique cars everywhere ! And old cars were very CHEAP ! Tires were really the BIG problem issue that these early auto collectors had to contend with !
  13. My late 92 y/o Father who started collecting Antique & Classic autos before WW II when asked what was the most difficult parts to find in the early days of the car collecting & restoration hobby would always respond with just one item~~~ OLD TIRES ! He stated that Sears Roebuck & Montgomery Ward and some others were still selling the more common older tire sizes for Ford Model "T" & "A" cars but many other rarer obsolete & oddball older Antique tire & inner-tube sizes were very hard, if not impossible to find indeed ! He & his car collecting friends would often stop at old tire dealers & service stations and ask if they had any old oddball obsolete size tires & inner- tubes in stock ? He and his car collector friends would buy everything they found ! Old size tires & inner- tubes were often traded among Antique auto collectors. Dad had a big stack of old NOS & good usable old tires & tubes in my Grandmother's carriage house loft . Many of these old & NOS tires suffered from tire rubber rot and were good for show only. If you tried to drive too far on them they would just powder away, split or blow-out ! During WW II getting ANY tires & tubes at all , new or old, was a major problem ! Tires were not being made for the general civillian population ! All rubber and Nylon cord went to the war effort ! They were considered vital strategic materials. Folks were in fact riding on old bald tires with heavily patched inner-tubes. Dad luckily got his new tires for his daily driver because he was involved in vital Navy war work building & designing Navy ships & submarines . He was the Chief Electrical Engineer for the US Navy Yard in Philadelphia with 150 other engineers working directly under him. He had to drive to US Navy shipyards all up-and-down the US East Coast constantly. The Navy supplied him with all the fuel, oil, and tires he needed ! Almost everyone else could not buy ANY new tires, inner-tubes or a new car battery~~~ Gasoline & lube oil was also rationed based on a person's need ! Many cars were put-up on blocks for storage for the duration of the war because of this shortage of Gasoline, lube oil, tires and a new working battery ! There was a black market selling and stealing old & new tires & car batteries, gasoline etc during the WW II years ! Folks would often take their car battery inside overnight~~~ Lest it be stolen ! ALL New tire production was for the war effort for millitary use ! Old tires were also a very big War Scrap Drive item as Japan had a strangle-hold on many natural rubber plantations ! New synthetic rubber blends were developed during WW II because of the short supply of natural tree rubber . As a result of the scrap drives many good old size tires from the teens, 20s & 30s were in fact scrapped & recycled ! After the war old Antique & Classic tire sizes were very scarce. The war scrap drives and civillian use during the war depleated the existing stock of old auto tires sizes. Many old tire sizes never went back into production after the war as there was little new demand for the Antique early tire sizes. Early Auto Collectors would often trade old usable tires among each other. Dad would often tell the story of seeing a farmer planting a grove of Christmas Trees near his home. The farmer was using old tires as a weeding ring around his new small tree saplings. Dad stopped and made the farmer an offer he could not refuse on a number of almost new & rare Antique tire sizes that the farmer had used ! There was no such thing as Antique & Classic Reproduction tires in the very early days of our hobby until the late 50s-60s. If you could not buy NEW tires from Sears or Wards you had to scrounge and hunt aggressivly for them at old tire dealers, and service stations , junkyards, barns, and garages! Early collectors would also buy old worn-out & bald tires if the sidewalls were still good. They would have these old tires re-capped with new tread . Re-capping the tread area of old tires was a big business in the USA until the mid-1970s when the only re-capping done after this time was for truck, heavy equipment & cheap winter snow tires. Today re-capping with new tire tread is still done by the trucking and heavy road building equipment industry only in the USA . Later on several bigger car collectors themselves searched out old tire molds and equipment and started making new reproduction tires for the old car hobby ! That's how the reproduction tire business all started. Many old original tire molds were found in Central & South America ! I remember myself trying to hunt down old style "red-line" muscle-car and Corvette tires in the late 70s-early 80s ! This was the very same thing Dad & his friends had done just decades before ! NOS "Redlines" were bringing $2000 a set in those days for old & possibly rotten show-only tires ! Think about this the next time you see the high prices for rare-size reproduction Antique & Classic tires~~~ Many collectors complain about this ~~~ BUT ~~~ We are just lucky today to be able to buy any NEW old style tire sizes at all ! ~~~ At any price ! I know~~~ I have been around & involved in this old car hobby all of my life~~~ 55 years ! My late Father~~~ Since the early 1930s !
  14. There is a mid-30s Chevrolet sedan that is often seen at shows in my Philadelphia area that has a large whip style antennae that is located on the cowl of the car starting between the split windshield frame that runs up the split windshield chrome trim then makes a 80* bend backwards and runs down the middle of the car's roof ! The antennae is 6-8 foot long, or whatever the proper length would be for use on the AM wavelength band ! It is sitting on 1 1/2 " tall securly fixed black decorative glass insulators spaced about 8" apart ! The owner claims the radio was a "Factory Installation" ? I suspect it was a 1930s period aftermarket unit ! The owner says his restored AM & Shortwave band car radio works very well ! The radio antennae is the very first thing that your eyes go to when you first see this restored car ! It iis odd & unusual to say the very least ! Sorry I never took a photo of this antennae at a show ! Has anyone seen a similar fixed radio antennae on a 1930s auto ?
  15. Jeff~~~ Why not take a long lunch, or take-off early today, and check this one out ! I bet you have lots of room for it in your storge barn !
  16. Wilkie Buick was a real fixture around the Philadelphia area for over 50 years. Wilkie script logos were all over on the decklids of many cars ! I also remember Wilkie Buick very well indeed ! In their radio ads they used the famous Buick background music with singers singing~~~ "Wouldn't you rather have a Buick ? "~~~~ "A brand new 19?? Wilkie Buick~~~~~~ This Year ?"
  17. I love these cars ! How many 1953 & 1954 Skylark convertibles were ever built ? How many would you suspect are known to still exist today ?
  18. Restorer32 (Jeff H.) should check this car out as I suspect it is right in his neck of the PA woods ! In fact~~~ It would not surprize me one bit if he already knew about it !
  19. George has not provided us with any photos & indicates that Photos may be difficult to get ? He has not stated the style of coachwork, coachbuilder, or if it has original coachwork ? He has not stated if the car has been restored, when it was restored, or if it is in fact running ? He has not provided the "J" Chassis & engine number ? And~~~ He has NOT stated if he is officially representing the Duesenberg car's owner ? I suspect he is NOT ! What information does he in fact expect to supply for his 1% "Finder's Fee" ? If such an auto exists & is in fact for sale word will spread quickly without anyone giving George a so-called "Finder's Fee" ! At this point we do not know if this car does in fact exist- or is in fact for sale ? Most all Duesenberg Model "J" autos have been accounted for; and are being tracked by Randy Ema, Chris Summers, the ACD Historian and Duesenberg club members & collectors ! I know where there are hundreds of cars that COULD or MIGHT be for sale~~~ Duesenberg "J" s included ! Should I also get a 1% 'Finder's Fee" for this information ?~~~ NO WAY !!!
  20. I like the car ads that say~~~ "This car won't last very long ! "
  21. It sure does look like a removable hard top portion ! The inset glass/plastic roof panels are very odd and unusual ! Do you think ths is some sort of aftermarket hardtop like the tops built by Parrish Plastics for the solid axel corvette roadsters ? You should pose this question on the ACD club forum ! Next we will be seeing a similar top on a Tucker ~~~ It would go well with the Tucker Convertible !
  22. Phil: What more, other than what you already mentioned above, must be done to your engine itself ? Have you in-fact tried to actually start & run the repaired/restored engine ? Have you inspected it for other unusual wear ? I find thae fact that t is very similar to a model "T" interesting. It's a wonder old Henry Ford did not try to shut Metz down ! You mentioned it actually has an oil pump ! Where does it actually supply the pressurized oil ? Just to the mains & crank + rods ? As you stated earlier~~~ This friction drive transmission is almost exactly like my modern crafsman snowthrower ! When do you expect your Metz project to be finished ? Will you tour your finished Metz ? In France or Europe?
  23. Kjeld: This beautiful photo of this equally impressive & Grand auto seems to have us stumped on this forum ! Most photos are usually fairly easy for the members here to identify quickly . Do you know any of the photo's history and who might be pictured ? Could this possibly be a Royal photo ? Members of the Royal family perhapps ? Or.... At the very least they are members of a very wealthy family ! The auto is unusual because of it's large radiator size, unusual firewall & cowl, lack of windshield, twin spare tire mounting on the right side,twin chain drive, de-mountable tires, and unusual decorative custom coachwork. A stunning photo indeed !
  24. Jim you may be correct that this is indeed a Vacuum process instead of a pressure process . I can understand vacuum pulling most of the air out of the casting pores so that the resin can seep in . Has anyone here had an engine cylinder head or block sealed using this method in the last few years ? Who will do this sort of casting porosity sealing for us ? Most that I see listed on the web will only do high volume production on new castings . One company I saw listed does all the new GM aluminum automatic transmission cases . We need to have someone who will acid clean all the old rust and corrosion and who does not mind doing one-off specialty jobs like old Antique auto cylinder heads & blocks . Who can do this casting porosity sealing job for us ?
  25. I was at Pep Boys auto store last night and saw no "DEXOS" marked on any oil brand anywhere on the bottles ! Perhapps I am looking for this new designation too soon ?