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  1. I only wish there were more driver & original unrestored "Survivor" style cars attending AACA show events as this is what we have owned for decades. I do not have any of my cars judged as they are not "Show Cars" . I do attend AACA shows myself~~~ But not WITH my cars . I feel somewhat out of place with my old Brass-Era & Classic cars in a field dominated by mostly "Show Cars" I had gotten negative comments in the distant past from folks asking~~~ "When are you going to restore or re-paint your car ?" "Why are you here; your car is not a Show Car ?" "Your car does not belong here !" I have two other friends who have had the very same comments made on their driver cars. If more Driver & "Survivor" type cars actually attended the AACA shows, and were actually accepted by the general public attending these shows I would actually re-join the AACA again & display our many Brass-Era Antiques & Classics ! In the early days of the AACA many cars at these shows were new barn-finds and "Survivor Drivers". As it is now~~~ I just attend as a spectator ! This is one BIG reason we dropped-out of the AACA !
  2. Accord: Welcome ! Are there many old pre-1940 cars in Russia ? How about Antique cars in museums? I understand there are several of Tzar Nicolas's & V. Lennin's great old Classic cars in Russian Museums. V. Lennin was said to have once owned 3 Rolls~Royce Silver Ghosts ! One had skis on the front and half-track treads on the rear . Do you know about these autos ? Do you , or your friends own any old autos ? Are there many old Antique & Classic car collectors in Russia ? Do you have any photos you can post here of old cars in Russia ? We are ALL looking foreward to your reply !
  3. Turner Classic Movies TCM cable has the 20s-30s Ben Blue & Billy Gilbert "Taxi Boys" Hal Roach comedy series movies on today 1/19/11 until 2:00 PM EST ! Check-it-Out~~~ If You Can ! I had never seen the Hal Roach "Taxi Boys" series of movies before today ! Have You ?
  4. I somehow remember this TV re-creation riding on the railroad tracks for one TV episode ! Does anyone else remember this ?
  5. As a general rule of thumb~~~ the more skinny a tire is on the older cars~~~ The higher the operating pressure ! Weight of the car is also a big consideration.
  6. Often used Classic autos that still had quite a bit of life left in their very costly & high quality chassis but had a out-dated looking or formal looking body that was not really saleable on the used auto market were rebodied with more sporty looking coachwork so that an easy re-sale could be made. Often these type autos were traded-in by their customers on a new auto. John Inskip of NY was famous for his 1930s-era rebodied Rolls~Royce Springfields & other Classic autos. The "Playboy Roadster" R~R was a common exmple of ths sort of body swap in the early days.
  7. There is a Bear~Cat existing today that was actually re-created by A K Miller the famous Stutz collector/hoarder ~~~ A K Miller once told of putting his name on back of this car's dashboard before it was sold~~~ Many folks today think that this car is indeed the real thing !
  8. Rolls~Royce of America Inc. of Springfield Mass only built 2944 cars in total over a ten year period of time. 1703 Silver Ghosts & 1241 New Phantoms (Phantom I ) The New Phantom I was basically a Silver Ghost with a new 7.8 Liter overhead valve engine. Almost everything else was the same as the Springfield Ghost . The power and torque of this engine can be best described as steam-like. You can easily go from a dead stop to 80 mph in high gear ! Of all the cars built only 50 were of the Piccadilly Roadster body style. They were built by at least four custom coachbuilders~~~ Brewster, Rolls~Royce Custom Coachworks, Merrimac,& Murphy. AND~~~ All were basically be-spoke or custom built coachwork ! They did build some catalog styles~~~ BUT~~~ No two were exactly alike. Allen's unique Piaccdilly Roadster had an unusual extra large back rumble seat door on it's right side. The car had 24K gold leaf pinstriping and Allen's 24K gold initials on it's doors ! It was two-tone Brewster green . Allen's Roadster is Springfield R~R # S273 FP My Father knew Allen & his fine Piccadilly roadster for 50+ years !
  9. Later in his life James Melton sang mostly popular tunes~~~ Think of him as the Wayne Newton or Andy Williams of his era. Sadly James Melton Died at only 57 years old~~~ a very sick and in many ways broken man ! He had gone through most of his money ~~~ And he once made BIG $$$ money ! His singing career was on it's last legs~~~ The type of music he sang by this period of time only appealed to older folks , the typical "Blue Haired Ladies" . He was at the very end of his singing career. My Father knew James Melton very well. Dad had sold him several early Antique Autos that were found in the Piladelphia area.
  10. I never actually said that Allen lived in Springfield Mass. He did however live in the area close to the Springfield R~R factory as was stated in Steve'later posting. He lived in this area his entire life and wanted the Piccadilly Roadster to stay in the area ! I know it's very hard to believe that he used this car as his daily driver in the Snow & rain~~~ But he actually did ! Steve's account also confirms this fact. This IS the auto he drove everyday to the family business ! You have to remember that the factory office was very close to where he lived. Allen & his family did in fact own other great Classic autos. He also owned a more modern auto that he called his"Shoping Center Parking Lot Car ?" He hated to use this modern car~~~and actually drove it only when necessary ! In many ways Allen was still living in the late 1920s lifestyle. His very large home, and the way it was decorated , along with the way he dressed was a great example of this fact. This Roadster simply fit Allen's lifstyle ! You really have to understand the quality of materials and machining craftsmanship that went into these great Rolls~Royce autos built at Sprringfield's Rolls~Royce of America Inc. Most folks have no idea how well they were actually built ! It was built like the Space Shuttle or a military jet fighter ! Everything was built by hand to exacting standards, and the finished chassis was tested on a dyno at speed for an entire day! Then the chassis, engine, rear, and transmission was completely pulled-apart and inspected ! This was done to each and every car chassis ! No money was spared to build what was considered by many to be the "Best Car in the World" at this time period ! This is why the great R~R autos cost $16 Thousand while a custom coach Packard cost $3500. and a Ford Model "T" under $300. during the "T"s last years of production.
  11. Peter: Dad & I both knew Allen Swift as we own similar USA Springfield Mass-built Rolls~Royce autos and belonged to the RROC & Silver Ghost Association He was a fine & interesting fellow indeed. Allen actually passed-away in 2005 ! We were first introduced to Allen Swift and his Springfield Rolls~Royce Piccadilly Roadster by our mutual Rolls~Royce friend~~~ the late automotive historian John W. DeCampi who wrote the fantastic book "Rolls~Royce in America" . This is THE book to have to learn all about the true 100% all American Rolls~Royce ! At his High School Graduation Allen was given several choices by his Father.~~~ BUT~~~ Going to the university was not one of them ! Allen was needed to run several of his family's business operations. They were in the high quality ink, and ink stamp pad business along with a number of other business interests. Allen's father had severe health issues~ As a result his father did not wish him to go to University. Allen was offered a trip to Europe, Cash, or ANY car of his choice as a high school graduation gift if he would come to work for the family business interests. Allen picked this great Springfield Piccadilly Roadster R~R as his graduation gift. He liked the fact that it was built near where his family lived. He did in fact drive it every day to work at the family factory~~~ Rain, Snow, or Shine ! For years until his passing Allen & his great Roadster were regular fixtures in his Mass. town. Like my Father~~~ Allen drove his old Classic every day until only a few months before he passed-away at almost 103 y/o ! My father drove all his cars until six weeks before he passed-away this Summer at almost 92 . Allen in later years loved to attend the many Rolls~Royce Owner's Club shows & Concours events ; along with his roadster. He allowed us many an oportunity to inspect & photograph this great auto from top to bottom for research in our own Springfield R~R restorations. Like my father who was almost 92 Allen also drove this great Classic until his final few months of life at almost 103 ! Allen was as sharp as a tack ! Rolls~Royce of America Inc. made several up-grades to Allen's roadster up to 1931 when they closed-up opertions. A true Survivor in all respects if there ever was one. Not a 65% survivor like AACA preservation judging rules~~~ But 100% with the only exception being the tires & tubes ! The car is almost in perfect condition with the only exception being the driver's side gray ribbed runningboard rubber is worn through it's heavy burlap backing and down to the wood running-board uderneath in a 8 " circle where Allen stepped inside the car for many years ! Everything else is perfect ! The car spent it's entire life in Allen's large heated home garage ! Allen often fussed over the car~~~ He did most of his very own service work in his own home garge service pit. Allen often stated that he turned down hundreds of high dollar offers to buy his great one-owner car over the years. Allen Swift is in the Guiness Book of Records as being the oldest original owner & driver of any auto & and owning an auto and using it every day since new longer than anyone has ever ! He was still driving this car himself at almost 103 y/o ! When he, through his estate after his passing, finally donated the roadster to the new Springfield Mass Industrial Heritage Museum he also donated over a million $$$ dollars to help buy a new museum building to house this car & their other local Springfield Industrial heritage & local interest collections . Many museums wanted his car~~~ The Rolls~Royce Owner's Club & Foundation Museum was one of them ! BUT~~~ Allen wanted to keep it close to it's lifetime home & it's birthplace ! Allen often told us that when he bought his Sprigfield Mass- USA -Built Phantom I he was told that it was built to last his lifetime~~~ " A rolls~Royce is built to last a lifetime~~~ Not just a decade like other autos !" It would be the only car he would ever need to own~~~he was also told by the R~R Springfield Sales folks. How true that statement was indeed ! Allen actually saw his car being built in person at the R~R Springfield factory to his special custom order in 1928 ! Arthur Souter who worked for Rolls~Royce of America Inc. gave him a personal factory tour while his chassis was being built. Arthur Souter, chief service & customer service rep for Springfield later wrote the great book "The American Rolls~Royce" about his life & work with the company. Rolls~Royce of America Inc. Allen only sady lasted almost 103 years himself~~~ BUT~~~ His car is still going strong today ! His car was built new in 1928 and in fact today drives like a brand new car ! Allen & his Father paid $16000.00 for this Piccadilly Roadster in 1928 money~~~ That's right ~~~$ 16 Thousand Dollars ! An astounding amount of money then for the time~~~ Try to figure this amount in today's money ? I think however Allen & his Father got their money's worth~~~ This Springfield Rolls~Royce sure did live up to it's advertised reputation and lasted for Allen's very long lifetime~~~ It still lives on today at the Springfield Museum in our great old friend's memory ! When I think of Allen & his Great Piccadilly Roadster I get a big smile on my face ! The very last time WE both saw Allen & the Roadster was at a Gettysburg PA Rolls~Royce Owner's Club Show & Meet. Allen drove this car there & back home himself from Springfield Mass. ! He was just about to turn 100 y/o at this time ! He only looked to be about 80 ! Allen often said that he made the best choice of his life in taking this roadster as his graduation gift ! Dad & I agree ! I hope the Springfield Museum keeps our friend Allen's baby in running condition & actually take this great Classic auto to a few car shows from time to time~~~ I know that is exactly what Allen would have wanted ! If these is a heaven Allen & my Father Arthur are sitting together now talking about the great Classic Autos just like they often always liked to do here on earth ! ~~~And they Especially liked to talk about Springfield Rolls~Royce cars designed & built entirely in the USA by Rolls~Royce Of America Inc. That is the one Classic Auto that my Father & Allen both loved the best ! WE have many photos of Allen & his Piccadilly Roadster !
  12. Phil: You can always pop-off one of the new replacment bearing side shields and add the missing grease cup lube assembly . Brass grease cup units can easily be found today~~~ FInd out what size thread is in the grease cup assembly mounting hole. If you don't actually use these new grease cup units, and instead depend on the lube installed at the bearing factory at least the car would now look correct as compared to your Metz manual. Is Fafnir bearing Co still in business today ?
  13. It sure sounds like you need to find yourself another ignition keyswitch assembly. It CAN'T be anything other than this ! Why should the lock assembly come out in your hand ; or turn 360* ? Your ignition lock-switch just broke with age & use . Possibly a pot-metal or plastic breakage issue ? You actually DID have some luck in that you did not overheat & actually burn-out your starter motor !
  14. This sounds like a brilliant idea to me ! First let it soak in solvent to clean-out old dried-up grease~~~ Dry~~~ Then use his melted grease plan !
  15. John: Are both rear axels of this massive Hispano~Suiza actually power driven ?
  16. Mr.Earl: We would never have believed that you, of all people here, were a closet Leonardo DiCaprio fan ! ;-) Confession: I watch movies mostly for the old cars too ! Have you had any time to inspect your latest western US Buick project ? What condition is the power-train in ? What period speedshop performance bolt-ons have you planed to use on this great project ? I would love to find an early 50s Buick Convertible that is in driver condition, or one that has a clean body & interior but needs mechanical work~~~ A Roadmaster rag-top is #1 on my wish list !
  17. You might want to insert a wood dowel inside to prevent the rubber from crushing & distorting when you are cutting it .
  18. The only problem I see with this car in question being a Fiat is the fact that none of their big standard production touring road cars are rear chain drive~~~ Only the much smaller specially built race cars seem to be chain drive. This type of drive was often used for race-only cars . Many race cars in this time frame were also chain drive ! KJELD: This has to be the toughest car we have had posted here in many years to get a positive identification on. This photo should be posted on ~~~ ~~~ as this is a European auto website ! Perhapps they can tell us all what brand this grand touring auto actually is ?
  19. Matt & Susan: Thank You for you quick replys. I had already suspected what you both have just explained. regarding points & not disclosing point totals. I know of some unreasonable folks that can take car judging way too seriously and expect some would not take kindly to any group of car judges who properly deducted points on their car for any reason~~~ rightly or wrongly ! In many respects being a car show judge is a thankless job. I respect any car show judge and the great efforts & personal time that they take to do their job correctly . In the end I believe this Antique & Classic car hobby should be FUN and enjoyable for all involved ! The last thing any car show needs is on-the-showfield arguments !
  20. Re: Ball Bearings~~~ Phil: There are basically three style of bearings~~~ Open exposed Shielded~~~ with two steel shields on them. Sealed~~~ Having rubber seals on both sides. Yours are shielded~~~ not sealed. I have no idea if there is any lube oil in the area on your Metz car where these bearings are located. Is this area of the sprocket drive filled with oil in the mounting housing cavity ? If the only lube in this area of the car is inside the actual shielded bearings themselves I would soak them in solvent to remove all the old dried-up bearing grease ore oil and then try to force new light bearing grease in past the steel shields. Dripping-in oil will just not work for very long ! Is there any sort of lube located anywhere near where these bearings were located ? This would help us answer your question better ! Most modern ball bearings are in fact sealed, not shielded & lubed internally within the bearing itself for the life of the bearing whey you buy them ! This WAS NOT the case in the time period typical of your Metz~~~ Let us know more about the bearing housing mounting and we can better answer your question.
  21. Honestly as an "outsider" and a person who is really not interested in having any of my cars actually AACA or CCCA judged as they are mostly all drivers~~~ I do enjoy going to judged car show events however~~ . Also I do respect those who wish to enter their show cars in an AACA judged competition But having any of my cars judged is just not my thing~~~ I have never actually understood the basic reasoning behind not letting a car owner know their actual final total judging score or where they lost judging points, or how many points for each incorrect item on their car. Why not let the car owner actually know where their restoration fell short ? I can understand not telling the owner at the actual show event itself as ths would only cause possible conflicts and arguments~~~ Also there is not enough time at a show for such debates~~~ But~~~ Why keep the owner's score a secret long after the judged show ? How is the car owner to learn what is not correct about his car & it's restoration ? To me, by not actually telling the car owner this could possibly only lead to taking the car back to future AACA judged shows with the very same restoration mistakes that cost them the same point deductions as the past shows . Why does the AACA not tell the car owner their total judging point score, and how many points were actually deducted for each incorrect item upon special written request after sveral weeks after the show ? Also~~~ What if by some honest mistake the judges incorrectly deducted points because they did not really know what was supposed to be original or a correct item on this specific car ? Judges can, an often do make honest mistakes~~~ A judge cannot be expected to know everything about EVERY car ! I know judging at AACA car shows is a very tough job indeed ! It's also a fast way to anger and lose good friends~~~ I have judged at sports-car shows in the early 1970s~~~ I soon vowed to never judge at carshows again ! AACA judges do in fact do a great job ! Judging is not at all easy~~~ Can anyone tell us exactly why total scores, and exact item point deductions are not revealed to the car's owner AFTER the show ? I am NOT trying to start any trouble, or a long debate on this subject, here~~~ I just want to understand the reasoning behind this AACA rule ? Why did it come about ? I just cannot understand the actual reasoning behind all this score business being kept a big secret from the car's actual owner ? How is a car owner expected to learn about his restoration mistakes ?
  22. The same builder also produced a more useable six wheel version. Mercedes did not forget this idea as they also built the infamous armored G-4 Staff Car with two complete & coupled rear-end drives and bullet resistant tires on six wheels ! Professor Fate would have loved the octoauto during the 60s film The Great Race !
  23. Jeff~~~ You are just as bad a teaser as I am~~~ You just read my mind !
  24. I too remember Austie's great gold mine of parts. He would often just give rare needed Antique & classic parts to my Father ! If he did not have the part you needed hmself~~~ He would often find it for you ! He knew everyone in the old car hobby ! Austie lived for old cars~~~ Just like my Father ! Money was never a real issue with Austie ! He gave many rare cars & rarer parts away to his old car friends. He was indeed a great & kind fellow ! Dad also supplied Austie with many great Brass-Era & auto finds from the Philaelphia & South New Jersey areas . Many of Austie's parts also came from our old mutual friend Sam Adelman's great NY auto wrecking yard ! Sam & Austie were great life-long friends . These two fellows were truly each one of a kind !
  25. Bohman & Schwartz built quite a few custom coachwork modifications for disabled & elderly owners. The retractable style running-boards you mention, along with special custom matching wheelchairs, ramps, seats, and other custom access modifications were commonly done by B&S for many years. They were really the first coachbuilder to work with the disabled . Derham in Rosemont PA later also made similar disability mods to custom coachwork. Does anyone have any photos of such custom disability modifications ?