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  1. I have to wonder WHY you bought this auto in the first place??? It would appear to me that you are not a true car collector!!! Why not speculate on Real Estate next time. I think you would have a better return on your investment + Let a true "Car Guy" enjoy this fine auto!!! Hurst would have a great laugh if he were alive today!!! I know I did!!!
  2. What a Fun car...or is really a boat??? or possibly a landing craft??? At any rate every year the same guy gets stuck on some rocks in the middle of the Deleware river with one of these!!! This Spring he got stuck again while trying to impress some girlfriend. The car stayed in the river for four days before he could find a large tow truck with a long enough cable to pull him out of the river. He had to walk the cable out to the stranded car himself. It was a Big story on our local Philadelphia Action News Station. You know... Funny story of the week!!! I wonder how the drive train faired after all those days in the river??? This is not the first time that the same guy got stuck in the water around here!!! They did a feature on him + the car on a local TV News Magazine!!! Sadly the car was very nicely restored before the last stranding!!! I hope you have a very long tow rope and a good automatic bilge pump??? Now do you get Car or Marine insurance??? Best of luck to you!!! Have fun!!! Would you like to race my American Skier Ski-boat for the "Pink Slip"(454 HO Big Block)??? One last question...Can you waterski with this very unusual "Craft"???
  3. Hello Steve!!! Thank You for the very fast reply!!! I know safety is a real issue with crossing the main highway. We Always cross at the "Official Police Areas" that are set up. I just think there could be other entrances set-up along the highway fence. This should not cost very much to do properly + safely!!! There have been many great changes in the Hershey Fields since the old "Mud and Cow pasture days" I remember as a child. HERCO/AACA has made many fine improvments over the years...BRAVO!!! I also know what a BIG JOB it must be to put on such an event. There are many many fine people to thank for this!!! I just see this "field Entrance Problem" as being very tough for older people, or people who cannot walk far enough to use the Main field entrance. My dad (87Y/O) is very independant and likes to walk as much as possible... Ths might be why he is still so active after all these years. I just wish there could be some accommodation for other entrances so he,and the many others like him who love this great event, could get better access. My Dad is a proud man... He will not get a Handicapped plate on his car!!! He states "This is for others who really need to park close by!!!" He likes to walk!!! It is just too far to expect an 87Y/O to walk!!! I might add that he looks foreward all year to attending this event. He has only missed two over the years that I can think of since 1958!!! I too love to attend with him!!! It has been a Great Family Father + Son Tradition for us both each year. If you could only see my Dad's face when he sees all the Fantastic Old Classics... It makes him feel 60 years younger!!! Far few car evnts today feature the really old "Antique,Brass,Classic,cars of his youth!!! Most other shows feature 1950s-1980s cars, or hotrods+musclecars. Dad and I like the "Oldies featured at Hershey!!! I would also like to mention that Dad while owning many Antique Cars also drives his 1991 Chevrolet 454SS Sport Truck!!! Yes!!! IT is really true!!! He loves BiG Blocks TOO!!! He uses it to pick-up old parts, engines,etc!!! Now how GREAT is that!!! Do you know any other 87Y/O people who do this??? Keep up the Great work!!! Keep the great old Cars alive!!! Keep The Hershey event for Dad +I + others like us who Love This SUPER Fall Event!!! BRAD HUNTER
  4. Hello!!! I love the Hershey Fall Flea Market+ Show event!!! I have been going with my father since 1958(In the stadium). I do have one not so small complaint however. Why is there only one entrance to the Chocolate Field+other fields??? We usually come very early in the morning + park in the field across the highway from this field. We cross the highway (With police protection at the "Official Crossings" but are forced to walk an extremely long distance and then go over the bridge + down the steps to the "Official Field Entrance". My question is WHY only One or two entrances to these fields??? My Dad is now 87 years old...He can't walk this far anymore. By the time we get to where we want to go he is just exhausted!!! You must walk several miles out of your way by the time you park your car!!!In the last few years he has resorted to climbing the plastic fence to get in!!! There are no other entrances near the crossing point from the parking area!!! We are not the only people who are doing this!!! we always meet other disgruntled "Fence Climbers" who complain while climbing also!!! It's not as if you have to pay a FEE to get in!!! Why are they making it so difficult for us to get in??? An 87 Year old man should not have to "Jump the Fence"!!! Two years ago he was stopped by a security guard!!! At the corners sometimes you are able to slip through the fence. We have done so only to find that later in the afternoon this "GAP" had been covered by wire and a plastic snowfence when we wanted to exit!!! Please consider putting sevral entrances in the fence near the highway at the "Official Highway Crossing Points" You could use lockable gates if you wish!!... I know there is a bus...But it does not let you off near any of the vendors he wishes to visit!!! Also not all buses stop near the chocolate field!!! Please consider more "Official Gate Entrances!" This is our one and only complaint about this Super Hershey Event!!! I would be interested in knowing what others think of this issue??? It should be very easy to add other entrances...It should not be very costly to do so!!! People should not be forced to "Jump The Fence!!!!"
  5. Hello!!! I have always found it a good idea to take as much documentation as possible with you to a judged show. early photos,origional advertising,assembly manuals,window stickers,before+after pctures,dealer order forms,etc. Judges do a great job at these events...BUT...They do not...and cannot be expected to know everything about every car. This would be almost impossible!!! You would need 1001 special judges!!! If you know you have an un-usual feature that might be considered to be "non-origional" but really is "Origional' it is up to you to show them to prove your point!!! I have found that most judges given proof will rule in your favor!!! This year the judges did a great job...IN THE RAIN!!! My hat is off to all who showed + judged in this fall Hershey event!!!
  6. I have an early Rolls~Royce (Springfield Phantom I 1927)that has a factory added thermostatic shutter unit. It consists of a thermostat water outlet elbow that replaces manual linkage to operate the shutters. My car now overheats and the shutters only open 40% (should run at 160-170*F . The elbow unit opens + it has some sort of special liquid in the thermostat unit. You can remove the flange-cover to re-fill the unit with special liquid. Where do I obtain this liquid??? How much do I use??? Does anyone repair these types of early thermostats??? Most later types were factory sealed with solder!!!This unit is not!!! Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!! Brad Hunter 1 215 947 4676 Huntingdon valley Pa (near Phiadelphia)
  7. Wanted: Collector seeks Rolls~Royce Silver Ghost or Phantom I parts, parts cars, basket cases,written material, any condition!!! (Springfield USA + Brittish) I am a collector/cash buyer!!! Finders fees paid!!! Have cash will travel!!! Brad Hunter 1 215 947 4676 Huntingdon Valley PA (near Philadelphia)
  8. Wanted: Collector seeks Rolls~Royce Silver Ghost or Phantom I (Springfield or Brittish) Restored,un-restored,Older Driver. Open car desired...BUT will consider any car...Also Parts and written material for these cars... Have cash- Will travel- Finders fees paid!!! Private Collector!!! Serious Buyer!!! Brad Hunter 1 215 947 4676 Huntingdon Valley Pa (Near Philadelphia)
  9. Hello!!! Wanted Rolls~Royce Silver Ghost + Phantom I Parts (Springfield USA or Brittish) Also any written material... Always looking for anything interesting!!! Serious Cash Buyer/collector Brad Hunter 1 215 947 4676 Huntingdon Valley Pa (Near Philadelphia)
  10. Hello!!! I am looking for a Rolls~Royce Silver Ghost or Phantom I (Springfield or Brittish ) Can be Restored,Un-Restored,or a Driver!!! Open car desired...BUT will consider any car!!! Serious Buyer!!! Also buying parts for these cars...What do you have to offer??? Have cash will travel!!! Brad Hunter 1 215 947 4676 Huntingdon Valley PA(near Philadelphia) or
  11. Henry Royce liked oil !!! A sign that the system is working are the drips on the ground!!! Use 30W oil your car will last forever!!! These systems are great!!!...Are a bit of a pain to restore after being gummed-up for 50-80 years Drip plugs should be taken apart + cleaned...cotton wadding should be replaced in plugs + pipes cleaned... This job took the most time on my Rolls~Royce Springfield Phantom I...but worth the effort!!!
  12. These engines are great when in good shape...Better power because no valve head is in the way!!!BUT...a pain in the butt to rebuild!!!It is costly...(5-10X) conventional engines)Parts cannot be found + must be made!!! Engines are very quiet!!! Some smoke more than standard poppet valve engines!!! I had a friend who had restored a fantastic high-end touring car. He, at the time, could find no one to fix the valve issue that his engine had. The valves would not seal properly + he had little power!!! This car was a one family owned car and that was the reason that they "Retired it" to the carriage house in the first place. The origional family (Elkins in Philadelphia) had replaced it with a Model J Duesenberg which also was found in the same carriage house!!! These folks had kept every car they had ever owned!!! They are all still there today not running!!! Talk about a Barn Find!!! They seem not to care about selling these cars!!! I still check-in from time to time!!! If you want a car with this type of engine why not find one that is already running in good mechanical shape???!!!
  13. I like the above too... Often I use Aviation #3 gasket coating or Hi-Tack (good to hold gaskets in place to assemble!!! Both are Permatex products. Most auto stores have them!
  14. Do they happen to have the rest of the car??? looks like a very "NEAT" old wheel!!!
  15. I hope it is properly restored and does not become someone's "HOTROD"!!!
  16. I also had a unit fail... I Was told that a poor ground caused the failure. This was not the case!!! Ground was fine!!! Used their coil also!!! Good thing I had the points + condenser with me to replace the bad unit or I would have been stuck 300 miles from home on a Sunday!!! I hope this helps???
  17. I believe all the answers above to be true...BUT ... The piston rings could be stuck from 3 year storage. This can often happen if engine was not run for some time. You might want to pour some Marvel Mystery oil into the spark plug holes + soak for a week or two adding more each day+let it work on the rings. Some people use Rust Blaster or Kero. This has worked for me...if in fact the rings are stuck. Was the engine rebuilt correctly??? Did they properly hone the cylinders Or in fact hone them at all??? Far too many re-builders don't do this properly!!! I remember in the 1970's Chevrolet had problems with new engines where the rings were not properly seating. GM sent out a tech. letter to all dealers to use a cleaning product called Bon Ami cleaning powder!(Hard to find today-But it is still around!) With engine running at 2000rpm they instructed mechanics to sprinkle this powder cleaner down the carb ! Just a small amount at a time!!! The idea was to lighly scuff the cylinder walls to help rings seat... REALLY!!! GM told dealers to do this!!! I swear they did!!! I was shocked at the time...BUT...It WORKED!!! If you are thinking about doing this use caution!!! It should be your last resort before pulling the heads + doing a re-ring job. Change your oil after doing this!!! Don't use any product that will lodge between ring lands!!! If you can get a bore-scope you can inspect the cylinder walls from the spark plug ports. Look for the sign of proper cross-hatch pattern to indicate if engine as properly honed... If it was...Just drive the car + enjoy. The smoke should get less as rings seat. What about proper valve guide stem seals??? An engine can ingest large amounts of oil in this area!!! Good Luck!!!
  18. Hello to All!!! I have a 1927 Rolls~Royce Springfield Phantom I (S 136PM) with an early Springfield (factory) add-on themostatic radiator shutter unit that replaced the manual control. It consists of a special water outlet elbow housing that contains the thermostat element and a special temperature sensitive liquid. The liquid is contained in the housing by a flange+gasket cover. It would appear that after nearly 80 years some of this special liquid has leaked out resulting in the thermostat not being able to fully open the shutters at the desired running temperature of approx 170*F.It now only opens about half-way resulting in an over-heated engine!!! I would like to open the flange cover and add the proper amount of this special liquid. Does anyone know what type of origional liquid was used , how much, and where to obtain it??? Does anyone out there repair+refill these units??? I am aware that later thermostats were solder sealed at the factory...BUT... my unit is not sealed!!! Just remove six screws and add "Special Liquid" + replace gasket!!! Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank You!!! Brad Hunter 1 215 947 4676 Huntingdon Valley Pa(near Philadelphia) [color:\\"black\\"]