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  1. Jeff ~~~ Are there ANY Drive-In-Movies still left anywhere in PA ? I have not been to one since the early 1970s ! De Soto Frank~~~ You are our old car hero here for using your cars as "Daily Drivers ~~~ A half million miles~~~WOW ! " Our 103y/o friend Allen Swift would be pleased ! There is NOTHING wrong with 6-Volt electrical systems ! A properly re-built 6V generator and good voltage regulator and you are good-to-go !
  2. Dave~~~ When do you and your neanderthal Dynamic Duo have your first meeting with the Disney Pixar folks ? I'm betting this "Dynamic Duo" could be bigger than ~~~ "Cars" & "A Toy Story" ! I hear Tom Hanks wants to do the voice-over for Meatsy & John Goodman & Tim Allen are fighting over who will do the voice-over for Harry ! If you can only develop another part for Nick Cage~~~ as he needs the cash and has had to sell-off his Classic car collection !
  3. I agree with the above posts. Use only complete rings with a 45* overlap on both ends. Two--three complete rings with the end joints staggered works best It may be better to pull-out all the old junk packing and start with all new fresh packing.. Make sure you use the proper size packing width. Measure from the outer packing cavity to the shaft to get the proper packing size width. Many marine stores sell waxed natural flax shaft packing which also works very well; as does the graphite coated packing already mentioned above Larger plumbing supply houses carry large width valve & and shaft packing . I do not like Teflon of the other synthetic packing materials as they cause more pump shaft heat than the natural flax type . Proper packing comes in many sizes from 1/16" to 3/4" or more ! It is braided like rope & square shaped in cross section . Use only the proper waterpump grease along with this packing. Tighten packing gland nut until you get about one drip every min. or so when engine is running !
  4. Our late friend Allen Swift of Ct. got his Springfield Rolls~Royce Piccadilly Roadster new as a high school graduation gift in 1928~~~ It was his daily driver ever since until only months before he died at an age of a few months short of his 103rd birthday ! Allen always told us that Rolls~Royce advertized that it built cars that would last an owner's lifetime~~~Not just a decade !. In Allen's case it sure did ! Allen drove his great car everywhere ! He drove it from CT to Gettysburg PA himself just a few months before he passed-away to attend a Rolls~Royce Owner's show & meet ! That is the very last time Dad & I saw our old friend Allen ! Allen Swift is in the Guiness bood of World Records for owning & driving his car the longest~~~Since new ! A record that may never be broken ! Do a Google search for "Allen Swift Rolls Royce" There are also several threads about Allen Swift and his great Rolls~Royce on this forum site.
  5. There is NO WAY that this Imperial cost as much as a Rolls~Royce !
  6. It was 4 * F here outside Philly last night ! I am now seriously considering moving "Down Under " ! Bernie~ I find it a bit strange that you in fact see no cylinder wear ridge at the top of your cylinders~~~ With cast-iron pistons that are now loose no less !
  7. Was the YUGO factory not bombed to the ground by the US Air Force & NATO by accident ?
  8. Mr. Gasket Co. makes an aftermarket Carter AFB/AVS heat shield & gasket set with several stainless steel plates ! They also sell a similar cheaper aluminum version ! Check any local speed-shop , Jegs, Summit, etc .
  9. I have not seen any Mapp gas cylinders in any Philadelphia area stores for several years now ! A number of years ago a giant warehouse for a big retail store chain burned to the ground. Tens Of Millions $$$ were lost in this fire. Several firefighters were also killed ! It was later traced to a new case of leaking Mapp gas cylinders ! Perhapps this is the reason that Mapp gas production in small cylinders was stopped in the USA ? I suspect there were many law -suits filed as a result of this giant fire !
  10. I am going through the same missing/no title issues with Pennsylvania DOT ! See my thread here Curved Dash Olds Title Service I have yet to resolve this DOT Title issue !
  11. The SPEED TV announcers just said he was Texas collector Greg Mausey or Mosey? I do not know the correct last name spelling ! At any rate~~~ HE IS A REAL~~~~ "CLASS ACT " ! Hope this helps you out !
  12. Someone got a great very rare Buick ~~~ I had really expected it to bring much more money ! The timing of this was very late in this auction~~~ Way past prime Saturday auction time. And they seemed to be in a rush to move it off the auction block quickly.
  13. Was the #1010 Tucker sold in un-restored condition for that price ? If so~~~ Wait until they find out what the needed restoration will cost them with all that under-car unibody rust !
  14. It could be MGTD / MGTF also ! I have one of these cars ! Is it for sale ? If so~~~ How Much ?
  15. The real question remains~~~ Did Dick Arlen (whoever he was?) REALLY own this Duesenberg ? Many Hollywood Stars often posed with Duesenberg Model "J" autos ! James Cagney, Buster Keaton, Ben Blue, are just several that were often photographed in, or near model"J" s and really never actually ever owned one ! Chris Summers, or Randy Ema of the ACD Club could tell us for sure !
  16. Dave~~~ I have never heard of Dick Arlen ! Who was He ? What Movies was he famous for? Great Duesenberg ! Is that an 1920s-30s Elco or Trumpy motoryacht ? If it is an Elco~~~ Fellow Brass Era car collector, and Rolls~Royce Silver Ghost friend Tom Heckman owns a similar restored 1929 75foot Elco Commuter Motoryacht!
  17. If my memory is correct most of Bill Harrah's fire trucks & engines were bought at auction by only one collector ! He had/has a museum of fire equipment. You should do a web search for fire engine & truck collector websites & ask your question there also ! I am sure someone will know of your grandfather's fire-truck !
  18. I just cannot get the idea out of my mind that somehow Harley Earl or Bill Mitchell might have had some hand in being the driving force behind this Fiberglas Buick's build at GM itself ! Bill Mitchell was constantly pushing GM Styling & Design for the use of more Fiberglass . Only GM itself could have afforded the cost of putting this mostly fiberglas car together. The cost of the special fiberglass body panel molds themselves would have be very high. I doubt this body was built by anyone but GM itself ! The two gas tanks might indicate some sort of racing history ! What an interesting car find indeed ! We shall indeed see ? This could turn-out to be the Buick find of the decade !
  19. Peter: I am in no way knocking the AACA~~~ There was a time not very long ago that AACA show events did not embrace the Survivor?Driver cars such as the type we have always owned. The negative comments that we got on our urestored survivor Brass-Era cars came from spectators~~~ Not necessarly AACA members/car collectors themselves . Usually I find that the biggest critics of our cars are the folks who do not own any collector cars; and are NOT AACA members ! We just grew tired of all the negative comments that we received at ALL car shows~~~ Not necessarily AACA events. Now that AACA has embraced the Early Survivor/Driver type cars for what they represent I am now considering re-joining the AACA !
  20. Now you guys have me wondering~~~ Could this have been a Model "B" made just prior to the first Model "T" ? Does anyyone have a photo of a rear entrance Model "A" or "B" Ford touring to jog my memory ? Add the facts that the engine had exposed valve springs and odd style brass headlamps . I talked to a neighbor on the phone of the late judge and they think that the car in question is still sitting in his vacation home garage in Ocean City NJ about 90 miles from my PA home !
  21. I heard that many are now running with old Soviet-built car & tractor engines !
  22. Silverghost


    Up-Hill ~~~ Flat ground~~~ OR Down-Hill ? ;-) I would suspect about the same a a Model "T" Ford ! 35 tops perhapps ?
  23. Aunt Marge & her latest Modern Auto Yard-Art Project ! She calls it~~~ " Car Out of Control ! "
  24. Matt: This may now be the case~~~ now today~~~ But in the past these sort of "Survivor Driver" cars were really not well accepted at all ! This chased my Father & I away from AACA & showing our Antique & Classics. We have stayed on the outside fringe of the old car hobby ever since ! For myself 55 years !
  25. Has any more background history surfaced from the Buick research historians and experts ? What about in the Buick & GM archives ? I find this unusual & rare Fiberglass Buick very interesting !