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  1. Your best bet would be to sell the VW yourself ~~~ Then take that money and buy your old Dodge of choice ~~~ The odds of a guy with an old DB wanting the 73 VW is very slim indeed ! Just my suggestion .
  2. I still think 1950s MG T series~~~ I have a 1952 MGTD with a bad wheel that looks EXACTLY like your wheel ! No Rolls~Royce or Bentley ever used a wheel like this ! Is it For Sale ~~~ ? If so~~~ For what price ?
  3. Re: Underwater Amphicar~~ This just goes to prove that the Amphicar makes a much better submarine than a boat ! There was one that was stuck on some rocks in the middle of the Deleware River. Some NJ guy drove it in the swftly moving river & got it stuck~~~ This was not the first time he did this stunt ! The Amphicar sat in the middle of the river for over a month before It was finally dragged-out by a tow truck with a long cable! Several prior rescue attempts had failed . The local Police & Coast Guard were not a bit amused ~~~ This underwater Amphicar belongs in a museum next to the Swiss lake Bugatti , & Quarry lake Rolls~Royce S-G, An older friend has often told us about a 1913 Ford Model "T" tourer that was pushed down a meadow marsh bank & underwater in Scullville NJ 50 years ago ! He swears it's still there ! Sad to say it sits in brackish partial salt water. I seriously doubt that there is very much usable left there today.
  4. Terry Michales of Pro-Team Corvette eventually bought that walled-in Corvette and hyped the heck out of the story as he usually does. He eventually sold it for crazy money ! Parking Garage with 36+ corvettes~~~ Peter Max HAS a parking garage at an abandoned/converted newspaper building in NY full of these corvettes , one of each and every model year built up to the point he acquired them in 1989 ! He had planned to paint them all with wild-Max style exterior paint-jobs for his Corvette rolling art project. It was a national news story when the public first got wind about it~~~ When the Corvette colectors heard about his plan there was such a fury that he has put his plan on hold for many years ! He also had IRS Tax issues at this time. The cars have been sitting & rotting away in this parking garage collecting dust & going downhill ever since. Some are sitting on flat tires & rims. All still have their battery installed. Many have had parts stolen off of them. Finally he erected a security fence to protect what remains. The entire collection has been moved at least three times.. I believe today he still owns all these corvettes ! He seems to have forgotten all about them and his Corvette rolling artwork plans ! The cars have been sitting, esentually rotting away since 1989 ! 22 Years ! Peter will not respond to anyone on the subject of these corvettes ! I know~~~ I have written & emailed him about them and their fate ! I told him that they were indeed rolling art when they were first built. Painting them in MAX Style would only de-value them ! They really belong in the hands of corvette collectors ! We do not need any Peter Max Corvette Rollig Art Projects ! Do a google web search on Peter Max Corvette collection Art Project for more details ! What's your opinion on this Peter Max Corvette art project ?
  5. Frank: My late Father & I have a fair size collection of mostly Brass Era autos. I live just outside NE Philadelphia~~~ You also live in PA~~~ If you ever want to talk or look at some Brass Era autos give me a call !
  6. Rare Ideed ! I had an uncle with a 1966 Ambassador 4dr sedan in metalic blue; with I believe a 327 AMC V8 ~~~238 HP ! They also made a 287 V8 . Graymarine used these "Fireball Engines" for marine use. They were a good engine ! I remember the big unusual o-ring stlye rocker covers with two wing nuts ! Holley 4brl ~~~ This car had AC, PS, Pb,AM/FM Stereo, and seats that would recline, and jack-up ! I have only ever seen a few Ambassador convertibles during that time period~~~ I have not seen a convertible in decades ! And~~~ NEVER~~~EVER an Ambassador convertible with a stick shift standard gearbox ! WOW ! These used a torque tube drive shaft set-up I believe ? What are your issues with you shifter ? I suspect it is loose because of wear at the linkage ends & pins ? I would think that it should be able to be re-bushed for loosness & wear along with the use of new linkage pins. A good machine shop could do this easily ! There is really not very much to these sort of simple shifters ! Basically just simple linkage ~~~ If you can ~~~ Please post a few digital photos of your Ambassador convertible ! We would all enjoy seeing it !
  7. Frank : We need some new "WPA" road projects today to fix our nation's roads & bridges, and crumbling infrastructure etc. This would also give much needed jobs & work to some good folks ! With 10% + unemployment a Works Progress Administration might not be such a bad idea for our country today in these poor economic times ! We have quite a bit of saved-up federal highway money set-aside for such a project ! By the way~~~ I'm only 55 but know about the "WPA" from my parents & history class !
  8. OK~~~ Then I am saying this~~~ Never trust an old used condenser~~~ or a NOS one that has been sitting unused in a box for 15~~20~~30~~50 + years as these are made of waxed paper & foil in a roll soaked with electrolyte in a sealed can. Condensers degrade with age~~~ Just sitting around ! It does not matter if NOS and unused in a new box or not ! Some years ago I bought a large batch of NOS in the box American made Condensers at the Hershey Flea Market~~~ Out of 25~~~Only 6 tested OK to use on my Sprgue Tel-O-Mic ~~~bridge style Condenser tester ! The others were open or shorted internally ~~~ They were just junk ! I can also believe the China & India made Condensers sold today might be junk when new also ! Mallory performance ignition makes the best heavy duty condensers you can buy today ! Few, if any, USA built condensers are being made anymore. Most of the condenser stock you find today in auto stores was made many years ago. I strongly doubt that any USA ignition parts company here today will want to make points and condensers for old cars anymore as the market is far too small ! Many of the old ignition parts builders have gone out of this business ; or business all-together !
  9. Barry: If the condenser is outside that is fine ! I did not know if it was in the distributor or hung on the outside ! It's fine both ways ~~~ Never trust old or NOS condensers ! Buy a NEW one ! Old condensers that have been sitting around on a a shelf for years have been known to be bad right out of the box~~~ as has been already pointed-out ! Condensers are the weak link in any point style ignition system ! I doubt that you really have any timing chain/cam issue here at all ~~~ Don't get into this ~~~ It sure sounds like a simple ignition issue ! Sorry~~~ I cannot help you with proper ignition part numbers for this very rare car~~~ Make sure the points are good and that they and the condenser have good clean ground contact ! Ignition point sets & condensers work as a switch to ground and always need a good clean ground contact to fire the coil properly.
  10. Barry: Can you tell if the "miss" is a random miss or one on a specific cylinder ? Try pulling each plug wire one at a time to see if you can pin the miss down to just one cylinder. You did not mention if your ignition points are new or old. Make sure your points are not pitted and the pivot allows the points to close properly ; and not out of allignment! Also make sure that the points have a good clean ground on your breaker plate! I am sure you have set the point gap; or better yet point Dwell properly ! Never use any old condenser ! NOS condensers are also often bad right out of the box ! A condenser is always a weak link in any point ignition system ! Get a NEW condenser from NAPA that fits inside : and is of similar MFD value as the old unit ! Old coils do slowly break-down as the internal wire insulation varnish gets old ! The coil could be slowly shorting-out internally. As a general rule of thumb the faster you run your engine the more an old problem coil shows up ! My bet is this is possibly a point or condenser related issue ! If you have an inductive powered timing light you might be able to pin-down a specific plug wire that may have an issue also ! Clip the pick-up on each wire , one at a time, to see if any specific cylinder wire shows a miss issue ! Let's hope it's not a mechanical engine valve issue~~~ Your compression readings sound great ! Let us know what you discover !
  11. Tommy Manville had 100 X times as many great cars as he had wives ! Asbestos money as well as other family investments bought both the wives & cars. Tommy did not keep Wives or Cars very long ! On of my favorite of Tommy's great one-off custom coachwork autos was the famous Rolls~Royce Wind-Blown ,or Wind-Swept, Brewster Springfield Phantom Coupe' New York Commodore Hotel Salon Show Car . Rich Attwell I believe owns it today ? My Springfield Phantom I "Special Coupe' " was a prior year's NY Commodore Hotel salon show car !
  12. Given the extreme low production numbers of the first Vettes in 53-54 coupled to their high restored value now I would suspect that IF you can actually find an exhaust manifold now it would be very pricey indeed !
  13. Jeff: Will the 53-55 high-performance Chevy auto or pick-up truck inline 6 exhaust manifolds not be the same ? As I remember the intake is a seperate manifold that was Corvette-only taking three special Carter YH side-draft caburetors. The seperate Chevy inline 6 cast-iron exhaust units are very similar to the early solid axel Vettes !
  14. There is a very special meter called a Meg-Ohm Meter or "Megger" for short. This meter tests electrical Insulation for "shorts" and bad electrical insulation. The older style "Meggers" have a hand crank generator internal to the meter. It is used to put a higher than normal voltage on the coil windings or insulation to be tested to check for poor leaking electrical insulation. The insulation varnish of a field coil can be tested successfully in this manner. Extreme Care must be taken when using a meg-ohm-meter as improper use can in fact blow a hole in the otherwise good electrical insuation. I have several Navy Surplus Meg-Ohm Meters. They often appear for sale on eBay ! New units often cost $1000. or More ! A good multi-meter with several ohm scales can do a pretty good basic test of starter & generator field coils~~~ All seperate field coils should have about the same ohm-meter resistance readings if they are not internally shorted-out ! A Growler is a special AC electromagnet type tester used to test the armatures of DC starting motors & generators as well as Universal brush-syle motors for shorts & open windings , bad commutator connections etc. This AC electro-magnet assembly actually induces a voltage in the armature coil windings themselves for testing at the commuttor ! They are often used along with a steel hacksaw blade, And,or, a light bulb & meter for some tests ! These are NOT used to test the field coils. Only rotating Armatures ! I have several older growlers also ! It may be a good idea to test field coils & armatues that are slightly heated to simulate actual auto operating temps ! What are you trying to test ? Possibly I may be able to help ? Or at least talk you through some simple electrical tests !
  15. KUNA: Did the Jack & Jill Ice Cream folks give you any idea as to where they disposed of these old Good Humor trucks with-in the last year ? Were they sold to privately or sent to some local Philadelphia area scrap/junkyard ? I could possibly check around for you if they were in fact junked ! I last saw 8-10 parked near their plant off I-95 early last spring ! I see they now sell boxes of their icecream bars in local supermarkets .
  16. Chuck Cantwell a friend here in PA has a great supercharged Graham Hollywood ! Chuck is an AACA member ! Look him up in the membership directory ! He is also retired and loves to show his car ! He is a big Auburn, Cord & Duesenberg fan ! Chuck worked for Carroll Shelby in the old Ford Shelby Glory Days as an engineer ~~~ Great Fellow ! Give Chuck a call & twist his arm a little !
  17. Anyone comming to the Philly AACA annual meeting please feel free to take home as much of our snow as you wish ! We have plenty of FREE SNOW & ICE to spare !
  18. WE got slammed with 18" of snow & Ice last night ! Our Electric power & heat was off for 4 hours ! 45" of snow so far this winter~~~And counting ~~ Another snow storm expected this weekend ~~~~ And still another early next week !
  19. I just caught the first "Desert Car Kings" show on Discovery Cable TV~~~ Well~~~ We finally got the "car restoration" show that we have all been asking for all these years ~~~ Well~~~ SORT OF ? This brand-New Discovey Cable TV show is about a Father & Son who own and operate a desert junkyard/scrapyard who are just getting into the "classic car restoration business". It's a new "Reality Show !" Trying to cash-in too ~~~ I suspect ? The first show sees them pullng a fairly solid 1965 T-Bird out of a junkyard and doing what THEY call a "Total Restoration" . The Father wants to "Restore" this T-Bird~~~ The Son wants to part-it-out for big money $$$. The typical "Reality Show" arguments then begin~~~ The Father finally wins the argument and the "Restoration" fun begins ! So much for the typical "Reality Show"family conflict dynamics ~ "Restoration" is such an over-used word today~~~ Basically all they do is get the car barely running & do a cheap quickie slap-dash paint job and some minor interior repairs~~~ One quarter panel is painted so bad it does not cover the old paint & primer. The new paint is in fact sprayed over the car's old finish ! This they call a "Totally Restored " T-bird. The Son said~~~ After all it's really the new paint & a nice interior that sells a "Restored Car" ! ! ! To ME this is just like putting lipstick on a farm pig~~~ In the end it is still a PIG ! (I have to thank Gov. Sarah Palin for that one !) They scrounge for needed parts in their junkyard, and at a reproduction & NOS T-Bird parts supplier~~~ and send some chrome off to a very cheap chrome plater~~~ The "Fully Restored" car is fully completed in two weeks ~~~ Yes~~~ TWO WEEKS ! Don't you wish all your "Total Restorations" went that quickly ? Heaven help the person who finally buys this as a "Fully Restored" 1965 T-Bird ! Next they take this "totally restored" T-Bird, their words ~~~Not Mine, to an old used junker car auction, NOT a true collector car auction, where they try to "Flip-It' for a big profit $$$ ! In the end they wind-up loosing about $1000. on this first "Restoration" attempt. OH WELL~~~ Better luck next time ! They also found $450. worth of Native American Silver & Turquoise jewelry in the trunk of a junked car in their scrapyard and get it appraised by "Experts" ! Next they find a set of old golf-clubs & irons in the locked trunk of an old Caddy along with a clear woman's 1970s umbrella. OH BROTHER ~~~ More "Reality Show" drama ! The show was just OK~~~ In my opinion another typical trumped-up "Reality Show" ! Did I learn anything about car restoration from this show ? Yes~~~ What NOT to do on a so-called "TOTAL CAR" restoration;~~~ And I also learned what some people call a "Totally Restored Car" ! Did anyone else watch this first episode ? What were YOUR opinions on this so-called "classic car restoration show" ? AND~~~ Would you in fact ever watch it again ? I will~~~~ BUT~~~ Only if nothing better is on cable or PBS that night ! What we still need is a REAL CAR RESTORATION SHOW ! NOT~~~ another contrived "Reality & Restoration Show" ! Now I fear that since this show has aired on national TV Everyone & his Brother will be wanting to do similar so-called "Car Restorations" and "Car Flipping !" I can see the Craigslist adverts already !
  20. Air should slowly work it's way out of the system I would think~~~ Could your water pump be possibly sucking-in air past it's packing seal ? i have seen this happen before ! Where are your hoses that are connected to your heater running to ? Where is the hot water in line comming from on your engine ? Where does the heater core water return line go after it leaves your firewall ~~~ Does it go to the water pump inlet ? It's also possible you now have a big air pocket trapped in your heater core & lines since you drained & flushed your entire cooling system. Your system might be air-bound. Try to loosen a heater hose under your hood and bleed out the trapped-in air pocket.
  21. Many 1920s and earlier 30s steamer style trunks used Footman's loops and leather belts to fasten the old fashoned luggage style steamer-style trunks to the trunk-racks.
  22. Looking foreward to seeing the photos of the finished job . I only hope you did not have to clean-out your IRA to get this job done !
  23. Is your engine & it's cooling system low on water/antifreeze ?
  24. There is a small fleet of old 50s-early 60s former Good Humor open front style trucks still being used every summer in the Philadelphia area by the Jack & Jill Ice Cream Company ! They are vintage original former Good Humor trucks~~~The row of hand operated bells & all ! They still operate out of a former Good Humor production facility that was closed in the mid 70s & later bought-out by Jack & Jill Ice Cream Co ! They are located just off I-95 in Philly . While were are going down the old nostalgia road ~~~ Did anyone here ever see "Little Oscar" in person and one of the original Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobiles ? Did you actually get your Oscar Meyer "Weiner Whistle" ? Boy have I got a story about this guy when I was a small tot !