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  1. I have heard of 100% copper heavy wall Refrigeration tubing being used successfully. It can also be double flared ! It has a very high burst strength. It is great to use when you need that 100% Copper look on old antique cars. It's great for old fuel & oil lines also ! Small ID sizes are tough to find~~~But it is out there if you look hard enough . Cunifer like Phill is using is still the strongest ! The color is just not quite the same as 100% copper.
  2. I really don't think you need those hardened valve seats ! There was once great panic when lead was removed from our USA gasoline~~~ Everyone said that hardened valve seats were now needed~~~ Many have since discovered that this was indeed not the case ! Especially given the very low number of miles our old collector cars are actually driven each year. Opinions still differ on this subject !
  3. A.J. I believe for decades now it has been illegal to export any old Antique & Classic autos from India . In the 50s-60s this was very common as the Maharaja cars, and others, were just sitting wasting away. I remember well many comming to the USA in this time period. India now considers these cars to be national treasures and it has been highly illegal to export them. Some engines & parts have been known to slip out ! Still I have heard many a sad story of large groups of great Antiques & Classics still sitting and wasting away there. There are several cases where 100+ Maharaja cars are still sitting in these very sad conditions.
  4. The Dr, Simeone Auto Museum Collection is a real "Must See" for any car Fanatic~~~ IF it will be open this weekend everyone who has not seen it should check-it-out while in the Philadelphia area ! It is one of the very BEST private auto museums in this country~~~ If not the World !
  5. I have a few NOS springs, cork lid top & inside can gaskets, and NOS fiber flapper valves. What exactly do you need ? I MAY be able to help you ?
  6. The only problem I see here is there are at least a dozen, or more, sizes & styles of these spray can valves. I try to save some myself when finished with the cans~~~ I have a peanut butter jar full of old valves~~~ Just the type you need~~~You might not have ~~~ It's good to also soak the old valves in laquer thinner before saving them !
  7. I remember Don Williams & Richie selling several of these fantastic Classic "K" s at his first Hershey auction just after sept 11 2001 ! Because of the 9/11 terriorist crisis these cars sold very cheapy~~~ That auction sadly turned into a sort of unintended fire sale for both Don and Richie . I felt sorry for them as prices were very soft ! The buyers just did not want to spend money that day just after 9/11 ; and attendance was also very thin . As I remember at least 2 of the "K" s sold were painted 1980s red also ! Does anyone know what these "K" s sold for that day and where they are today ?
  8. You might want to try to cantact the "celebrity" in question by mail or the web if they are still alive; or their family if they are not. Include a photo of the car and tell them that you are trying to trace this car's ownership history~~~ Make sure you tell them that you are NOT trying to sell them anything ! Many will contact you via email or phone ! You just never know ! ?
  9. They don't have as many great old cars as they once had~~~ I believe quite a number of great early autos were sold-off some years ago~~~To raise money.
  10. Looks like the start of a real "Horsepower" race in the making ! I just had to go for the "Lame Horse" joke here~~~ Guess I am not the only Jacka## here today~
  11. Steve, Susan, Bob, and others~~~ I do not disagree with every point you make~~~ But~~~ I do know many wealthy people who DO speculate on old cars only purely as an investment ! My uncle is one of them ! Those type of folks really don't care about the cars for what they really are ! I find that after such an article appears in some financial publication I often get phone calls from business associates who "want to get in on the action" and they try to pick our brains as to which cars will bring them the most return for their short term investment money. When I do find that they are really only speculators I try to discourage them if at all possible ! We have also gotten calls from similar wealthy folks who I do find truly love these great old autos. I try to help these folks if at all possible ! These folks often become some of the very best old car collectors ! In my 55 years in this hobby I find that the articles that appear in ONLY financial publications only fuel the speculators ! They are only looking for the next "Big Deal "! The real true collectors not only read Forbes but other Auto related hobby publications ! In my opinion once financial speculators enter any hobby it is soon spoiled for the real true collectors who have a true love for the hobby ; and in our case~~~old cars. They are often soon simply priced out of the hobby ! The hobby soon becomes BIG business and the real true hobby collectors are soon priced-out of the hobby ! The old car hobby looses a number a GREAT & FINE people as a result ! I know many older car collectors today that could never afford to buy the cars that they once did buy twenty-thirty years ago ! To me this is very sad ~~~ Many young people today have no chance at ever owning their dream cars~~~ Or ever building a Brass!Era or Classic car collection~~~ Why ???? Because of the HIGH cost of entry into this end of the hobby . How sad is that ? I remember well when Model "J" Duesenbergs were selling for only $30 K~~~ My Father remembers them selling for $ 500.-600. ! Today these very same cars are selling for $ 1 - 2 1/2 Million ! Only a select few can now afford these cars ! About half of these cars today are owned by speculators ! I know this for a fact ! To me this is very sad indeed ! To true collectors like myself, and others, it's NOT about making big money on a car investment. It's all about the cars themselves ! I am not , and never have been in this old car hobby to make big $$$ money ! It is my HOBBY~~~Not a Business ! Years ago, when I was a kid, the old car hobby was not about making big money~~~ Folks would give you the old cars~~~ Other collectors would also give you needed parts ! Sadly this has changed today for many people ! Is our old car hobby better having new speculators-only comming into it ? That's for YOU , the readers here, to decide for yourself ! Sadly~~~For Me~~~ The hobby has become ~~~ a BIG $$$ Business ! On a related note~ Steve~~~ It seems you & I never agree on anything ! Such is life I guess ?
  12. There are many AACA & Forum members here who are true car collectors & car lovers that have been sadly priced-out of the market for the type of cars they always dreamed of owning by these new speculators that I mentioned. Any time you read any article in a financial magazine about old Classic Car values the prices go-up with new "Flippers" & Speculators getting into the old car "Market" just trying to find a way to Cash-In ! These folks don't care about the type of investment as long as they think they can make BIG money investing in cars,real estate, stocks, art,etc ! Believe me these sort of folks live all around me here ! They have no real true Collector's Love for the cars themselves ! Only their potential value ! These sort of articles only start a feeding frenzy for old collector cars. Everyone wants to cash-in & make a quick buck $$$! If you don't believe me just look at what has historically happened in the past with Ferrari & Muscle Car speculation, Hemi Mopars are a great example here today ! There has been a price "Bubble" on these sorts of autos caused by similar articles published in the past ! In the case of Ferrari the speculator "Bubble" burst and prices dropped suddenly like a rock ! A neighbor woman here bought a T-Bird at the B~J Scottsdale auction last year for crazy money and thought she could "Flip-It" and cash-in Big Time at the B~J Palm Beach Auction. She only put several hundred miles on this baby bird while she owned it ! Needless to say in this short period of "Speculation" she lost her shirt ! But she plans to speculate on another Full Classic next time~~~And Very Soon !
  13. This sort of article only brings more auto speculators & "Flippers" into our old car hobby~~~ Not true "Car Collectors" ! You see these people at the Barrett~Jackson & other auctions all the time ~~~~Along with the nutty high prices that they pay . In my pinion an article like this does our old car hobby no good at all !
  14. Dave: You are having Just too much fun !!! Some guys just get all the fun jobs~~~ Great valve project !!! Fantastic Pierce-Arrow ! Send us some more digital photos before you have to return this great Classic to it's lucky owner !
  15. He bought too many old cars~~~ Like ME~~~ And now has no place to properly store them inside ! That is his, & MY, "self imposed hardship" !
  16. I would be working in my garage ~~~ IF ~~~I could only just get past the three feet of compacted & drifted snow which has now turned into ice ! I cannot open my garage door now !
  17. Bernie: There must be a scrap Packard engine here in the "States" that could be used to donate a bearing cap for your great Pckard restoration project ! Why not post a "Parts wanted " advert here on this & the Packard forum sites ?
  18. An old friend of ours was forced to build a pool-house and put in a small fiberglass pool; as local zoning will allow this usage. His collector cars & antique music machines & other collections now reside in his so-called "Pool House" ! There are many ways of getting around stupid local zoning regulations ! Try to get your immediate neighbors on your side of this issue~~~ Have them sign-off on your proposed building project. This really helps ! There is way too much government control out there telling homeowners what they can~~~and cannot do with their own property !
  19. George: Just when I think it is impossible~~~ you have out-done yourself again with buying the very rare and unusual ! I am always impressed with all your car finds ! Good Luck & Keep us updated on it's history !
  20. As I mentioned before Tompson Products Company sponsored the famous Thompson Trophy National Air Races . Many of the aircraft and pilots were in fact sponsored by the Army Air Corps. Jimmy Doolittle actually won one the 1932 Thompson Trophy Races ! I like all these sporty custom boat-tailed speedsters ! I like the unusual radical way-out speester designs ! If ever given the opportunity~ I would buy any of these Packard Boat-Tailed speedsters any day of the week !
  21. John: Channel 6 Action News reported this story on TV locally. They made great fun of this fellow ! They also reported that he had several other mishapps with this very car before on this very same river ! Perhapps he has never mentioned this to you ? The poilce were very annoyed with all his dangerous exploits ! So was the Coast Guard & State EPA & other State officials ! The News anchors made a big joke out of the entire episode, and your friend ! The river was running very fast that day as it was just after a very heavy rainstorm ! Taking an Amphicar out on the fast moving Deleware river that day was a poorly thought-out Stunt ! I know this area of the Deleware river very well : as I live and boat in this area of PA often ! The people involved are lucky to still be alive ! The owner and his two passengers had to be rescued from the stranded Amphicar in the rushing river rapids by a Coast Guard Search & Rescue Helicopter and a Coast Guard rescue jump swimmer dispatched from Cape May NJ ! I still say this was a stupid & unwise stunt ! I'd bet the Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter crew would agree with me ! It took several failed attempts to finally remove this car from the river. The owner also got in quite a bit of legal problems as a result ! I'd bet he didn't tell you this also ? An Amphicar is better suited to calm lake water ! I once rode in an Amphicar in the late 1970s~~~ And I have owned boats for decades ! I now have a Donzi 18, Donzi Benchseat, 24' American Skier Eagle, and several vintage mahogany Chris~Crafts speedboats, along with a supercharged Sea~Doo PWC ! I have been boating all my life ~~~ Dad & I have rescued at least a dozen boaters over the years~~~ Several of these rescues were on our local PA & NJ news broadcasts! We have risked our own lives several times doing so ! The Amphicar makes a very poor boat as it actually wallows in the water at very low speeds and has little extra safety freeboard to protect it from swamping ! Heaven help you if you are hit sidewayas by a boat wake ! The in-water Amphicar steering is marginal at best ! That is MY opinion as a lifelong boater !. Other opiions may vary . My Submarine statment was a JOKE ! We all know the Germans built U-boats too ; as well as the Amphicar ~~~ And if you are not very carefull an Amphicar can quickly turn into a U-Boat submarine and SINK ! The Amphicar is what it is~~~ An unusual automotive novilty ! I would never put it it in the same class as ANY real boat for safety and operation ! It would NEVER meet Goast Guard Safety flotation regulations today ! I did not mean to offend you, or your friend, or any other Amphicar owner ! Just calling it like I see it ! What he did that day was very risky and stupid ! ~~~ He & his two female passengers could have been likely killed that day ! He may not have such good luck next time ! A fast moving large river like the Delaware is nothing to play around in with an Amphicar ! Especially near the rapids just after a big rain storm ! I hope your friend learned his lesson here ! People in my area are still talking about this Amphicar river rescue ! John: I accept your out-streached hand ! Be very careful in using you Amphicars on the water !
  22. The above "Custom" Town Car auto looks more like a Springfield Rolls~Royce from the front radiator, drum headlamps, & bumper ! Schulte was the first official franchised Rolls~Royce Dealer/ importer in the USA long before Rolls~Royce of America Inc. was formed in Springfield Mass. Does anyone think this is really a Packard ? I am guessing there is some error in this above advert ?
  23. I just played-back my cable DVR recording of show #2 over lunch hour. #2 show~~~Olds 442 This time they "Restored" an Olds 442 in three weeks . WOW~~~ Another Magic Miracle "Restoration" The scrapyard Father/owner took great pains to mock the fact that his Olds/442 Collector friend & his son took three years to restore one of their 442 s ! " They took three years to restore their 442~~~We are Restoring ours in Three Weeks ! " (Shure you are ! ) I'll take the Olds 442 collector's "Restoration" any day of the week over their Three Week "Restoration" ! Again more "Reality Show" drama with a nest of 5 Rattle Snakes in a parts car~~~ I can live without this drama ~~~can't you ? Magically in the middle of the show a totally re-built & re-painted Olds 442 engine appears being dropped-into the project car. No mention how much it cost to re-build this magic engine. Their body & paint work again fall very short~~~Again. The panel fit of the right front fender top to the door was very wide and un-equal ! There were other body issues also. They install another rare shifter assembly without cleaning off the rust first~~~ This shows later inside the car ! Again they took this car to that same "Used Car Auction" and claimed this time they actually made money on this "Three Week Restoration" ! Hey Guys~~~ What did that 442 engine rebuild cost you ? Did you factor this cost into your final total "Restoration" price ? I doubt it ! AND~~~ What about the brakes, exhaust , transmission, & much much more etc, you forgot to mention on the show ? AND~~~ Where do you find high quality & cheap reproduction interior kits and a cheap interior guy's labor charges to install them and a new vinyl top ; to come in under your final auction selling price; and bwe able to still make money ? Chalk this all up to another "Reality Show" Magic Miracle~~~I guess ! They CLAIM to have made good money on the "Restoration" this time~~~ BUT~~~ There are many missing "Restoration" costs here I suspect~~~ But HEY~~~ This is "Reality TV"~~~ Not TRUE REALITY here ! The Magic of TV~~~ I guess ? What was YOUR OPINION on show #2 ? The OLDS 442 Show~~~
  24. Barry: Why not warm the engine up to operating temp then do another compression check. If it is indeed a valve closing issue causing your miss~~~ Would it not be an exhaust valve ; as an intake would possibly cause a backfire or slight compression leakage through your intake manifold & carb ? I would check into the exhaust valves first !
  25. I don't know how we got so far off the original thread topic I posted here about the Discovery Cable TV show Desert Car Kings. It seems this thread has morphed into being about OLD HOUSES which is not at all AUTO related and has NOTHING to do with the Original THREAD TITLE ! Let's try to get this thread back on topic of auto related restoration TV shows ~~~ and especially Desert Car KIngs ! Did anyone see episode #2 last night on the Olds 442 "Restoration" ?