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  1. Personally I don't like the idea of using the starter to break the bolt loose at all ! You may wind-up just breaking a few teeth on your flexplate/flywheel ring gear~~~ Or damage your starter's starter drive one-way clutch or drive gear ! You could also throw that big breaker bar into your car's radiator ! It's very risky~~~ You may wind-up with a lot of damage and a much bigger job than you expected ! Just my opinion here guys ~~~
  2. Bob Robinson was just suggested as another possible restorer. I know Bob and have seen his great workmanship. Bob restored a fantastic early Pierce~Arrow for himself some years back that was utterly spectacular ! He later made the rounds of the various Concours Venues with his simply stunning green Pierce~Arrow . Is he still in the restoration business ? His shop is about 50 min. away from our area. His brother Dick Robinson has a restoration shop only 5 min from me here in Huntingdon Valey PA ! Dick mostly restores Corvettes & musclecars. He had done a number of restoration jobs for my former backyard neighbor the late William "Bill" Ludwig a GTO , Corvette, & a 70s Cadillac Converible ! We also remember their late Father's car collection ! If Bob Robinson is still in the restoration busines he is another fine restorer to add to the now infamous "Short List" ~~~ It's really a shame that he is not located a bit closer to my old buddy the Doctor ! The now infamous "Short List" is growing a a snail's pace ! What other high quality restoration shops are close to our area & are experienced in autos like this Pierce~Arrow ?
  3. Sophia: These are MARINE boat navigation lights~~~ Not auto related lamps. I am 100% sure of this fact ! The red and green indicate Port & Starboard with blocking plate shields to limit the light's number of degrees of lighting. The two red & green colors are used to indicate the direction of a vessel's travel & also to indicate which side of the boat you are approaching or passing at night ! These were mounted of the Bow or front sides of a fairly large powerboat. The red light was mouted on the boat's Port or left side~~~ The green light was mounted on the boat's Starboard or right side. There was also a white Stern or rear light that went along with these two foreward Bow or front side lighs ! They were & still are required by the Coast Guard's " inland & international navigation lighting rules. " Perko is still very much in the marine hardware & lighting business today ! Perko made these exact lights from the 1920s through the late 1940s ! Since there in no chrome plating on yor lights I would say 1920s-1930s to pin it down closer for you ! You should post these on an Antique Boat & Marine forum. They are very popular items for antique boat restorers & nautical collectors ! I know of which I speak~~~ as I am also a long-time power boater !
  4. The Pierce~Arrow that he owns is a Series 36 with that big old long stroke dual valve, twin ignition six ! What changes were made from the Series 33 to Series 36 ? Was this the same basic big long stroke six engine used on both series cars ? You Pierce~Arrow guys know more than WE do ! I also do not know very much about their body style names at this time ~~~but this car is a very big open 7 passenger touring drop-top car ! It has great lines for a car of this era~~~ It is a very big impressve and attractive auto ! It was also a VERY costly auto when bought new ! Why are these autos not more popular and in higher demand as compared to the early 1930s Pierce~Arrows ? There was a very similar car that was being sold by Platinum Classics at their Hershey fleamarket booth about at least 8-10 years ago. That car had been partially pulled-apart at one time in an aborted restoration attempt~~~ The paint was totally stripped from that car. Do you guys remember it ? Is there a photographic factory catalog listing or factory advert . of very large open body styles for this era ? Did Pierce~Arrow build all the coachwork in-house ; or did they also use outside coachbuilders ? How about custom coachwork ?
  5. I agree with everything Walter & some others have stated here~~~ A car should be respected for the way it was originally built~~~flaws ~~~warts and all. Far too many original things are lost on these better-than-new Jewel like restorations ! We should all strive to preserve a car's true original history~~~The way it really was~~~Not what we had wished it had been ! My biggest beef is using today's very glossy basecoat-clearcoat systems that make a car sparkle ! The second beef I have is detailing the black painted parts under the hood , and on the chassis & suspension with very glossy black paint ! Powdercoating is my third beef ! Many a great well-preserved museum piece has sadly transformed into some glowing showcar~~~ As stated before~~~ A car is only original once~~~ If you change it to "Improve it" it is no longer an original example of the factory's intent and workmanship ! That's just my opinion ! Henry Austin "Austie" Clark a note early auto collector, museum owner/operator, and old friend of Dad & myself, once owned hundreds, if not a thousand old cars in his lifetime. He saved hundreds of old cars for us all to enjot today. He respected these old cars for their true real history~~~ Many cars sat in his fantastic LI New York museum without any cosmetic restoration~~~ He often told Dad & I that it would indeed be a crime to totally "Restore" them ! I agree with our great old late friend Austie~~~ I like a car to be exactly as original~~~ That's just what I like~~~ We need to preserve more true auto rolling history !
  6. Marshy: We call them brake wheel cylinders here in the USA ! Not slave cylinders~~~ I know exactly the type you need~~~ There may be a Right and Left hand brake wheel cylinder needed? The smaller bore is for the primary brake shoe to contact the brake drum first~~~The larger cylinder bore is for the secondary brake shoe to contact slightly thereafter~~~ Most replacments are in fact made of cast-iron/steel as the early thin steel units were often troublesome & not easily re-bult ! The term Slave cylinders are only called that for hydraulic clutches here . I should think that someone here should have the rear wheel brake cylinders you need ! These pop-up all the time new-in-the-box at auto flea mrkets like Hershey etc. There may also be new reproduction units available out there ? Post in the "Parts Wanted Section" of the AACA forum here for best results ! Good Luck~~~ I know you WILL find them soon ! I will also do a web search for you ! UPDATE: ! ! ! I found them for you at Hagen's Hiway Auto Parts~~~ $55. US each Right & Left hand ! Right part # 04694 Left part # 04693 Contact Info: Hagen Hiway Auto Parts 1526 River Road Puyallup Wa 98371-3890 Phone 1 235 845 7020 Fax 1 235 841 1904
  7. Susan~~~I think I had the very same car-seat as you did with the steering wheel and horn button ! Mine had a big ignition key also. My folks say I have been driving almost since I was born ! The car-seat was mounted on the front bench seat of my Dad's 1953 DeSoto Powermaster~~~Between my parents~~~Not in the back seat area ! We have ancient photos & movies of me sitting in this "Driver's" seat ! If I posted them I would never live them down ! Mom soon made Dad de-activate that horn sound ! You can easily guess why ! Dad always said that I have been over-using the car horn ever since those early car-seat days. He hated riding with me when I used the car's horn. He had often thought I would eventually be shot by some "road rage nut" in Philadelphia for using my car's horn !!! I just can't stand stupid drivers ! They ALL get the wrath of my car horn !
  8. WOW~~~ You guys won't believe this ! I just got a phone call earlier last night from a fellow forum member here. And I am stunned by his phone call to say the very least ! He just told me that this local shop just in my own backyard ~~~ MARQUIS AUTO RESTORATIONS,~~~ that my Dr. friend just mentioned, ~~~ is in fact owned & operated by that fellow that was dressed in the flashey nylon Red Ferrari Jacket & Cap that sat in the rare GM motoramma show car while it was on the auction block at the Barrett~Jackson Scottsdale car auction several years back; and dared the other bidder to just try to out-bid him ! He was later shown with Craig Jackson signing autographs at a table of all things ! This was a really BIG DEAL at the time it happened ! I sure all you folks here who watched the live B-J auction coverage several year back know who I mean ! There was much talk about him later on many auto web forums; and the TV ! He became a celebrity of sorts after all of this ! I almost fell of my chair when I heard this from a forum member here we all know very well ! How come I never heard of his shop in my own home area before ? And WHY don't I know this fellow ?~~~ Alan ? Why did I not know he was from MY own home area ??? Who knew he lived in this Philadelphia suburban area and in fact owned & operated a restoration shop here in NE Philadelphia ? Heck~~~ his shop seems to be just off of Red Lion Road on Sandmeyer Steel Lane~~~ In a small industrial area. I never saw it before ! Geeze~~~ My Father had one of his offices at The BUDD CO. plant right next door to his shop for 50 years ! I feel really stupid for NOT knowing him or about his local auto restoration shop ! It is just a few min. from my home ~~~practically in my own backyard ! Did anyone know he was in the auto restoration business ? I swear I had no clue ! How long has he been in business ?~~~And~~~In MY area ? Does anyone know any more about him ; or his restoration shop ? I thought he was just a Buyer's Representative bidding for some wealthy owner of a new western area Museum Collection ! This was mentioned I think by the Speed Channel auction announcers at the time . Does anyone know anything about him~~~Or his restoration shop ? Who exactly IS this guy ? People say it's a small world~~~ But it seems to actually be much smaller than I had ever thought ! ~~~ NOW~~~ I just have to meet this guy & check-out his restoration shop operation first hand !
  9. GOOD HUMOR STYLE TRUCK FOR SALE HERE ! A fellow just posted a 1950 GMC Good Humor style ice ceam truck for sale here in the forum's "For Sale" buy & sell section ! If you want one~~~Better go for it now !
  10. YES~~~They are looking for one here on this forum ! Search here above for "Good Humor Ice Cream Truck" !
  11. Grandpa: Where do you keep finding all of these great early auto photos ? The headlamps on that "Pilot" auto are as big as buckets !
  12. Bernie: Geezzze~~~ That big old air pump looks similar to the old units that the old hard-hat divers once used for under-water air ! It's a really great find ! I never saw one quite like it before !
  13. WOW ! I never saw anyone take brackets & members off of any old chassis before;~~~~ and re-rivet them back-on again with hot rivets after first painting the chassis . Now that's what I call a complete ground-up restoration ! Most folks would just slap paint on the complete assembly and call it a restoration. Keep your progress reports & great photos comming !
  14. Phill: In the last decade or so Dad & I have been using a Jet-Ski , Sea-Doo,Wave Runner, or other Personal Watercraft, deep cycle marine battery for these very early ignition systems. Make sure it is a deep cycle battery ! You can run them almost flat & then re-charge them quickly without any battery cell damage. You get much more time out of a new deep cycle marine battery than the big old dry cells ! 6-10 times more ! The operating voltage also stays higher until they are almost discharged also ! The modern marine battery internal plates take a lot of vibration and pounding also ! They are very tough and inexpensive. The old time tested dry cells still work well also but are a bit hard to find locally anymore~~~and they are not cheap ! To hide the new style marine battery. Make a nice old style wooden cheese-box style battery box with a lid to hide the new marine battery. Make it look really old like it really belonged there in the first place! Put a few small vent holes on the box for the battery hydrogen fumes to escape! We also use a big wire-wound electrical resistor to drop the higher battery operating voltage to the normal old ignition running voltage. Get a big ceramic wire wound resistor wih a sliding ohms adjustment on it and mount it in the battery box on two metal stand-offs ! I can get you the resistor ohms value if you need it ! The resistor is not really always necessary as these systems work very well on 12 Volts and the end result is a slightly better & hotter spark at your spark-plugs. The resistor on the other hand will burn-up some battery power and lower your overall running time~~~ Then take a small charger along on any long trips you make in your old Antiques to re-carge when needed!
  15. Some of these stinkers are really tight ! I find that an air or electric impact wrench will usually hammer & vibrate them off~~~ If you don't have access to an impact wrench try using a breaker bar & socket with a longer pipe over it to get extra leverage. It's a large bolt so you won't have to worry too much about breaking it ! 150# lbs is just not enough torque force to loosen them after all these years ! You might also try heating the head of the big center bolt with a plumber's Bernz-o-matic propane torch a few times also. This will break any rust & Locktite threadlocker bond ~~~If any ! Do not burn or over heat the harmonic balancer's inner-center rubber ! Good Luck !
  16. There is a local metal artist in New Hope PA, Bernie Brenner I believe is his name, that will take a photo of your house, boat, or old car and then cut it's profile out of a thick sheet of copper, bronze, or brass for a weather vane, mailbox or lamp post sign etc ! The finished metal artworks are great with lots of interesting details ! They look very much like your weathervane . The cost is starting at about $300. for the signs depending on size & material~~~weathervanes are much more !
  17. I had a long conversation with the Pierce~Arrow owner the other day~~~ I have known this fellow since the 7th grade~~~We are both now 55 ! He has wanted to own & restore this auto since he was a teenager; he is now in his mid 50s . Now that he just finally became the owner of this car he wants to get it Up-and-running as soon as possible. The car is in great shape with no rust. The wooden body structure is very sound. I see no missing parts. I had tried to talk him into letting me bring it over to my home garage shop and put her on my lift. I wanted to drop the pan and clean out the sump and oil pump pick-up . Then check-out the bottom-end main & rosd bearings & clean-out any gunk from the oil passages. Then I would check-out the valve gear and try to turn the engine over by hand. I now have a mixture of Marvel Mystery Oil and Kero in the cylinders. I added this at his home & left a gallon of this mixture for him to top off the cylinders . I am trying to talk him into making this a running "driver" at first. Then he can decide IF he wants to make the big jump into getting it restored ! Since I have been involved in this hobby all my life , and am a mechanical engineer, I tried the explain the true reality of a full blown Classic restoration. We talked about the possible time factor & costs involved along with the need to seek out a Restorer who was familar with Classics and Pierce~Arrows ! Now here is where the big problem comes into view~~~ He is a Dr.~~~ An MD of internal med. and chief of staff at a local hospital and not at all mechanically inclined. He has also been watching all the car & cycle "Reality" shows on TV where they take a complete rust-bucket and in a week or less turn it into a "restored" dream car~~~Think about what they show on the Chip Foose or Boyd Coddington TV shows here ! He also thinks that getting the Pierce~Arrow restored would be great fun~~~ And he wants to be involved in this restoration fun ! He has no other hobby~~~and has worked very hard for many years~~~ Think late mid-life crisis here ! He sees just how much fun they have on these TV shows. ~~~This is where he got this crazy idea to have ths car restored very close to his home. He wants to be close by so he can stop-in to check-out their porogress and make decisions, lend a hand etc ! He has dragged me into the middle of all of this, kicking and screaming all the way, since he has often seen, and hung-out around our Brass Era & Classic collection for a few years now. He wants ME to come-up with a few possible local restoration shops so that he can start to "Interview them " for his Pierce~Arrow restoration project! He wants me to get him a "Short List" of potential qualified first class restorers in our Philadelphia area. He flatly refuses to go any more than 15-25 miles from his home ! Money is really not an issue wih him . He wants what he wants~~~and is willing to pay fair market price for it ! Now you all see the position I am in here ! I have been trying to bring him back down to TRUE REALITY ! He found-out about this local Marquis Auto Restorations outfit in our general area from another MD. associate of his. This guy read an article about them in Philadelpha Magazine & saw a local TV News story about them & their owner/founder ~~~a fellow named Alan ! That's all we know about them~~~ They may do fine restoration work for all I know ? The problem is~~~ I just don't know anything at all about them ! And they are practically in my own back yard ! He & I know nothing more about them or their workmanship ? ! We also need a few more tips on a few other local restoration shops that can properly handle a Full Classic restoration in a reasonable time-frame ! I am just trying to help him out a bit. He took great care of my late 92y/o father during his final days at the hospital~~~ I am trying to return this big favor ! I have know this fellow & his family 3/4 of my life !
  18. Re: the comment about hopeing to see a six cylinder Camaro bringing more money than a Yenko Camaro at the Barrett~Jackson auction.~~~ It will NEVER happen as I suspect that B-J would never accept that car consignment. B-J is basically a musclecar & hotrod/streetrod auction. They like flash and pizzzazz~~~ That is their market~~~and that is what their buyers want ! B-J knows this fact very well ! The only time you might ever see a 6 cylinder Camaro beat the selling price of a Yenko Camaro, & also appear at B-J Scottsdale is if it was once owned by someone like JFK or Elvis ! Then it would fit right in wih their auction marketing theme~~~ Slim chances of that EVER happening ! I doubt both these guys ever owned a base model car ! ? As far as "Over-Restored" cars go.... Most cars that appear at most car-shows today are over-restored to a better paint quality, fit & finish, and under-hood detailing & paint quality than ever first left the factory in my opinion~~~unless it is shown today as a driver/survivor car~~~ This is just my opinion ! I have been around his hobby all my life~~~ The quality of cars at most shows keeps getting better all the time ! I have seen this happening over the last 55 years ! Most everyone who competes at judged shows for an award or trophy wants the ultimate "Perfect Car" ! Judged car-shows by their very nature fuel this pursuit of perfection that we see at most shows today. That's the way it just is~~~ Think about it ? If you paid big bucks to have a restoration shop restore & repaint your show-car I suspect you would not accept bubbles, pits, or orange peel in your new paint finish. You would also not accept poor panel seam fit ! And why should you? The car by the very nature of it being restored by a good shop would mean that it woud look much better in most cases than when it first left the factory when new ! There is nothing wrong with that ! This is just my opinion ~~~
  19. 1937hd45~~~ I agree with your thoughts completely ~~~ In fact this is exactly what I told my Friend & Neighbor . He seems to have his heart set on visiting the restoration shop he finally chooses 2-3 times a week on his way home from work ! " I want to be totally involved in this restoration~~~For me this will be half the fun in restoring my family's old Pierce~Arrow !" This was his exact quote~~~ This Pierce~Arrow touring car has been in his family since new ! It has been sitting in his grandfather's carriage house all it's life ! It is a large, impressive & spectacular auto ! He now owns both the impressive 1910 home & car once owned by his grandfther ! After all these years of just sitting it will finally be restored. It last ran in the mid-1950s ! I agree that he should search out a restoration shop that knows Pierce~Arrows of this vintage in-and-out ; and has successfully restored similar autos before ! He did talk to a local well-known Corvette & Muscle-car restorer who I casually konw~~~ This fellow was smart & honest enough to turn down this restoration job as he has never restored a Classic~~~much less a Pierce~Arrow ! I was releaved by his news ! He insists that it MUST be restored locally so he can enjoy seeing the restoration in progress close-up & first hand ! Would you like to be in that restorer's shoes ~~~with it's owner checking-in on your progress every other day; and hanging around your shop ? We shall see~~~
  20. Oh Brother ~~~ It sure sounds like this fellow selling the Marmon bought and shipped it to the UK just to get the engine & drive-train for another better project car. Now it appears he is trying to sell whatever is left-over to try to recoup his purchase & shipping costs ! There is more to this story than he is telling you~~~I would bet ~~~ What a sad let-down for you after all this waiting & anticipation time ! Another "wild-goose -chase" as we say here in the USA ! I feel very bad for you~~~ Keep searching for your dream car ; you will find it some day ! Follow Your Dream~
  21. I have learned that the first thing to do on any old radio restoration is to replace ALL the capacitors in the radio. These are the "Filters" that your friend spoke of. Capacitors are used both as filters & couplers in any radio. Replace them ALL ! This along with a good NEW DC/AC Vibrator Converter should fix your radio ! I like the new solid state vibrators as opposed to the NOS mechanical units ! Old capacitors are the weak link in any old auto radio~~~ Especially the old vacuum tube & early solid state radio types ! Try--- Antique Radio Supply or Antique Electronics Supply for NOS vacuum tubes and old style capacitors.
  22. I am looking for a good adhesive to bond a High-Temp silicone sponge rubber sheet to steel & fiberglass! I have tried solvent based contact cement, water based contact cement, 3M Weatherstirp Adhesive, 3M Trim Adhesive, GE Silicone Adhesive itself~~~ Nothing works successfully ! After all these various Adhesives cure this rubber just peels-off leaving just the adhesive behind~~~ I have tried de-waxing the rubber sheet material first & cleaning with laquer thinner & acetone~~~ Still the very same results~~~ It just peels off like on a non-stick frying pan ! The High-Temp Silicone sponge rubber by it's very nature seems to resist any adhesive I have tried~~~ Yet the old damaged silicone rubber I removed was firmly attached to the steel body panel with some sort of glue or adhesive ! Has anyone had any luck fastening silicone rubber with ANY known adhesive ? What should I try next ? What did YOU use successfully ?
  23. I have a friend that is looking for a local Philadelphia Restoration Company to do a complete restoration on his late 1920s Full Classic . He wants a good shop located close to Philadelphia itself so he can visit & monitor their progress easily. He does not wish to drive several hours to the shop doing his auto's restoration ! He lives in my area of Huntingdon Valley PA ~~~Just outside of North East Philadelphia. Someone suggested Marquis Auto Retorations in NE Philadelphia on Sandmeyer Lane. I know little about this operation~~~ So I cannot advise him of their workmanship quality or charges. I believe they are fairly new~~~are they not ? They are located just ten min. from my home in Huntingdon Valley PA, ~~~I did not know they were here~~~practically in my own back yard ! Does anyone know anything about Marquis Auto Restorations ? What is their experience with Full Classics ? Do they do a quality job; at a fair market price? Do they have a big backlog of work~~~as do most quality restoration shops ? Can they complete a restoration in a reasonable amount of time ~~~not several years ? Can they in fact do a full complete restoration in-house, ie; paint, body, engine machine work, interior, etc ? What is their speciality ? Any info or experience with them, or any other local Philadelphia Restoration Shops greatly appreciated ! What other Quality Restoration Shops are located directly in the local Philadelphia area with experience in restoring Full Classics? I know of many quality shops that do Full Classic restorations~~~ Sadly~~~they are not locally located locally in our area; Most are out of state ! (Restorer32 ) here on this forum AKA Jeff Hammers and his shop Penn Dutch Restorations do Super work and Jeff is a fine fellow indeed ~~~ I suggested he take his Classic project to Jeff's shop~~~ I have seen their fine work and spoken to Jeff several times~~~ I would take any of my cars to Jeff in a second ! But~~~ my Friend & Neighbor just refuses to travel to Jeff's fine restoration shop in the York PA area. He says it's just too far for him to travel several times each week from Philly ! He wants to be fully involved with his restoration project ! Any and all Information and help or experiences with restorers in the general Philly area wold be greatly appreciated ! Thank You !
  24. You should NOT miss a chance to visit this Super Phiadelphia Auto Museum !!! If you are comming to Philly at the end of this week for the AACA winter meeting you should put Dr. Simeone's fantastic museum on your "Must-See" list while you are in town~~~ I can tell you first hand that you will not be disappointed if you do visit . As Steve has already pointed out it is indeed a true "World Class " museum & auto collection ! It is hands down, & without question, the VERY BEST in MY local Philadephia area in my opinion ! I believe it has taken Dr. Simeone over 35+ years to put this fantastic collection together. Each of the autos & race-cars are rare world class autos ! Many of the one-of-a-kind & very rare early race-cars have very famous racing history backgrounds . The building & it's various displays are also First Class~~~ There is plenty of safe on-site parking also ! It's also easy to get to from the Philly International airport. In short~~~ A "World Class" operation in EVERY respect !
  25. WOW Peter ~~~ You started this International section in record time ! You really take your website job seriously ; and are sure on top of things !