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  1. Most all of the Hussein cars were draged out of their various palace storage garage areas and used to make security safety wall barriers for the US Military compounds. This was done on the direct orders of a TOP US General Officer ! This may possibly have been the fate of this car ? I have heard several first hand accounts of many great collector autos used, and sadly destroyed, in this manner~~~ Several very old Mercedes were among these cars that were so used~ During the initial war & battle confusion citizens also stole & looted many of these Hussein family owned collector cars~~~ I do not know the actual exact fate of this Mercedes 770K however? I am sure someone will know it's true fate. ~
  2. Welcome to the website ! I had an MGTD as my ver first project car when I was your age. The Maverick is an OK car ~~~ But there is really very little collector interest in them out there~~ This would make it very hard to eventually "Flip" and make any real money on this car; after you finally have it properly mechanically sorted-out ! You may find that it might be very hard to get all of your money out of this sort of car. I think you possibly should look for a more collectable car such as a Mustang, Mustang II etc.~~~ Good Luck whatever you decide to do !
  3. "Real " auto radiator repair is almost a dead art as most auto radiators buit in the last 20 years are not really repairable ! This is why I suggested a Truck and Heavy Equipment Radiator shop. The one I use does all the heavy equipment & tractor trailers in the area~~ I saw a train locomotive radiator in this shop once ! I have had success myself with using a fine tipped high wattage electronics soldering iron and low temp rosin core electronics solder. The key here is to find the leak & to get it as hospital clean as possible with a small micro file . You can then "tin" the area around the leak and solder the hole inside the diamond core itself. It takes time~~~But it can be successfully done ! Many of these leak-stop products do in fact work very well indeed ! I like the product that comes in powder form~~~ It's made by Solder Seal & called "The worlds best radiator stop leak" ! I don't think the cooling system you have on your 33 Continental is pressurized is it ? The non-pressurized systems are easy to repair with a good auto store leak-stop product !
  4. Barry: Exactly where is your radiator leaking ? Is it deep within the core ; or on the outside edge at a solder joint ? Put it in a tub of water and put 1-2 Lbs only of air pressure on the radiator after plugging all the outlets to see the actual leak area. These wet leak spots on the core often make the leaks look worse than they actually really are ! If on the outside edge it can easily be soldered~~~ If inside the center area of the core itself that single diamond section where the leak is located can be plug soldered from both sides and you could hardly see the solder plugs~~ This should be a fairly easy fix. I would take this radiator to a good old-time radiator shop that also does large truck and heavy equipment radiators~~~ We have such a shop here in Philadelphia. Depending on where the actual leak is It could possibly be very easily repairable ! As far as the re-core material~~~ I would not use a modern style core as it just does not look correct for such a fine auto~~~~ Some of the older Diamond honeycomb, and V-cell cores are very costly indeed ! You will have a heart attack when you hear the prices ! You also have few choices of where to find the core~~~ Most old style cores must be custom built~~~at very high CUSTOM prices $$$ ! There is now an outfit here in the USA that now makes diamond, honeycomb, V-cell and older style custom cores~~~ Before this shop opened here in the USA you had to have the core custom built in the UK at verry high costs. A friend paid $ 10,000 to have a USA Springfield Rolls~Royce Silver Ghost radiator re-cored in the UK ! I will look-up the name of this new rebuilder here in the USA ~ Try to save your old core if you can ! Good Luck !
  5. This load should keep those match factory guys busy for at least an entire year !
  6. Do you have a photo of this old Mercedes you can post ? Welcome to the AACA Forum !
  7. The History Channel also had a series of The Great Cars shows narrated by Edward Hermann~~~ It talked about the HISTORY of many great auto marks ~~~ Edward actually had RM restore his newly found Packard for one show in the series? (I saw he later auctioned-it-off soon after the series ended !) We also had several friends loan cars & actually Appear themselves with their collections on this series. Our friend the late Millard Newman had his fantastic Rolls~Royce Silver Ghost collection profiled ! Millard was also on this show segment. We thought this series was great~~~ But it soon too disappeared . Does anyone remember this History Channel series ?
  8. Jeff: I went to see the York Roadster. The owner claimed it ran~~ But WOULD NOT let me try to start it ! I suspect it did not run~~~! As you also believe~~~ This car had large JC Whitney chrome trumpet horns bolted-on. Incorrect bumpers & cheap aftermarket lighting bolted-on, 4 big Vents cut into the hood sides ~~~ And that Stick-On Chrome you spoke about ! The Convertible roadster top was in fact FIXED ! It did not drop down ? Very Strange ! You would have had to make new top bows for me ~ The fellow just wanted too darn much for this car in this customized condition ~~~ So I gave him a realstic offer and we both passed ! I saw it a few years later listed by a noted US Antique & Classic dealer~~ Later I saw this car, still in this same exact condition listed For Sale in Europe on for three times the price WE could have bought it for at the time you & Dick P. contacted me ! I talked to my late friend John Webb De Campi the noted Springfield Rolls~Royce Expert and author of "Rolls~Royce In America" and he knew this car very well since the 1950s~~~ He said that it's aluminum head was all corroded in it's waterjacket areas and was in fact shot ! A bare reproduction head costs $ 15,000. ! Both John & my Father talked me out of buying this York Roadster ! I am somewhat sorry I did not buy it at that time ! It would have cost a bundle $$$ to restore correctly~
  9. Billy: He sure does have every right to do what he wishes with HIS car. I guess from the standpoint of most of us on this AACA forum~~~ We just find it a bit odd that there are such "Car Show" events around where a car is restored to new like condition and NEVER started, or Driven ~~~EVER ? We are just having a hard time understanding this sort of "Car Show" display only concept ? You would never in reality find any car at a new car dealer that was NEVER EVER started ! In fact they are started at the factory at the very end of the assembly line ! Most of us here believe that cars were made to be driven and enjoyed ! Driving an old car is more than half the fun of owning it in my view. It would seem to me that cars in the above static display /push on to the show field only "car show "class have ceased to be REAL automobiles and have become someone's strange display works of art ! Peter Maxx has around 30+ corvettes , one from each model year that languish in a parking garage ~ His plan was to paint each one in some sort of his MAXX version of modern art expression ! The Corvette Collectors when they found out about this Maxx "Art Project" 20 years ago were livid and Maxx has put this project on hold as a result of their protests ! The cars have now been sitting for over 20 years going down-hill fast now in a lonely parking garage ! Restorer32 (Jeff) & I knew a old fellow that had a Springfield Rolls~Royce York Roadster that he semi-customised~~~ This is a very rare and valuable Full Classic ! Few were ever built~~~ Fewer still exist today ~~~ He displayed it at his home with flapper costume dressed female dummy mannequins sitting inside. He took great pleasure in sitting in his lawn chair looking at this car with his "Girls" sitting inside~~~ I was there at Jeff's (Restorer32) and his friend Dick's call that it was for sale~~~ I passed on this car because it was customized ! Dressed "Girl" flapper Dummys sitting in a car in a man's garage~~~ Strange~~~ YES ! But it was HIS CAR ! I have many driver cars~~~Both Antiques and Full Classics. I never have any of my cars judged at any carshows~~~ Judged Shows ? That's just not my thing ! I rather DRIVE them ! I will DRIVE them to shows and put them on the show field with a "Do Not Judge" sign on the windshield~~~ I am not going to win any trophy at any car show with my driver cars~~~ And that is MY choice. A trophy or badge has little meaning to me~~ I enjoy the cars for what they really are~~~ Time Machines ~~~ If I get a few stone chips in my paint I am not going to have a stroke over it~~~ Been There~~~ Done that in the 1970s ! Sometimes I believe folks get too caught-up in this car show judging thing in my opinion. They take car show judging too far~~~And WAY too seriously~~~ If judging is taken way too seriously it can take all the fun out of attending car shows~~~ This is MY opinion~~ Others may differ ~ You work your tail off to get a car~~~ show ready~~~ only to see some billionaire have a tractor trailer load of freshly restored trailer queen cars unloaded before your very eyes . These typically are rare Classics & Antiques with a fresh $400 K restorations. The owner never having ever driven them~~~ These cars are now in your same judging class and are your direct competition ! And YOU DROVE your car there, that you restored yourself in your own garage over a period of many years, with all the money you could afford to spend . You DROVE your car to that very same show and must compete in the same judging class with the deep pockets billionaire who does not drive his cars ??? ~~~~ This to me is crazy ~~ I have been involved in this old car hobby all my life~~~ 55years. My Father for decades more before I was ever born~~~ In the 50s-60s "Trailer Queens" did not exist~~~ Everyone actually DROVE all their old cars to the AACA shows. Single Cylinder Brass-Era cars and all ! My My~~~ have things really changed ! ? Folks on this forum often have a fit, myself included, when we get a question from a new forum poster that wishes to "hotrod" his sometimes rare Antique or Classic with a small block chevy, lowering it etc~~~ WE hate to hear these sorts of questions~~~ But it IS THEIR CAR ! As far as the original poster's car is concerned~~ I agree that this is HIS car~~~ It was restored with HIS money~~~ He can do whatever makes him happy~~~ But NEVER EVER starting it does sound a bit odd~~~ And~~~to me~~~ Very Very Sad ! He is missing-out on at least half the fun of owning an old car. I , and others here, are just having a hard time wrapping our minds around that sort of new "Car Show" display-only event? But in the end~~~ It's his money & HIS car. Different strokes for different folks !
  10. Jeff: The sawmill Peerless engine does indeed have the three cylinder block assemblys on an aluminum crankcase ! I am no Peerless expert but the owner thinks it is a 1913 or 1914 Peerless T-Head 60 HP engine. He said it is the largest engine Peerless or anyone else made at this time! This engine is indeed massive ! It has electric start and twin ignition ! The flywheel is also quite massive ! It is still connected to the big Peerless radiator ! It sure is NOT the later 20s monoblock engine styles that Peerless later used ! The owner uses it to cut firewood logs that he cuts lengthwise and then quarters & sells ! This farm-built sawmill set-up has been used in this family for generations. The saw blade is about 2 foot in diameter ! I buy my seasoned fireplace wood from him each fall !
  11. Dave: It looks like your early "Dynamic Duo" are about to invent the very first Log Flume Amusement Ride ! We are all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens next ?
  12. Howard: Re: Putting air in the tires~ I think you would be OK as long as you make sure you use original NOS air from the proper time period ! With a car like this that you won't run or drive you might as well put it in a plexiglass case in your living room ! And when you are dead and gone some young kid will buy it and beat the living daylights out of the car.
  13. I believe Randy Ema and others over at the ACD Club Forum & Website have photos of the Duesenberg brothers from throughout their lives. The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum also has extensive photo files. Chris Summers the Duesenberg historian often posts here. He possibly may also be able to help you research and ID the two Mason riders as possibly Augie & Fred Duesenberg ? You might also try postimg your Mason photo web find on the (ACD) Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club's website ! I am a member of both auto web forums and have alerted the ACD Forum members to come here to view your Mason photo & thread~~~ Stay Tuned~~~ They should be able to answer your question about Fred & Augie soon !
  14. PAUL: There is an XK-150 coupe' with an automatic transmission that is in fantastic original unrestored condition & has been sitting unrestored & undriven for 30 years in a heated garage . It belongs to a old school friend's uncle. It is located in New Jersey. It was parked because of a simple automatic transmission issue ~ I believe these used a Borg~Warner automatic~~~Did they not ? This car is a real gem~~~ The body , paint, and interior are almost perfect ! The 150 is a bit more bulky in style compared to the XK 120 & XK 140~~~ This one is also a coupe' But still a sporty car. It is a much more refined driver compared to the XK 120 & XK 140 which are mor of a seat of your pants type of ride. Black, red interior with wire wheels. If your wife wants a Jaguar automatic you should buy & restore this lonely car. It would be an easy restoration !
  15. The Chief is never gonna believe this one~~~ I guess I'm gonna have to write myself a ticket this time ! Hey~~~ How long does it take fresh cement to cure anyway ?
  16. My Gandparents street (Weymouth St.) that was within the Philadelphia city limits was only first paved in 1960 ! I remember it as a dirt road with 1 foot of bricks at the curb & gutter area ! North East Phladelphia was still considered " County" to most city folks. ;-)
  17. Ivan~~~ I believe these re-constructions you speak about are fine indeed~~~ Bravo to you for putting these parts back together again in the form of a complete auto. I feel as you do that it is much better to have another complete car on the road again than a bunch of forgotten parts sitting around all over the world ! The only problem issue that I have with these re-constructions is when they do eventually come up for sale, or auction, and they are not properly advertised as re-constructed autos ; or autos with complete replica period-style coachwork ! Many innocent people are fooled after paying very high prices for cars that they thought were completely 100% original survivor autos; only to find out that they were just rolling chassis & drivetrains like the Joe E. Brown Duesenberg with re-created Derham Replica coachwork.
  18. Hi speed rear end gears should not make any more noise than the standard original gear sets. If they make any noise they are not installed properly & gear back-lash not set-up correctly ! Some overdrive units do indeed make more noise. But not ALL of them~ Beware~ The Gear Vendors modern aftermarket overdrive units sold today are easily damaged if you forget to dis-engage the overdrive unit before putting the car into reverse ! These aftermarket units also stick-out like sore thumbs at car shows & Concours events. They look just too modern and out of place under the car for my taste ~~~
  19. You should try listing these on the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club's website Forum ! Do a google search for it~~ Joiining & listing are free I am sure the wheels will sell there fast !
  20. The roads were dirt for the most part back in these days. The tire rubber compounds were very soft and did not hold up very well~ There were horse-shoe nails from thrown shoes & glass all over the dirt roads etc. Farmers were known to dump glass and tacks on the country roads because they did not like the automobiles as the noise scared their horses and other animals ! My 92 year old father used to tell of the family traveling from Philadephia to Atlantic City NJ for the weekends and it was not unusual to have at least two flats on this 100 mile trip one way ! Every trip in those days was an adventure ! Tires have come a long way since the early automobile years. In those days new tires did not last very long~ Very early autos often had more than two spares, extra tubes, unmounted tires etc for long trips ! A tire pump, jacks & blocks, two tire irons, tube patching kit, rim expnders , water & oil in cans etc. All this was necessary for a successful trip ! As a result of these problems automobile clubs like the three AAA were formed to help stranded motorists .
  21. Given the very high quality of Peerless automobiles, and the numbers originally produced ,~~~ Why do so few seem to still exist today ? There is a very old Peerless engine & radiator combo still hooked-up to a crude farm saw mill here in suburban Philadelphia about ten miles from my home ! The owner states that it still runs !
  22. The Long Island Motor Parkway was America's very first Concrete Limited Access High Speed Highway. It was built from New York City to Long Island New York by William K. Vanderbilt. When finished the famous Vanderbilt Cup Auto Races were also heald here ! Check-out this interesting History link~ For Vanderbilt Cup Race History Also Check Out~~~ You can still find some parts of it, along with now abandonded bridge overpasses today! Does anyone have any photos or information on this Parkway ? Do you know any of it's racing history ? Many a wealthy New York City family also owned Long Island Country "Cottages" (some with 50 rooms !) The first owner of my 1926/27 USA Springfield Rolls~Royce Phantom bought this lightweight custom coachbuilt aluminum 'Special Coupe" at New York Commodore Hotel Salon Show . He immediately had the car shipped back to Rolls~Royce of America Inc. Springfield Mass. to have it specially converted for commuter use on this early Long Island Motor Parkway Super Highway. He lived on 5th Avenue in New York City in a large townhouse mansion,and used this car to commute at very high speed to his large Southold Long Island New York country estate overlooking Long Island Sound ! (Think Great Gatsby here) The Rolls was updated at the Springfield factory with a special rear-end drive ratio, extra large 800 tube rdiator with automatic thermostatic temp control shutters,, special suspension,hydraulic shock absorbers, and an extra higher pressure engine oiling system. oil filter etc. The engine like all Phantoms was almost 8 liters ! The car could run at sustained speeds of 70-80 MPH !
  23. My Father who just passed-away at almost 92 (1918-2010) often spoke of attending early Auto Banked Board-Track Races in the Atlantic City NJ and Suburban Philadelphia & New York City areas when he was a youngster . These tracks were outdoors & made entirely of wood and were banked like early motorcycle & bicycle board race tracks~~~ only they were much larger ! Where exactly were these board race tracks located ? What famous cars & drivers competed on these tracks ? What speeds could these cars attain ? I believe these tracks were also used for auto trial test endurance reliability runs~ I thought it may be fun an interesting for us to try to dig-up some old photos of these long gone and now forgotten race events ! All Photos Appreciated !
  24. I suspect it may be an industrial/machine lubricator ? Or possibly like a Marvel Mystery top end oiler from the 40s-50s ? That's just my educated guess ?
  25. As a kid there was an old & very wealthy industrialist Mr. Harold Pitcairn of Pittsburg Paint & Pittsburg Plate Glass fame that often would be seen riding around my area in his early 1930s Custom coachwork body Senior Packard High-Top Limo. It had an unusually high roof-line. The auto looked like a horse carriage coach on a car chassis ! The coachwork may have been transplanted from a much earlier auto ? And Yes he often still wore his Top Hat & cape while riding in that limo~ Mr. Pitcairn was still living his life as if still in another era in time ! A very strange sight for a kid in the 50s-60s indeed ! Mr Pitcairn still at that time also owned and still drove a fantastic 1930 J 308--2337 Model "J" Duesenberg Murphy Clear Vision Sedan~~ That fantastic original Duesenberg is now currently for sale in Washington State ! The Custom Coachbuilt Packard also still exists today~