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  1. Peter: My Father & I , and others here have been around these Classics, and car show events in the NY, PA, and NJ areas since the 1950s . Do you know the chassis number of this great auto ? Any color photos would be helpful also. How about a modern photo of the car as it exists today ? I will check my late Father's color slide collection for photos of this auto ! As you have already stated~ Many of these great European Classics were brought over to the USA just after WW II . Folks in Europe were in trouble and needed to raise cash to survive after the war. During this time period many similar Cassics found their way to our USA shores. Are you now the new owner of this great Delage ? Do you also own & operate a museum collection featuring similar great coachbuilt French & Europen autos ? If not~~~ There is a well-known collector of similar French coachbuilt autos that has a fantastic museum collection in Oxnard California in the former Otis Chandler Car Museum Building. I am sure He and his fellow collector friends would be able to tell you much more of this great auto's past history ! I have no doubt that someone here will know and recognize this great Classic Delage auto !
  2. I agree with what you have just stated above ! Trailers are often necessary . There are some folks however who NEVER drive their old cars. The only driving done is from the un-loading lot to the show field~~~ They are driven just to meet AACA show rules that a car must actually be driven onto the show field. Severaly years ago we saw a brass-era car that broke-down just ouside the Hershey show field area. The owner was trying in vain to have the now non-running auto pushed onto the show field for judging & display. The show officials kept the car just outside the showfield area ! When we arrived at 9:00 AM the car was outside the show area~~~ At 5:00 PM it was still sitting in that very spot! Years ago my Father & I actually drove all his brass-era cars to all local PA . shows within 75 miles ! Thast was in the 50s-60s-70s ! There was much less traffic in those days on weekends; and fewer folks with road-rage from driving behnd a very slow 25 MPH auto ! Sadly today this can no longer be done in many cases. We have often been insulted lately by many impatient drivers on the road today driving behind our brass-era cars driving slowly. The Trailer Queens & Museum Cars I speak of are NEVER EVER driven outside of the few hundred yards actually driven on the actual show field itself ! In fact they are almost treated like the first thread poster's mustang ! They are now basically statitc museum display objects D'Art~~~ My intent of using the term "Trailer Queen" was never to offend anyone !
  3. I bought a curved-dash OLDS 1904 Model 6-C from the estate of a Maryland farmer several months ago. The car was original & never restored, but said to be actually running in the early 1960s . The farmer's heirs have been looking for the old title, if it actually ever existed, but have not located one in the late owner's paperwork. MD. has no record of this Olds EVER being titled or registered in their state~~~ Their records do not go back very far as the old title records were said to have been "Retired"; whatever that means ? I suspect the old records were thrown-away ~ Or~~~ are in some long lost file warehouse buried somewhere? I have a legal Bill of Sale only ! I have been to the Pennsylvania DOT office to ask about trying to title and register this car in my home state of PA. When I showed them the paperwork & asked to title this auto I was treated like a car thief ! I have yet to transport this Olds from MD. to Penna. as I do not wish to transport an untitled, unregistered & un-insured auto across state lines on an open auto transport trailer. Just my luck I get pulled-over on the roadway. I would never be able to explain my way out of this without an expensive lawyer ! In short in Pennsylvania~~~ If you have No old title; Pennsylvania. or out of state,~~~ and no proof of Insurance on the auto~~~ You CANNOT register , or title any old car in Pennsylvania without an old title, and current proof of insurance ~~~ NO EXCEPTIONS ! I also tried several fast licence & tag services here in my area and they will not get involved in this no-tile transaction ! I was trying to avoid using an out of state "Title Service Co." like Broadway Title Co. as this seems to be skirting the state title laws & seems just barely legal~~~to say the very least in my opinion ! Here's what the "Title Service Company" says that they will do to get you a new legal title~~~ You fill out their supplied paperwork stating that you are actually SELLING the car to THEM ! Yes ~~~ SELLING IT TO THEM ! They then stated that they actually title the car in THEIR, or their "Partner's" name, whoever that is, in another state, and then they will SELL the car back to YOU with a legal out of state title with THEIR, or THEIR "PARTNER's name on it " !~~~ Your Cost for this service ~~~$350. Now to me this sounds like an out of state title loophole that may JUST be barely legal ? A shell game way to launder a title to fool out of state DOTs . This entire idea does not sit well with me ! Has anyone here used Broadway Title Co. or a similar car "title service"? Did you have ANY problems with your State DOT accepting a title from such a "Title Service" company ? What do you think abou having a car that YOU just bought TITLED in THEIR, or their mystery "PARTNER'S" name ? There seems to be some level of risk in having THEIR name on YOUR car ! ? And then SOLD BACK to YOU ? What are the legal risks of using such a "Title Service" ? I would think sooner or later the various State DOTs would get wise to this "Title Paperwork Shell Game" & title laundering ? Frankly I am surprised that their own state has not gotten wise to their title paperwork transfer game~~~and SHUT THEM DOWN & actually ARRESTED them ! ? What are your opinions & past history with similar "Title Service' outfits ? Did this sort of "Title Service Co" transfer work OK for you ? What OTHER OPTIONS do I have here ? How did you title your "barn-find" or a car pulled out of a farmer's field ? All opinions appreciated ! Thank's
  4. Pennsylvania DOT has real serious issues with old cars without any titles~~~ No Old Title ??? ~~~ They simply will not do anything for you~~~ In Fact~~~ You are treated like a car thief at the Penna. DOT office ! You cannot register or licence any old car in PA without a title ; or INSURANCE ! NO EXCEPTIONS ! I am going through this same issue with a curved dash Olds that I bought several months ago from a farmer's estate without any title in Maryland. Because of this I have yet to transport the car home into PA ! It is still sitting in a barn in MD. I simply will not transport any un-titled car over state lines on an open flatbed trailer ! It would be just my luck to get stopped on the road . I don't need that sort of a problem ! I may try Broadway Title Service Co. after the new year. I have never used their title service~~~ But others on this forum have had great luck using them to obtain a legal title. Good Luck !
  5. I cannot understand the arcing you say you are now getting after installing new ignition wires in your conduit. Was the wire you used old stock that was stiff and possibly the insulation cracked internally ? Old dried-out and stiff ignition cable is almost worthless in my opinion. You still find spools of it around on eBay and at auto flea markets. I bought an entire spool of NOS Packard ignition cable in a box on eBay that was dried-out & pure worthless junk! Did you possibly nick or chafe the wire while threading it into the conduit ? Did you hear cracking when you tried to bend this ignition cable ? New old style ignition wire should not have any external leakage sparking or arcing ! I suspect the new ignition cable you used was too old or internally the rubber insulation was dried-up, stiff , cracked and defective.
  6. This is just nuts ! I am just fed-up with the EPA and all these new government regulations~~~ "Big Brother" now wants to watch everything we do~~~ Oil based paints are now on the EPA "Hit List" Solvent based glues are being outlawed ~ The more regulations the EPA & Government impose~~~ The more power and control that they will have over you. In the end this will all add up to costing everyone much more money to paint a car and costing the US workers more jobs ! This is but one more reason that every item you pick-up in a store is made in China, Mexico etc. Are these new paint systems any better ? Do they last longer ? Are they easier and safer to apply ? Are they easier to spot repair ? In my opinion ~~~ NO ! Will our air be any cleaner with all this new EPA regulation ? You decide ! Old Anique & Classic autos do not look correct with new base coat/ clear coat systems... I only suspect the new paints will look worse on an old car~ I like an old auto painted in Laquer~~~ I used to do professional looking paint jobs myself in my garage shop with Laquer~~ It was easy to repair chips & blend later in laquer~~~ For some time we have not been able to buy any of the old paint systems~~~ I can no longer buy or use any of these new paint products myself anymore~~~ Two Part Polyurethane systems are also very toxic for the home restorer to use~~~ I have a friend with a small body shop and he is being hammered with these new regulations, paperwork, inspections, toxic waste removal fees, and higher operating costs, new equipment & paint-booth , exhaust systems & filters, etc. ~~~ And all the new nutty EPA & Government paperwork involved with running a small body shop business ~~~ He is rapidly being forced out of the body repair business ! Where & When will this EPA crazyness all end ?
  7. What was the new selling price for the Checker Marathon as compared to a base-stripped model Ford or Chevy, Chrysler 4 door sedan of the same time period ? I assume the Checker sold for much less than base stripped model cars the Big Three offered ? In New York City you were forced to buy a Checker if you were a cab company as New York City law stated that all Taxi Cabs had to be purpose built for Taxi use and must accomodate five passengers in the rear seating area and could not be standard production cars. I think the maker/owner of Checker Motors "Got To" the local N Y C lawmakers and thus had this very big Taxi Cab market all to himself for decades !
  8. Dave: Years ago my Father had the family picked-up in a blue Checker Limo Wagon similar to the one in your above photo ! Five people compete with luggage easily fit into this large wagon. I remember as a kid sitting on those back pull-out-and-up round wooden "Jump Seats" several times in the 50s-60s ! Years ago I was poking around junkyard looking for parts when I found a Checker Driver's hat in an open trunk of a 1960s vintage Checker Marathon.. The hat was pretty ratty; but the Checker Hat Badge was in good shape so I pulled it off and put it in my pocket~~~ I still have that Checker Cap Badge around here somewhere~~~ It still turns up from time to time !
  9. At one time Checker "Marathon" cabs were all over center city areas in major cities like Philadelphia, New York, etc. These cars were big & very roomy and built like a tank. They had a typical early 1950s 4 door sedan type design that was never updated at all. I understand they held up very well mechanically also. The bumpers on the later cars after 1972 looked like ugly silver painted roadside guard-rails ! Many Philadelphia cab operators and customers were very sad to see the checker "Marathon" cabs slowly disappear from the inner city cab fleets. There were several TV reports, and Newspaper articles about the last Checker Cab still in use in Center City Philadelphia. I know of one older women in her late 80s that still uses a Checker Car that she bought new as her daily driver in the late 1960s. It has some slight interior style changes from the typical Checker Cab. A friend of mine still does the State safety inspection and service on this car. I have never seen , nor known any other Checker auto, that was not owned by a cab or limo company. There is a Hollywood movie that had parts of it filmed in the old Checker Marathon Cab Factory Assembly line ~~~~ The factory assembly line was old and dark; a throwback to early automotive production lines~~~ It reminded me of films of Ford's Model "T" & "A" assembly lines from decades earlier. It looked like a real old-school sweatshop operation. The Checker factory shut-down a few years after this Hollywood movie was made. I had heard that they just could not keep-up with newer government safety standards with this 1950s design; and did not have the money to tool-up for a complete new design. Does anyone remember the title, and who starred in this Hollywood movie filmed at Checker ? UPDATE: MOVIE TITLE~ Blue Collar 1978 Richard Pryor
  10. Based on the wheel photos posted above by our friend in Australia I now also suspect this may in fact be the very same chassis. Good detective work Mate ! The location does seems to have changed a bit . It looks like itmay now be in a real scrap metal pile ! I hope it gets saved ! The running gear of the later steam cars, especially Non-Stanley autos looked very simlar in design to the compound / two stage vertical style cylinders pictured. A compound engine has two size cylinders in one casting~~~ Steam first goes to the small cylinder ~~~~ Then to the second larger cylinder to get more power out of the now resulting lower pressure steam. This sort of steam auto would have a front radiator style condensor to re-cycle the water. Much has been robbed-off of this chassis~~~ And the elements have also taken their toll. I do believe however that this is what remains of a steam powered auto. Mr Alan Kelso/ noted steam auto restorer/ expert here in Pa. should be able to tell us what this really is~~~or is not ? He could finally solve this mystery once and for all~~~One way or another ! Paging~~~ Mr Alan Kelso ~~~~ Please help us ID this odd & unusual chassis ?
  11. You don't see many steam cars attending many local Antique car shows anymore. When I was a kid at least 2 or 3 would attend several Pennsylvania events each season~~~ Just think about it~~~ 2 or 3 Steam Cars at the same show ! Every car actually DROVE to these events in those days. When the typical show day was ending and everyone was getting ready to "Fire-Up" for the long trip home there was always someone in the crowd who got alarmed and thought that some steamer had actually just erupted into flames & caught on fire ! Similar panic would then be the result . Surely there was never any real danger. At one such event a guy with a Model "A" parked next to a very early red Stanley was in such a rush to get his car out of the assumed fire danger & flames that he backed-up rapidly to get out of harm's way~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Straight into a row of 10-12 Model "T"s.~~~ Sadly~~~ Several bent fenders were the sad result ! That Model "A" owner never appeared at any local car event ever again.
  12. Harry and Meatsy just invented the very first Amphicar~~~ and much later in the 1960s they really had not improved much since their very first one ! They still leave a lot to be desired both as cars; and as boats ! But they are fun ~
  13. This appears to me to be a very similar car~~~ But may NOT be the exact same car as the other uncovered almost a year ago. I strongly believe that both autos are in fact real & very rare steam auto chassis. You can still see the compound steam cylinders at each side rear of their chassis.. Both of these projects should be saved by a steam car restorer/collector ! Where is this chassis located ?
  14. Guys : I continue to enjoy this thread & the various Packard photo posts. Keep this great Packard history & photos comming ! When I checked-in today I was stunned to see the fantastic boat-tailed Thompson Special ! As you can see by my signature below I love boat-tailed Classics. What is the history on this "Special" Packard ? What coachbuilder built this fantastic car ? Does it still exist ? Were any similar boat-tailed Packard cars built in the day ? Do any original boat-tailed Packards still esist today ? In the 50s,60s, and 70s there was quite a craze in our hobby, as I remember, building boat-tailed cars of many types using the old hoods of cars as their boat-tailed stern. Many good original cars were ruined~~~ How many real original boat-tails are really out there ? I also remember many great towncars of various brands that went un-sold during this time period and were sadly later parted-out or converted to other body styles ! Keep this great thread, going~~~ And your photos comming ! We all should start similar photo threads for the other great Classics and their fantastic custom coachwork !
  15. Jeff: This is indeed a monster of an engine. After our latest snow here clears I could drive out to the farm and take a few photos for you & the Peerless folks. Are there any casting or serial number locations anywhere on this engine I should look for ? This engine makes my USA Springfield Silver Ghost & Phantom engines look small ; and that Phantom I engine is close to 8 liters !
  16. 14.5 inches here just outside Philly~~~ 65 MPH winds blowing all night & all day today... There are 4 foot snow drifts at the top parking area of my driveway ! Snowplow has my driveway packed in solid with a 2 1/2 foot wall of packed snow ~~~ I did not bother to use the snowblower today, or go outside as I am now waiting for the winds to abate ~~~ Temps to go down to 15* F tonight ! I'm getting too old for this darn winter stuff !
  17. Are we sure that this is the same chassis seen earlier this year with the steam car cylinders in the aft car area? Where did this photo come from ?
  18. Once you start digging around into things~~~~ It's hard to stop . As my Father used to always say~~~ "Stop looking for trouble~~~ It will find you fast enough by itself ! "
  19. As Larry stated above~~~ If this temp mixing door does not move completely within a specific period of time you will get this blinking condition system error message. The Temp system mixing door is located on the right side under the dash and glove box. Look for the heater core & AC evaporator box. The motor & door position sensor are all located in the motor assembly itself. Before you do anything~~~ Remove your car battery's red positive cable for a moment as this will re-set the blinking system error indicator message. The motor & position sensor should look similar to the photo above ! GOOD LUCK !
  20. There are some plastic polish products out there that may help a little bit~~~ Your side plastics look pretty bad~~~ Sometimes the plastic gets stickey & gummy ~ Novis Plastic Polish is one product that I have used with a small degree of success. But ~~~I am afraid that once these plasiic windows get old, yellow,stiff, and clouded there is little to do but replace them ! This was a common issue with convertible top back windows for years. Some good interior folks can replace the clear window plastic in your old side units. You need to carefully remove the old stitching and re-install new clear plastic & re-sew . It won't be perfect after you are done however. It almost looks like a small gun port flap below your side plastic window ! ;-)
  21. WOW !!! That's one Stutz engine that old A K Miller did not save ! I wonder if any similar Stutz Fire Truck engines like this still exist today ?
  22. The cars that were not stolen & looted before the US troops got there were later ordered to be run-over and cushed by M1-A1-2 Tanks and dragged outside to form security barriers to defend against car bombers ! Few cars were saved~~~ I know this first hand to be a FACT ! Do NOT ask me how I know this~~~As I cannot and WILL NOT tell you ! Saddam in fact crushed much of Uday's large car collection long before this second Gulf War; as his son had angered him ! In fact he almost had Uday killed ! Saddam took the cars he wanted to keep out of this batch from Uday and put them with his own collection of approx 80 cars located at his main Palace ! The looters sure knew where to find them ~ If you in fact have the "Spare" wheel from the Mercedes 770K it stands to reason that the rest of this car might have been looted and stripped also ? ! It may still exist ~~~ I really hope it does~~~ But I strongly doubt it ! What the war did not destroy the looters in Iraq did ! Just look at what happened to the Iraqi State Museum in Baghdad ? It was completely trashed & looted~~~ By the people of Iraq themselves ! Then~~~ the US was blamed for not properly protecting it ! Give me a break~~~ We were at WAR ! Our troops had much more to worry about than just standing guard and protecting a museum's contents ! Much of that Museum's collection has since found it's way onto the world's Art & Antiques Black Market ! It's still turning up to this very day ! What we did not destroy~~~ and should have~~~~ was a very large warehouse of bombs explosives and ammunition that was found very early in the conflict. BIG MISTAKE ! When the US Forces inspectors finally came back to dispose of these munitions the warehouse was almost empty ! It had been looted ~~~ It is suspected that most of the roadside IED explosive material used later on our own troops for many years thereafter originally came from this very same warehouse in Iraq !
  23. Phil: Are you sure that the friction wheel "Tire" is in fact fiber; and not really old hardend & dried-out rubber ? Those friction drive "Tire" wheels do not last very long at all~~~ The slower you drive the more the friction drive "Tire" wears~~~ Stock-up on those friction "Tires" Dad had a friend years ago with a car that had a similar crude drive system~~~ His friction drive was a rubber "Tire" that ran on the aluminum dive disc . Moving the drive "Tire" in or out from the center of the aluminum drive disc gave you some variable speed control ! He always carried several spare replacment rubber friction "tire" wheels . Does this drive system not also remind you of the Seeburg Coin Piano power transmssion drive system ? I am glad you started this thread~~~ It will be great to watch your restoration progress on this unusual & rare early auto !
  24. Instead of throwing little verbal rocks at me for my above posts~~ If you THREE would only get on your computer and search Saddam "Hussein car collection" you will see many an old news & auto publication story about the fate of Saddam & his son's cars ! Those that were not looted or stolen were crushed by M1A1-2 tanks and used as security compound barriers~~~ In fact Search here on this very AACA forum for Sadam's stash (the thread spelling is wrong) and you will find AACA posts from way back in 2003 on this very subject ! If you only took a little time yourselves to search you would in fact see that what I have told you is ~~~IN FACT TRUE ! BUT~~~~NO~~~ It was easier for you to denigrate me ! Such is Life on the web !
  25. You may wish to doubt my accounts as I have stated above~~~ BUT these accounts are TRUE FACTS~~~ NOT FICTION~~~ Was this Mercedes 770K one of the cars used as one of these security barriers?~~~ That's the only question still to be answered ~~~ TRUE UNDISPUTED FACT~~~ Many, If not MOST ALL of the Hussein family car collection was used & destroyed in this exact manner ! BELIEVE WHAT YOU WISH~~~ I KNOW MY TRUE FACTS HERE ! THESE FACTS ARE 100% TRUE !!! It has been well documented~~~ There are actual photos existing of these cars actually being used as security barrier walls~~~ Was the Mercedes 770K one of the barrier wall cars ??? That I cannot say for sure~~~ Keep digging on the web~~~ I am sure you will find the answer you seek !