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  1. I talked to Temple Baldwin, the Peerless 60 Six restorer, several times late last week, and he did not seem to wish to talk at all about ANY possible ideas to find, & eventually rig, a replacement powerplant to this old ancient sawmill. As I have stated this is the mill owner's #1 concern before letting this Peerless engine go to anyone. Temple Baldwin the restorer said also said that he had a fellow "Greg Cohen", an "engine expert", that was supposed to contact me about inspecting this engine late last week for Temple. Greg in fact called me at almost 11:00 PM while I was already sle
  2. Lets hope this is not the case here. Perhapps the restorer/future Peerless engine buyer Temple Baldwin can get some sort of contract written up with the sawmill owner that outlines everything that must be done before he can take delivery of the Peerless engine. ? My only part in this entire saga is just to get these two guys to finally meet-up in person so THEY can sort-out any possible transaction details themselves . I really do not know the Peerless restorer Temple Baldwin at alll; and only know the sawmill owner from buying firewood from his late father & him for many years . I w
  3. I was just told by the noted Brass-Era auto & Peerless restorer Temple Baldwin, who is in fact working on these two Peerless restoration/recreation projects, that this Giant 13.5 Liter /850 Cu In Peerless 1912-1914 engine only has a top speed of 1200-1300 RPM max. As it is used on the sawmill now I am guessing it only runs at about half it's rated top speed. I will use a hand heald tacometer to see for sure. The real issue for Temple Baldwin is what the heck would you replace it with today in a more modern powerplant that would have enough torque to run this ancient sawmill rig at s
  4. You have to remember that quality hardwood lumber is the sawmill owner's family business. It has been for generations. It is still very much a working sawmill. One of the very few left in Penna. He supplies quality hardwood, oak & maple for home builders, timberframe lumber & the hardwood scrap "slab wood' with the tree bark still on for firewood. He also sells quartered firewood. This sawmill must remain in operation. I think he owner is smart in demanding that a newer more modern powerplant be set-up by the Peerless engine buyer BEFORE he gives them this old beast. The very l
  5. Update~ Since Jeff & I posted about this very rare Peerless 60 SIX I have been contacted by six people . Four are Dealers who have no real valid need for this rare engine. Their only real interest is to buy & "Flip It" to make BiG BUCKS $$$ off this rare engine. Another is a noted & well known auto Museum who wishes to put this engine on static display. The last is a noted Brass Era auto restorer who is trying to put two additional Peerless 60 Six autos back togeher again. Several wanted to look at this engine during the upcomming AACA Hershey Meet week in October. The Sawmill &am
  6. It appears that there has only been one known complete original Peerless 60 Six in collector's, & Museum, hands for many decades. Jeff a here just put me in touch with a noted brass-era restorer who is now in fact building-up not one~~~ But TWO additional Peerless 60 Six autos from a very large chache of old parts. This restorer will now investigate this eastern Pa. area sawmill Peerless engine for a possible acquisition for one of these two ongoing restoration/recreation projects. Lets' hope that this very Rare 13.5 Liter/ 825 Cu In six cylinder monster of a Peerless engine/flywheel +
  7. You have to remember that this sawmill rig not only runs the circular saw blade itself but actually moves, and feeds, the entire weight of the tree log into this blade back and forth. A four foot blade can also be used; if this rig is re-configured for larger diameter trees. This old Peerless engine just breezes along with little effort. Who knows what power & torque he really needs to use here ? I am not a sawmill expert by any means.
  8. Jeff~ Do you happen to have any photos of the Crawford Museum's Peerless 60 Six engine ? I'd like to compare it to the Big Peerless Six engine that I just inspected at this fellow's sawmill. I am convinced that is is indeed a Peerless 60 engine ~~~ And so is the current owner. In the distant past 50-60s several "Antique" auto collectors have indeed inspected this engine. He remembers his late father showing this powerplant to the late Mr. J. B. Van Sciver Jr. & others in the early to mid 60s . It would seem that this sawmill Peerless engine was well known to a number of Philly area
  9. Bryan~ The engine is located just about 10 miles from my Huntingdon Valley Pa home here just outside Philadelphia. I have some cellphone camera photos of this engine & sawmill set-up~~~ The owner does NOT want me to post these photos on the internet ? He was NOT happy that I wanted to take these four photos. The real problem is he needs a very high torque at a very low engine speed as his sawmill's pully ratio & belt is now set-up . The long stroke & large displacement bore of the Peerless 60 seems ideal for his set-up. The 454 Chevy, or 455 Olds, V8s make their high t
  10. Jeff~ After our great weekend conversation, just for kicks, I drove to this lumber sawmill & the giant 60 Peerless engine is indeed still sitting under a tarp hooked up to this sawmill with a wide leather drive belt. I knocked on the door of the owner's nearby house and the owner stated that he would consider selling, or a trade on this engine. The catch is he wants another replacment sawmill drive engine set-up that has equal ,or greater horsepower & low end torque in trade for this old giant Peerless 60 beast. The replacement engine/drive package should have lots of lo
  11. I have always wanted to own a special roadster ~~~ The famous hidden Butcher's car comes to mind . To me it has one of the most artistic flowing body designs to come from Mercedes of all time ! A true German work of art . Was not much of the steel rusted thin in spots~~~So much so that it qute a bit had to be re-created ? There was also a copy of this body re-created in the 90s~~~ I have a body panel beating & forming book written by one of the guys who re-created this copy. There are several great photos of the finished , and yet to be painted body in this book ! Does anyone k
  12. YES~~~They are looking for one here on this forum ! Search here above for "Good Humor Ice Cream Truck" !
  13. A.J. I believe for decades now it has been illegal to export any old Antique & Classic autos from India . In the 50s-60s this was very common as the Maharaja cars, and others, were just sitting wasting away. I remember well many comming to the USA in this time period. India now considers these cars to be national treasures and it has been highly illegal to export them. Some engines & parts have been known to slip out ! Still I have heard many a sad story of large groups of great Antiques & Classics still sitting and wasting away there. There are several cases where 100+ Maha
  14. I remember Don Williams & Richie selling several of these fantastic Classic "K" s at his first Hershey auction just after sept 11 2001 ! Because of the 9/11 terriorist crisis these cars sold very cheapy~~~ That auction sadly turned into a sort of unintended fire sale for both Don and Richie . I felt sorry for them as prices were very soft ! The buyers just did not want to spend money that day just after 9/11 ; and attendance was also very thin . As I remember at least 2 of the "K" s sold were painted 1980s red also ! Does anyone know what these "K" s sold for that day and wh
  15. As I mentioned before Tompson Products Company sponsored the famous Thompson Trophy National Air Races . Many of the aircraft and pilots were in fact sponsored by the Army Air Corps. Jimmy Doolittle actually won one the 1932 Thompson Trophy Races ! I like all these sporty custom boat-tailed speedsters ! I like the unusual radical way-out speester designs ! If ever given the opportunity~ I would buy any of these Packard Boat-Tailed speedsters any day of the week !
  16. The above "Custom" Town Car auto looks more like a Springfield Rolls~Royce from the front radiator, drum headlamps, & bumper ! Schulte was the first official franchised Rolls~Royce Dealer/ importer in the USA long before Rolls~Royce of America Inc. was formed in Springfield Mass. Does anyone think this is really a Packard ? I am guessing there is some error in this above advert ?
  17. Tommy Manville had 100 X times as many great cars as he had wives ! Asbestos money as well as other family investments bought both the wives & cars. Tommy did not keep Wives or Cars very long ! On of my favorite of Tommy's great one-off custom coachwork autos was the famous Rolls~Royce Wind-Blown ,or Wind-Swept, Brewster Springfield Phantom Coupe' New York Commodore Hotel Salon Show Car . Rich Attwell I believe owns it today ? My Springfield Phantom I "Special Coupe' " was a prior year's NY Commodore Hotel salon show car !
  18. I somehow remember this TV re-creation riding on the railroad tracks for one TV episode ! Does anyone else remember this ?
  19. There is a Bear~Cat existing today that was actually re-created by A K Miller the famous Stutz collector/hoarder ~~~ A K Miller once told of putting his name on back of this car's dashboard before it was sold~~~ Many folks today think that this car is indeed the real thing !
  20. Jeff~~~ You are just as bad a teaser as I am~~~ You just read my mind !
  21. Bohman & Schwartz built quite a few custom coachwork modifications for disabled & elderly owners. The retractable style running-boards you mention, along with special custom matching wheelchairs, ramps, seats, and other custom access modifications were commonly done by B&S for many years. They were really the first coachbuilder to work with the disabled . Derham in Rosemont PA later also made similar disability mods to custom coachwork. Does anyone have any photos of such custom disability modifications ?
  22. Wilkie Buick was a real fixture around the Philadelphia area for over 50 years. Wilkie script logos were all over on the decklids of many cars ! I also remember Wilkie Buick very well indeed ! In their radio ads they used the famous Buick background music with singers singing~~~ "Wouldn't you rather have a Buick ? "~~~~ "A brand new 19?? Wilkie Buick~~~~~~ This Year ?"
  23. I love these cars ! How many 1953 & 1954 Skylark convertibles were ever built ? How many would you suspect are known to still exist today ?
  24. West & Jeff : I was THINKING the exact same thing~~~ But was afraid to voice my opinion on this forum~~~ I get enough negative feedback from other opinions & stands that I have taken in the past on this forum here ! West ~~~ I stand 100% BEHIND you on this one ! I will let West take the "Flack" for saying what I had been thinking all along !
  25. When I think about the Pebble Beach Concours competition I think of the statement once made by Jay Leno ~~~ Pebble Beach is a great Concours Show event where Millionaires & Billionaires can compete equally on a level playing field ! To me~~~ That just about sums it up !
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