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  1. Dave, I require 18 white walled 19" tyres for my cars.Can u help me out. Karan
  2. I am looking for the following: 1.Head Lights 2.Front Bumper 3.Dashboard Switches 4.Air Horn 5.Fog Lamps 6. Front Windscreen frame 7.Tail Lights 8.Distributor cap 9.Straight 8 monogram 10. Front Grille Any leads would be useful. Thanks
  3. Dave, I will need 6 tyres,size i will give u within the next 48 hours.I am looking for headlights,fog lamps,front grill, staright 8 logo for front,front grille and any other original parts that i can get hold of.I was out of touch due to extreme work pressure.Kindly do help me out in finding out any parts for the same. Thanks Karan
  4. Dave, The tyres i may require would be with white borders.If your person can give me a quote on the tyres plus shipping charges i can see how feasible it is for me to air freight it from usa.I'm trying to find a local dealer in India as well. Karan
  5. Bill, It would be great to meet up in new delhi next time you're here.Let me know when you plan your next trip and we can get together. Karan
  6. Where can I get his email/contact,I will surely get in touch with him. Thanks Karan
  7. Dave, Thanks a lot for the help!It really helps me out trying to reach the origin of the car.The car is taking time to restore as certain parts are not easy to find.I am still looking for the front grille,which has been tough to locate.I really want to do this car up well,she demands the respect!Keep in touch. Karan
  8. Im from New Delhi and would love to see some pictures of the car so that i can restore my car in a better way.Appreciate your help. Thanks Karan
  9. John I have seen the item and will put in a bid for it before it closes.If you have an msn messenger id plse mail it to me at karant@gmail.com and ill add u and we could chat up on that. Thanks Karan
  10. John, I will post and email the pics soon as i am travelling on business.I would surely make an effort to meet the person if he/she is visiting India.If i could get the person's email id i will get in direct touch and co ordinate to the best of my ability.The grill for me till now has been the trickiest issue,something i dont know how to solve.Also where can i find a staright 8 logo to put on the front of the car Karan
  11. I will surely post the picture of the car from various angels and if you give me your email id i wille mail them to you as well.I am still unable to locate the front grille,so it would be of great help if some1 could help me locate the grille.I am honestly overwhelmed by the support and help i am getting from all you good people. Thanks Karan
  12. Good people, My car is NOT A 1932 it is a 1931 buick x8 95 RHD stght 8.
  13. Thanks for the response John.Im not sure if i can come all the way from india for that meet but i will surely try and ask my brother to attend it.As far as the car goes,its not a '32 touring its a '31 X8 95 phaeton i believe.I have found some parts and am still in the look out for the front grille which is vital in the cars restoration.If you can get me help on any such parts i will appreciate it.Any other information is always welcome and highly appreciated. Karan
  14. I wanted to know where i can get a good look at what a fully restored car like this looks like because i have not been able to find a pic online of the X8 95.Alsso i really need a front grille.How many tail lights did this car have.just one with the number plate or 2?Guffin im confused abt the design of the tail light as i have come across two on ebay.Also the headlamps i believe were 2 large and 2 small am i correct when i say this? Karan
  15. Im located in India.I have my younger brother in philadelphia who can co ordinate if required.It is a pretty rare car.My email id is Karant@gmail.com and i would appreciate any type of help in restoring this beauty to its best quality. Karan
  16. Guffin I tried looking at ebay for the headlamn bar and headlamp but did not get a match.if u could send me the link i would be highly obliged.I am also in need of the front grille for the car as mine was stolen while transporting the vehicle.The grille is imprtnt and urgent. Thanks Karan
  17. Guffin It is a 1931 Buick and not 1932 sadly.The chassis no is. 2486359 and the Model is X8-95 and it is a convertible 7 seater with a straight 8 engine.I am looking for parts such as radiotor cap with emblem,front grill,headlights,tail lights,headlight rod with monogram,and hub caps/wheels caps, and any other original parts.the distance between the 2 axels is 134" thereby making it a series 90 i suppose.what can you tell me abt the history of this car and the value? where can i source parts from.
  18. Guffin, Its a soft top/open car.It has a straight 8 engine,RHD,it was said that Mahatma Gandhi did a tour of a certain area of India on this very car,but unfortunately there is no hard proof to substantiate the claim.There is no diving window.I think its either a X85 or X85 9?? The RC says its a 40bhp car chassis number is 2646102 and engine no 1248873.Where can i get proper historical data on this car.It maybe a X95 phaeton since its a open top??what do you feel.
  19. Thanks a lot Guffin and Mark I will provide you the details very soon so that i can get a clearer picture.Also i would be obliged if you could guide or tell me where i can buy parts for the car such as head lights, door knobs etc. Karan
  20. I own a 1931 Buick Straight 8 export model.Its a 7 seater.I wanted to know where i can get historical and specific data for the same car.As in number of cars produced,still exisiting and any other useful data.Looking for help from ypu people. Thanks Karan
  21. my plan was to restore it,use it maybe for a couple of rallies and then sack it off,the person doing the restoration gave an approx price of $40,000 for sale after it is fully done.It is a seven seater right hand drive,it will take some more time before it can be restored.what do you suggest how should i go about it,ive already spent $5000 on restoration and im estimating another $2000-$2500 towards restoration.
  22. pic of the car.any suggestions/comments,?i neeed original parts.please help.what would be a good sale price?
  23. I own a 1931 Buick X85 9 series,staright 8, 7 seater,i would like to know how many of these cars were produced and exist as of today and any relevant history about the car.The car is under restoration and i am also looking for parts for the same to make it as original as possible,headlights,handles,tyres,etc most of the original parts will be looked into by me if there is anybody who has/knows somebody who has the same.What would a fully restored car like this sell for.? Looking forward for some replies.Thanks.email me at KaranT@gmail.com All the best Karan
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