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  1. I am looking for some help and info as to who has a pattern for the Convertible top for a 1938 buick convertible coupe. Is there anybody who makes thee tops as a kit. I would also like to know if there is anybody who has a pattern to follow for custom making the entire interior. Thank you for any help.
  2. Can anybody help me in contacting steamshovel 1923 who posts on this site. I am trying to get an email address so that I can contact him about this mirror. I can be contacted at waldean35@hotmail.com Thank You for any help. Regards Walter
  3. Dan Can you please send me your email address so that I can send the picture of the mirror.My direct email is waldean35@hotmail.com. Thanks Walter
  4. Dan Thanks for the response. I am away from my office this week but I will try an email a picture next Monday or Tuesday when I get back. Thanks Walter
  5. I am looking to buy an interior rear view mirror for a 1938 Buick convertible. Please contact me at waldean35@hotmail.com.if you have one for sale or a contact of someone who might have one for sale. Thank you for any help
  6. Dave Thanks again for the info. I was able to find both of the books you mentioned and ordered them both. Let me know the progress of the one that you are working on. I am new to Buicks so every step on this restoration is a learning one. Thanks again Regards Walter
  7. Dave Thank you for the information on my frame number. You are correct,the engine number on this car is 43496845. It is a special convertible coupe. Is there a book that I can acquire that shows this information? Thanks again for your help Regards Walter
  8. The serial number on my 1938 buick has the following number 133I2I53. Can anybody tell me where/when this car was manufactured by this number. Thank You for your help waldean35@hotmail.com
  9. I am looking to buy the following items for a 1938 Buick that I am restoring. I need the chrome interior rear view mirror for a convertible,the Buick emblem for the passenger side side mount cover, a complete banjo steering wheel and one stainless running board trim piece waldean35@hotmail.com
  10. I recently purchased a 38 special convertible coupe (38-4467) The ID plate has Body# 1089, Trim# 449 and Paint#520. I know that 520 means whistler grey. What does the body # and Trim # refer to. I have heard that the interior rear view mirror for these cars are difficult to find. What is the difference in the interior mirror between the open cars and the closed cars? The NY Registration document for this car has three numbers on it that do not relate to anything that I have seen stamped on the car. The first one is A091736. The second one is BY134107 and the third one is ECG ND0291. Can anybody shed some light on what these may mean on the registration document. The number stamped on the engine is 43496845 Thank You for any help waldean35@hotmail.com
  11. I am looking for information as to where I might be able to buy the front fenders with sidemounts for a 38 Buick Special restoration I am working on. Please email at waldean35@hotmail.com if you can help. Thank You
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