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  1. Thanks everyone.I bought this overhauled engine on ebay a year ago and a few parts were missing including this float.I could ofcourse use the one from the old engine,but I preferre a complete engine , so I can start it up on the garagefloor, before installing.Birger
  2. Hi.Anyone who knows where I can buy an oillevelfloat,LZ 39 engine?Thanks , Birger.
  3. It should be between 15/32 and 1/2.Birger
  4. Thanks for your reply. I havent changed the color on dashboard.Ill try to bid on the ebayitem.Birger
  5. Where can I find bodycolors for LZ39 models.Birger
  6. Sorry,picture failed.Dont understand set up for adding pictures to this site.Birger
  7. cant tell you-but here is a original 39.Birger
  8. Hello. I have had the same problem, bud I took the chance and cut pattern in cylinderheadgaskets to mach cylinderheads. Especially the triangle patterns in top of cylinderheads are important to mach on gaskets. Since then no problems at all, this year we had a very hot summer. We have both been idling and fast driving for long periods. This is not an authorised advice and I don't know if it?s harmless to your cylinderheads in the long terms, but I believe thermostats will minimize the risk. See this forum 03/01/06 1226pm. Best regards Birger
  9. Hi Phill.Thanks for the help.The pics under "jens" are from 2006.I got a good talk with the LZ 38 owner, hes been driving LZ since his young days in the fifties.My 39 has untill now been driving all summer with only very few small problems,so I think and old car needs to be used frequently to be kept alive.The coming winter Ill restore all the instruments on dashboard as no one of them are working.Did you run your 39 this summer?Birger
  10. Instead pics on "www.fordv8.dk" go to gallery and fotos mv fra traef.Biger
  11. Has the setup on the forum been changed?If you press "continue" the mail is being send instead of showing next page ,where you before had the oppotunity to att. pictures.Birger
  12. A while ago , I promised to send pics of ALL the LZ arriving at the scan.v8 meet.Among 105 cars there where only 2,a 38 conv coupe from sweden belonging to Curt Envald and mine conv coupe 39.But here they are together.Birger
  13. Hi. I know you have changed ignitionresistor, but the symptoms sounds to me, that the problem is still here.You can make an easy check.Drive the car till it starts cheating you,then bypass the resistor and see if it helps.Best regards Birger
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