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  1. To all, Many thanks to everyone who responded to my question. I was fortunate to purchase a set of wheels that are now being chromed. Happy Holidays! Joe Ferrante
  2. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 68RIVGS</div><div class="ubbcode-body">It was on , and it was my pleasure Joe. That's what the ROA, and this hobby is all about! Those rechromed'64 Wildcat 'show' wheels sound real good, a bit pricey, but whazzit gonna cost to rechrome a set? Good Luck on your search for your '65. </div></div> Randy, Appears the '64 Show wheels are painted silver. I won't even try to re-paint them black. When I touch a tool, any tool, strange things happen. So, I leave everything up to someone else to do it correctly. Unfortunately, that's the way it is. Regards, Joe
  3. Ed & AL, Thanks for the info. The ebay wheels look like later "Boat Tail" ones. "Rivman" was kind enough to write to me on the ROA Forum explaining all ther is to know about these wheels. I am now a RIV wheel "Maven." Regards, Joe Ferrante ROA 10826
  4. Hi folks, Anyone know of a set of used Rally wheels for sale for a '65 Riv that are good enough for re-chroming? Please let me know. Thanks, Joe Ferrante
  5. Hi, Anyone looking to purchase a beautifully done '69 Riv, I'll be at the Hershey AACA Meet beginning Wednesday (tomorrow) through Saturday. See me at the Car Coral, Space M 3. Email me and I'll send you a copy of the Window Sticker if your interested. This South Western car is red, black bucket seats/console. I'd say the condition is a 2-. Drives beautifully and has a lot of "eye-ball." Thanks, Joe Ferrante
  6. Hi, Am looking for an AC/Heater Control Panel that fits a '69 Riviera with manual AC. Any luck? Thanks, Joe
  7. Hi, I went through the same hunt last year for the stainless pieces. I got lucky and puechased them from various sources. Try the following: He may have soome pieces. A good group to post your needs. If you arn't a member yet, a great organization to belong, and, a super email forum you can join that's a great source for Riviera owners. Best of luck, Joe Ferrante
  8. Hi, As of July 4th, I have someone taking care of the inspection for me. Thanks to everyone for looking. Joe
  9. Hi, Anyone available or can recommend a knowledgeable person I can hire to look at a car for me that's located mid-way between San Francisco and Stockton? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks, Joe Ferrante
  10. Hi, Anyone have one for sale or can recommend who might have one? Thanks, Joe
  11. Hi, I'm seriously interested in your car. Please email me @ with asking price and any photos that are available. Thanks, Joe Ferrante ROA 10826
  12. Anyone hava one or a lead to purchase an ashtray for a bucket-seat, '69 Riv floor console? Appreciate any help. Joe Ferrante
  13. Hi, I'm sorry I didn't respone earlier to your informative post, but have not been to the board for a few days. Just want to thank you so much for such an in depth overview of these cars. I really appreciate the time and thoughts that you put into it and hope everyone reading these gets a little something that they previoulsy didn't know. FYI, I almost bought a low mileage red '83 convertible last week but the owner went whacky on me after I sent him a deposit and had the car inspected, he decided not to sell. Well that's his story. The search continues ....... Regards, Joe
  14. Dale, You might want to send your email to the General Discussion Group if you already haven't. Also, I think these bogus people's "M.O." (Motis Operandi, watching too many cop shows) should be periodically posted on all club sites either through AACA and/or Hemmings Car Clubs list. Keeping the uninformed troops up-to-date on these people is a great service to all. Best regards, Joe Ferrante
  15. Al and Ed, Notice that nobody is bidding on the red convertible. I emailed the seller and got somewhat of a cryptic email back from her that just doesn't seem kosher. (Asking for my Ebay login and password.) I sent her back an email asking for an address and telephone number so I can send an Inspector/appraisor to check out the car for me before I buy it. As of this writing, I haven't heard back from her. I also can't find an address or telephone number for this person in the state she suposedly lives. Now, I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but this listing doesn't smell so good. Actually, I think it out-in-out stinks! I'll keep you guys posted. Joe Ferrante, NJ