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  1. I am thinking about the front engine mounts. In 47 the mount is on the timing cover and on the 48 the engine has 2 nubs cast into the side of block that the mounts attach to. Seems to me, if I remember right you can install a 48 320 engine into a 47 Buick by putting the 47 timing cover on the 48 engine but Jamesl wants to put the rebuilt 47 engine into a 48 . The engine lacks those 2 nubs. Some research may have to be done to see if the 48 frame crossmember can be modified or he has to use a 47 frame..
  2. You are right Matt. The instruments appear to be brown also. Should be the off white. Same as the steering wheel is.
  3. I put a set of radials that look like bias on my 1947 Roadmaster and love them. I have the ride and handling of radials and the look of bias. I got them from Coker. Expensive but worth every penny
  4. NOS wiper transmisions are very rare indeed and due to the fact the cables are prone to breaking I just might buy them myself just to have them in case mine break
  5. I think I got a good one. I will check tomorrow
  6. That little on/off switch you described turns on the rear interior light located in the center of the rearest top bow while the doors are still shut.
  7. Matt, Keep in mind that Mike Stamas isn't all that far from you and he has a 48 roadmaster convertible there
  8. The tires I refered to are made by American Classic and they definately can pass for bias and the quality is excellent. Old Tank,, Regarding your fear the "R" in the sizing would be detected during judging. I suggest the careful use of a small buffer wheel with a steady hand and the tire will look like it never had an "R" anywhere
  9. I bought a set of tires recently from Coker. The claim is that it looks like bias but is actually radial. Even the sizing is old bias. I got 820-15 (820R-15). Well, when they showed up at my door they sure looked bias and I wondered if I made a bad choice but replaced the modern radials that were on my 47 Roadmaster with these bias looking radials. I took the car down the road and was quite impressed, First thing I noticed is that I am able to turn the steering wheel with about half the effort it took with those old fat radials I had on the car but my best impression was as I heading down the
  10. Always nice to get a visit from a fellow Buick friend like Matt Whittaker. Mr Earl is right. Canterbury blue it is. PPG paints has the color mix in their library. Thank you for all the compliments. I bought this Buick as a basket case and been working on it for about 5 years off a on to get it back to the condition it is in now.....
  11. There is no reserve price. $130,000 could buy it if it is the only bid. So far there is no bid
  12. This is not a big project. If you have an inline pump the instructions say "as close to fuel tank as possible" I have a roadmaster 47 convertible and installed the pump on the frame just rear of the right door by cutting into the line. It works perfectly well and it is safely situated from recieving any ground damaged.
  13. Standard is an old and reliable name. Always made a good product. I sugest the you keep the used regulator on the car. Don't fix what isn't broke
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