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  1. I am thinking about the front engine mounts. In 47 the mount is on the timing cover and on the 48 the engine has 2 nubs cast into the side of block that the mounts attach to. Seems to me, if I remember right you can install a 48 320 engine into a 47 Buick by putting the 47 timing cover on the 48 engine but Jamesl wants to put the rebuilt 47 engine into a 48 . The engine lacks those 2 nubs. Some research may have to be done to see if the 48 frame crossmember can be modified or he has to use a 47 frame..
  2. You are right Matt. The instruments appear to be brown also. Should be the off white. Same as the steering wheel is.
  3. Over the years I have assembled a lot of car bodies. both antique and late model and I found none to be more difficult to get right than the 1946 to 48 Buick. As I said when we talked last friday patience and persistance will get it right. It was nice meeting you Matt.
  4. I got the plugs , you can have a couple of them for my cost to ship. I had to buy 10 of them at a local parts store to get the 2 I wanted.
  5. I got a 47 Roadmaster rear end I will sell. You will have to check to see if the 47 and 49 is the same. It is in S E Masachusettts. Different body styles but some of the mechanicals stayed the same Pirate3200@aol.com
  6. That car is long ago junked. It was in a central Massachusetts junkyard that has since closed. I am by now sure this nice Buick has been transformed into 3 Honda sedans
  7. Green mountain Parts made me a set of rockers for my 1947 76C. the samwe panels you want. A good job and I recomend them.
  8. I could still use this fender. I hate to think I have to break out the hammers again and attempt, again to bring the one I have back to shape. It is in such bad condition. I was at Carlise and just got back. Always meet greatpeople there.Place was fun as usual but not much to be had for the older Buicks.
  9. Any welder that is proficient with a gas welder and familiar with brazing cast iron can do the manifld good. I have welded many manifolds over the years and recently my 47 buick center section
  10. I am getting back to the restoration. The fender I have is in such bad shape it would be better to get another. It will be the same fender for 46 - 48 Buicks models 56C , 76C, 56S and 76S. NOS or in very good condition only. You can email me at Pirate3200@aol.com..... Thanks, Paul
  11. Do the stainless yourself. Common sense work, not difficult at all. A good electric motor such as a washing machine motor and the buffer stuff from eastwood. com and you are ready to go. Dents are another thing and take a bit of practice and patience but just to polish stainless is a simple process.
  12. A rolling Arizona frame. Surface rust only, virtually no pits. It still shows origional paint in a few areas. Located in Massachusetts. $500. To see pictures Pirate3200@aol.com
  13. not exactly the cold weather in Manatoba but us here in the NE are damn cold now. It is 12 degrees in our little town in Massachusetts. A shame that Buick fell victim to a poor driver and icy roads. Not a hard fix tho.
  14. A good machine shop like Egge will take your rods and machine them to accept inserts for you. They wil also do a poured bearing for about the same price. I opted for the poured bearing when I rebuilt my 320 engine. $65 each was the price a couple years ago if I remember right.
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