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  1. Thank you! I looked over there and I missed it. Had this apart to have a new wiper system put in and I guess the top has come out of adjust. Looks like there is a bit to do this weekend.
  2. Hello, So I know this is somewhat of an old tune as to how bad these leak, but lately I noticed that mine appears to be out of adjustment. the windshield isn't pulling all the way back into the frame. Anyone have advice on how these can be adjusted? I thought I'd ask before trying to pull mine apart this weekend. Any information is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Christopher
  3. Hello, Do you still have any of these parts left? I'm looking for a rear driver side door latching mechanism for a 38 panel.
  4. Here is a great picture of a truck on ebay that has the latches and handle that I am looking for in place:
  5. Thank you for the compliment. Hopefully we can find something for you one day. We have a red and striped blazer from the 60's that looks like a 20's boating blazer.
  6. Thanks! That gives me something to look for. I am finding out that these old trucks are more difficult to find parts for than some of the cars. The search is part of the fun right? Has anyone ever tried to use those turtle wax lense recovery products on these old lenses? I guess it couldn't do any harm. With that little bit of information I managed to find a few pictures of a 40's pickup with the same stanchion. Made me realize the bezel around the lens was originally chrome. Another part to look for since I won't send a good pair to a chrome shop until I have an extra pair after hearing so many stories of lost parts.
  7. Here is a better photo of the stanchion and lens.
  8. Hello, I was looking to see if anyone had any leads on the rear door latching mechanism for a 1938 ford panel van. I'm looking for the driver side door which has the handle inside of the car and no exterior handle. I need everything since the car currently doesn't have any of the latches, mechanism, or handle. Thanks!
  9. Wanted to thank you for that advice. I did get a few pointers on the Ford V-8 Club's Forum, including tracking down the drain tubes around the windshield. The holes were there, totally plugged up, and the drain tubes were gone. So, just fixing those will help I'm sure.
  10. Apologies for the delay in responding. I'll try to get a better picture tonight. I do not believe that the light in the stanchion was originally a turn signal, I believe it was a running light.
  11. I was wondering if anyone has any information on what years and on what cars in the 1930's ford offered turn signals built into the headlight stands? I have these on a 1938 panel van. The glass appears original, but I imagine it was originally on another ford car. Any ideas? I'm looking for information because I am hoping to maybe one day come across NOS lens replacements, so narrowing down exactly what to look for in terms of year and model would be helpful. The lenses on the car have become very cloudy. Here is a photo below where you can see the small lens in the stanchion. Any help is appreciated!
  12. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I didn't find it right off in the search. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep the opening front window on a 38 ford sealed when it is closed. I admit the windshield on the car is a repo aluminum one, which may add to the difficulty. Gasket looks perfect, but it still leaks around the top in the rain. Thanks!
  13. Just bumping this up. Still haven't selected one or the other of the lenders.
  14. Apologies if this is in another thread. I wasn't able to find it through the search. I was wondering what people's experiences were with the various classic car finance companies. I've always seen J.J.'s Best at Hershey, and I know there are a few others out there. Any insights into dealing with these companies and the experience people have had? Thanks!
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