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  1. Since my last post, update on my Buicks. The 69 GS 350 & LiL Bit has been fixed and painted. Some pics of progress. Oh, also added this to the stable
  2. Thanks Derek and John, I might pass on Danvers, have to get 69 GS to body man, GSX up north to the Buick cave. The Queen Mary III ready for the Syracuse Nationals in couple of weeks.
  3. I can only go on Saturday if I do go to Danvers. The Riviera has Bias Ply Tires, too long of a haul for it's maiden voyage. Still cleaning and replacing some items like rugs and rubbers.
  4. Since my last post when the 1992 Roadmaster followed me home, I found a 1972 Riviera Boattail less than a mile from my house. The car is a one owner car with 33,000 miles Charcoal Grey with black interior. Has full documentation, invoices, window stickers, receipts. Here are a few pictures
  5. Since my last post, a few buick related thing have taken place. The GSX has been fixed and back on the road. The Buick hauler has gone some intensive suspension overhaul, new bearing carrier, driveshafts, interior mats,rugs installed. While in Gilbertsville Pa. this 92 Roadmaster followed me home.
  6. Got a new Buick hauler, pretty soild, just a few modifications to suspension and driveshafts and be ready for hauling Buicks around.
  7. I took the Queen Mary III to the Wildcat Challenge Nationals in Ohio last month where she won Best 4 Door and 3rd place in the car show.
  8. John, found it in Long Island, here is an update on the Queen Mary III, all the dents from the last snow storm have been removed, cat has new fur and plenty coats of clear. Little more buffing and she be ready for the launch for the Wildcat Nationals II
  9. Today I picked up my newest addition to the stable, 1962 LeSabre Sports Coupe two door hardtop, Teal Mist Metallic and Artic White. One repaint many years ago. Paint is presentable not show quality. Solid body, No rust. 401 nailhead v8, auto trans, 4 way Air ride suspension, including: Air lift front bag over shock and air ride technologies cool ride rear, 5 gal air tank, Asco manifold valves , Viair compressor. It has 17 inch, Coy's C-5 wheels, Power Steering, Power brakes, Really nice interior, cool old car, mostly original, runs great.
  10. Due to the recent damage to the cars, I got a new addition to the stable to be able to drive while the cars get fixed. I will pick it up this Saturday and have pictures later in the day. :eek:
  11. Since my last post, I had my structure with the Buicks in collapse due to the last snow storm. The cars all had some damage, mostly windshields and roof dented. Last month been cutting the roof off the cars and cleaning. This weekend took the Wildcat out to see what damage occurred to the fur. The roof popped back up for the major part, still have some small dents. Also have dents on the hood, hood spear is broken, dent on the trunk. I installed new rear wheel cylinders, brakes and brake lines. I have new rubber lines coming for the front, then I will have the front wheel cylinders and brakes
  12. I was also amazed, when I first saw it. I had to get it for the Queen Mary III
  13. Tempertures were in the mid to high 30's today, so I woke the big Wildcat up, removed the old steering wheel and replaced it with the NOS one that I had purchased last month.
  14. Don, nice find, Where is that girl from?, My neck of the woods?
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