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  1. I may have a few in the barn with an early Chevy pick up basket case. I will check and e-mail pictures later. What do you want to pay? Contact me at btinkey@direcway.com
  2. First of all, Merry Christmas to you and what an excellent choice in gifting! Thanks for posting the pictures, I really like them. I have considered the choices of changing the rear gear or adding an overdrive and I have come to the conclusion that driving a little slower in today's fast paced world is not a bad thing. So I intend to keep my Packard bone stock and drive the car in the manner she was designed. If that means I need to adapt my needs to the cars ability, so be it.
  3. I was the seller of the recent listing. I had purchased it a few months earlier on e-bay and took months to get the car. It was the worst e-bay purchase I have ever had. Fortunately, I have had so many good experiences to help off set the one bad one.
  4. I have a 1922 twin-six available for sale. It is a 3 door limo and the interior is shot and has a lot of wood rot. It was misrepresented on e-bay and is much more of a project than I intended. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. Hey, I have the real thing and I have to say, yours looks better. OK my grandfather bought mine new in 53 and it needs to be restored, got any paint or parts left over? Great car and I have to agree with your model concept.
  6. btinkey

    My New Packard

    The shipper just delivered my 32 Packard 901 yesterday. My wife and I took her for a spin and what a ride. The car is in good shape but I am sure I will be replacing a part or piece here and there. Any suggestions for parts?
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