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  1. Complete car . Headlight [@!#!$]'ys on ebay . email evilsaint34(at)yahoo.com with needs . Include a return email for photos . Burgundy ext/int . Black soft top . All parts priced to sell .
  2. Doh! you are of couse correct , my brain is stuck at work , where allowances for interaction of material thicknesses must be made . Has no relevence elsewhere . However , once you decide on your tire circumference , the rest is sound . Apologies . <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
  3. Pi is not used to figure circumference , that's area . C=3D .
  4. No overdrive auto in 89 . A-413 3 speed auto , non-lockup variety .
  5. Well , all you need is tire circumference . Got a tape maeasure ? C = 3D . That is circumference equals 3 times the diameter (which is much easier to measure ) .
  6. How about this . It's a 3.21 to 1 final drive . Third gear in the A-413 is 1 to 1 (minus parasitic loss & torque converter slip of course) . (R(pm) times tire circumference) times 60 times 3.21 . Convert this to miles instead of feet , and it's MPH .
  7. If it's not what he said , the next thing I'd check is the check valve in the vacc line that supplies the HVAC control , and the integrity of the line itself .
  8. I like the pentatrident and prefer the stealth factor . However the shock and awe option is no farther than the tall pedal on the right . <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
  9. They will clear the strut , but I can't speak as to interference issues , having never run them . Plenty of room in the rear . The Daytona springs (make sure it's a handling package car) are only an upgrade in the rear . The TC's got the HD springs in the front (same as the Daytona , and GTC Lebarons ), and Dynasty rears . The rears are a very neccessary upgrade as the Dynasty springs are Soft . Most tire shops will test fit a tire and mount it on the car for fitment testing , especially if they're slow at the time you go .
  10. A 235 in what aspect ratio , and rim size ? I'm running 225 45 17's on 17 by 8 1/2 wheels with a 35mm offset , with very little room to spare to the strut in front . Maybe 3/8" . I'm also running springs from a Shelby Lancer , which are about an inch lower than stock . No rubbing , no problems , speedo is dead on , ride and handling are excellent . I'm ready for that rear sway bar now , as I've already upgraded the front .
  11. 35mm is a standard aftermarket offset , and will work fine on our cars .
  12. A bar is a unit of measure of atmospheric pressure . One atmosphere worth to be specific . A stock SMEC utilizes a "2 bar" MAP sensor . It converts barometric pressure into a 0 - 5 volt signal in a range of 2 bar . 30 in/hg. vaccuum to zero is one bar , and zero to 14.7 psi is the second bar . FWD performance offers calibrations utilizing the stock 2 bar MAP , and also calibrations which utilize a 3 bar MAP , which reads from 30 in/hg. vacc up to 29.4 psi . The "3rd bar" is the 14.7 - 29.4 psi . This sensor (a GM product) reads on the same 0 - 5 volt scale , so you must have the correct MAP to match up with the calibration as required . I meant to make sure you weren't trying to run one of their 3 bar cals on a stock 2 bar MAP .
  13. Sounds like the MAP . Typical symptoms . Is it a 2 bar or 3 bar cal ?
  14. The handle on the side latch is clocked to the roll pin that goes through the main pin at the bottom . If you look , with the top off , in the hole where the pin goes (on the car)it looks sort of like =0= , and the roll pin aligns to the equal signs in my fine illustration . If the 7/16" bolt on top of the latch handle comes loose , they can get out of alignment . I had to realign one of mine . I did it with the top on the stand , and just adjusted it to mirror the other one .
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