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  1. Try Bounce dryer sheets in warm soapy water. No scratches and almost leaves a wax on the paint. Learned about it from corvette guys.
  2. Looks like the car in the movie " It's a Wonderful Life" that the Sam Wainright character was being driven to Florida in when he stopped to see the George Bailey character in Bailey Park housing development. The movie was made in 1946. Good Christmas movie.
  3. Nice pictures kid442. I like the two of them side by side. Maybe I can buy the other one back. only kidding. I know of a couple I'd like to have back. Hope you enjoy the restoration. Frank
  4. Two comments. One Harrah and one Zimmerman. In the mid 60's we owned a 1926 Oldsmobile all original with 6500 miles on it. Somehow Harrah's found out about it and sent a representative to look at the car. Since it was the first use of chrome plating on a production car Harrah wanted one for his museum. We must have asked too much since he didn't purchase ours. I visited the collection in 1971 and a 26 Olds was there with a sign telling about the first use of chrome plating. In 1978 we purchased a car out of the Zimmerman collection which was either in bankruptcy or IRS trouble. The lean on the
  5. Went to this dealership in the early 70's when it was still in business. Mainly school bus company. Sold chevy's to buy chassis for busses. Was a time warp then. Doesn't look like it changed much since then. Had a three wheel small Harley that you would attach to a bumper to deliver a car to a customer and ride back to the shop. I tried to buy some things then' but he wouldn't sell. Thought he would need them someday. Can't remember the old boys name now but when I do I will post.
  6. WTB for a 1960 to 1966 Chevy Suburban. Rear 1/4 window glass handle with or without glass, aircleaner for 283 v8 4bbl, deluxe steering wheel for a 64 truck.
  7. Do you still have the car and do you have any pictures Frank McElwain
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