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  1. In most climates what you suggest of 3-4 months is not plausible. July minus 3 months is April or plus 3 months is October. Both are more miss that hit with weather and attendance would be abysmal. I'm a member of both national Model A clubs and we have had regional meets a week before a national meet. The theory is that there are many who aren't going to attend a national meet and the regional meets don't compete with them for attendance. I can see that in practice this works quite well. Those who have the time to make the greater distance to travel, or want their car fine point judged will attend the national meet. Those who just want to get together with other Model A's and aren't interested in having their cars judged attend the regional meets where the emphasis is on touring. I've attended several Model A regional meets with fellow club members who I know would never be interested in attending a national meet, so giving the regional meets less than attractive meet dates serves no purpose other than to lessen participation in the hobby.
  2. There were definitely some organizational issues. Our tour on Wednesday didn't end up including half of the items it was supposed to, and no one seemed to know what the routine was to be. On the Friday tour, it was obvious that Notre Dame was not expecting us. Parking was a mess the entire time and there were cars everywhere. I had a car that was supposed to be in the display only area and after seeing it full of regular vehicles on Thursday I opted to leave my car in the back of the Inn the entire time up near the vendors. Security wasn't even there regulating entrance on Thursday to the lots behind the hotel. A map would have been helpful of the parking and the hotel. For example papers posted at the Inn's elevators stated judging class was to be held in Fleur de lis B but didn't state that it was in the Hilton or when you got to the Hilton, the rooms were called Pavilion B and not Fleur de lis B. Overall we had a good time but there were just constant organizational issues that annoyed my wife the entire trip.
  3. I was under my newly acquired '51 Chevy greasing the endless number of zerks over the weekend when I realized how much acumulated crud was on all of the front end parts. Its that old grease/dirt concrete stuff that only 60 years of driving can create. Any ideas on how to remove this junk to at least see the actual suspension and steering members? The car drives very well and things seem quite tight so I'm not looking to take things apart, just clean them up.
  4. Ken, I'm interested in them if Brian hasn't already walked off with them.
  5. Ken - Do you still have the power brake parts or has Brian walked off with already?
  6. I got a PM back, I just had a question on the part.
  7. I'm looking to buy a rebuildable Delco Moraine unit for my '59 and am also looking for the rear armrests for a 4 door LeSabre in blue.
  8. I don't see any tie down straps laying anywhere. Was the car even held onto the trailer by anything other than the parking brake?
  9. The trailer was ordered with a spare on the trailer. I've been looking at these tracks that you can mount to the wood deck that then allow you to adjust the tie down positions to varying places since I have 5 cars. Are the the axles the best place to tie down?
  10. Last fall when gas hit $4 a gallon I did the responsible thing and bought a new full sized truck and a 18' trailer. I'm going to put this rig to use to pull my Buick to CO for the BCA meet but have not really pulled much before other than a small fishing boat so I've got some questions/concerns. The trailer is a wood deck, tandem axle with electric brakes on both axles and I have a brake controller on the truck. Its a frame hitch, Class IV and the truck although a 1500 has the tow package. Do I need sway control bars on the trailer? The truck has that fancy electronic system that is supposed to help keep the tail from wagging the dog but the Buick on the trailer will be 6250 lb. Do folks run weight distribution hitches? I've got a Sherline tonque scale coming in the mail and my thought was to load the Buick on the trailer and then weigh the tongue with this and just adjust the car back or forth on the trailer to acheive my 10% tongue weight. Any other tips, hints or suggestions? The truck pulled the empty trailer 2000lbs just fine and I'm not one that expects to still be pulling a Buick and drive 85 mph so it will be a nice 60 all the way there.
  11. Oh, I forgot to mention, but I attached a photo of my wheel with the wrap.
  12. Have you contacted any of the wheel repair people listed? My '56 has the same issues (and same color wheel) and I just for the short term ordered a custom leather wrap from Wheelskin that is in the proper white/black. My wheel isn't missing any chunks out of it, but the white is so cracked that I think its to recast rather than repair but I wondered what opinions you had reached with your wheel. The black portion of my wheel is perfect, its just the white material that didn't hold up.
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