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  1. Hello to all, as the title says I am looking for a nice, useable big block buick manual trans flywheel, let me know what you have. thanks, Jeff
  2. Tom, thanks for the reply i saw the vin plate on the car and according to it the car is a legit 66 skylark GS 2dr ht and the last 8 of the vin is the same on the dash plate and block i am not worried about using it in a 66 GS i wanted it because it is complete it runs and the price was right. the stamping of MTR was confusing and i figured someone here had seen this before? perhaps it was a screw up at the factory. thanks again, Jeff
  3. hello to all i recently bought a engine and trans (401 nailhead) out of a 1966 skylark GS it was the original engine the vin # stamped on the block matched the vin plate on the car but the code that is stamped on the engine is MTR i did not see this code in all the books and web sights i have checked with they all show 2 letter codes like MT or MR does anyone have an idea what this means? any help would be appreciated thanks in advance, Jeff
  4. Nailheadnut, i found one already but if for some reason the deal falls through i will contact you. thanks,Jeff
  5. i recently got a complete 401/th400 even had the wire harness disconected from the firewall out of a 66 wildcat the only part i am missing is the water pump pulley i believe it is a 1 groove pulley since it had no A/C only alternator and power steering (which i'm not using) anyone out there have one to sell me? i do not know what other cars or years this would come off of but any help would be appreciated thanks, Jeff rott126@aol.com
  6. Thanks for everyones help i found exactly what i was looking for i got a complete 66 401 with th400 and it was only 10 miles away from home could not have worked out any better thanks again, Jeff
  7. James, i did get in contact with Buck but he sold them already thanks again for the info, Jeff
  8. James Thanks for the info i will give Buck a call and see what we can work out thanks again, Jeff Doug it was just a standard 425 out of a electra no aluminum covers it was one of those deals i sold it about a year ago thinking i would never use it like they say hindsight is 20/20. Jeff
  9. i just need the engine and trans i am in the process of getting a clean 33 chevy 2dr sedan (bone stock w/locked up engine and missing trans) that's been sitting in a barn since 1967 that im going to "rat" rod as far as price the cheaper the better. i am not really sure what they are worth i bought a complete 66 425 th400 set up about 4 years ago for $300 did i get the deal of the century or is that the going rate? and like i stated in the original post i plan on rebuilding both i just need everything there so if its still in a car thats been sitting for the last 15 years thats fine with me they just need to be good complete + rebuildable. thanks, Jeff
  10. hello to all i am looking for a reasonably priced complete 65-66 401,425 with th400 trans it does not have to run just a good rebuildable core and must be complete front of engine to rear of trans and top to bottom i would prefer that it is still all assembled not in pieces i will be using this for a future street/rat rod project i would prefer that it is within 100 miles of poplar grove IL.61065 i know that i am asking alot but hopefully someone can help thanks to all, Jeff e-mail at rott126@aol.com