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  1. Hi Layden, The diameter is dead right for 1/8 inch American Pipe thread, so thanks for your suggestion. According to my data book the pitch for Am Pipe is 27 tpi. My gauge seems to fit OK at 26 tpi, which is what threw me off the scent, but the diameter is so close that I am sure that you must be right, (and I don't have a 27 tpi gauge). many thanks!! Buick (from the UK)
  2. Hi All, I am making some new king pins for my 1916 D45, and I was wondering what is the specification of the screw thread that is found on all the grease/oil lubricators on the car. It is about 0.41 inch outside diameter and 26 threads per inch. Best wishes to all, Buick
  3. Buick

    1916 D45

    Hi Folks, I have recently bought a 1916 D45 and I find that I have a problem with the kingpins having worn the eyes in the fork ends slighly oval. Is there a standard "fix" for this? Is there a supplier for replacement kingpins and a helicoil set for 5/8 inch 20 tpi threads? Best wishes, Buick
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