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  1. Hello Neil We are Cliff and Doreen Humphries ex Orewa and Whangarei N.Z now living in Surfers Paradise Did you realise virtually all pre war Buicks were C.K.D. and put together in Petone Wellington. Hence no data plates on firewall. The odd ones with data plates did come in from overseas like our 37 model 46 S In storage in Orewea. Also had a model 41 that a firewall plate that was supposed to go to South Afrika ex Eric Bodley Rotorua but finished up in N.Z. We also had a model 47 same as yours I used to use it for work daily Now owned by Rob ----- lives in Maunatapere out of Whangarei. He is a reg. drainlayer How come you were on the Reatta website? We have a 91 Reatta Conv. We converted to Right drive Cliff E.Mail us at
  2. Hi Guys, It has been a long time we know but we have finally been using our Reatta for four weeks now. It has turned out really well and we are very pleased with the result. It is the hottest part of our summer here so we are enjoying top down driving out into the countryside and have been out every weekend to date. We had a thoroughtly enjoyable visit from Jim Finn, and his wife Linda. He bought over some parts for us as we had a bit of bad luck while parking it on our arrival home. (Cliff put his foot on the accelerator instead of the brake while backing into our parking space.) All fixed and back to new again, thanks to Jim. Will attempt to attach a couple of photos of the final result. Best wishes from New Zealand, Cliff and Doreen
  3. 1000 comedians out of work and we get George. Having a good time in NZ. Jim
  4. Hi Guys, We have looked in our computer and found a photo of our 1937 Buick Coupe taken with a friend's 38 Buick Sedan in the South Island last January. We were on a Vintage Car Club tour that centred around Invercargill (the most southern part of the S.I. There were 950 cars on the run, including cars from England and the U.S. Our Coupe is one of two imported in 1937 completely assembled. The sedans were imported C.K.D. and were assembled in Wellington. Our car was a complete basket case when we bought it, but being Buick enthusiasts we knew it needed to be restored as it was only one of two, and now the only one left n N.Z. Yes, the steering wheel is on "the right side" in both cars. (A pun on words)
  5. Hi Barney, No it wasn't us, unfortunately. We do know that Mike Hanning from Christchurch (N.Z.) went so he could have been one of them. Very nice Buick guy. We found out when we went to the South Island in our Buick Coupe on a Vintage Car tour that he now owns one of our Sedans that we sold around 20 years ago. It is a small world!! When completed we will post all $ figures (N.Z.) for everyone to peruse. Cliff
  6. The convertor has done over 400 conversions and helps the auto electrician. We haven't met the auto electrician so don't know how much hair he does have left, but it would have been a nightmare. We didn't send any photos of the wiring all over the place in case the Reatta owners shed buckets of tears and short circuited their own wiring. Cliff and Doreen
  7. Hi Randy, Rack and pinion was a brand new one made for a Toyota Cavalier. It was a perfect match, only requiring a modification to the mounting - certified by a low volume certifier. (All work done has to be certified and signed off by a licenced certifier before it can be put on the road.) Could you supply more info re the restriction in the exhaust as this is new information for us. Cliff
  8. Hi Randy, Yes your excellent column seal is all in place. The lower steering column is still original and was a perfect match for connecting to the right-hand drive rack and pinion. Pleased to see there is so much interest in the car. Cliff
  9. Thanks for your comments. Yes, we are insane, but we are Buick Nuts, having had 1937 Buicks for over forty years. Now only have a red '37 Series 40 Coupe, only one in Australia and New Zealand with a Fisher body. (Australian ones had Holden bodies.) Thought we would add a Reatta convertible as our "modern". Cliff and Doreen
  10. Hi EDBSO, Ignition key only goes on other side if you are left-handed!! Only car we have ever driven with key on left hand side of column was a 1977 Citroen CX Pallas which we gave away to make room for the Reatta. Cliff
  11. This is the steering wheel and column. Last one was the right hand drive rack and pinion. Sorry
  12. Steering wheel and column mounted