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  1. Oh Yes, Nice car. Reminds me that I don't have a flathead, in my stable now. Love to hear that sound, from the engine. intimeold
  2. I don't think that brake drum, leaning on the upside down bucket, goes with the dash. I'm trying to identify the paint cans! Oh My
  3. Great Looking car. Haven't seen one for a long time. intimeold
  4. We are familiar with that design on a Vintage heavy duty ATV. I don't have any pics, right now in front of me; but I will look. I had a couple of them. The ATV was an EAGLE.; and it was a higher priced copy of the COOT. Two different companies with the same design. I would guess early to mid 1960's Both were amphibious; so there were seals involved at the pivot/driveshaft area. If You can imagine two (2) square metal boxes, about 5 foot square, boxes. Engine gearbox and driver in front box and cargo or passengers in rear box. I know the Eagle used a big Tecumseh engine. Had military style, Jeep, tires. Go anywhere and slow as heck. If anybody wants pics I will look some up. The design was exact to the first poster's truck. motormart
  5. Yes, Two years ago, I had a buyer for a 1940 Indian Scout engine. I sold it all apart, and I was to reassemble it. Took pics of everything and sent to buyer. All is well. Well NO! These engines have selectable size crankshaft shims. I found that I needed an internal crankshaft shim, of a certain size, that I didn't have. I looked in all of my stuff and didn't have one. Located one across the country in CA. OK, ship it right away in USPS Priority mail. No problem; until I got a notification, that the item was delivered to my shop, on Saturday (today) before a long weekend. USPS was here and gone and no package from CA. Did what I could and called emailed everybody in the USPS chain. They say package was delivered. Back to the USPS chain; and I am running out of time this is a Sat. before a long weekend. A NEW Rural carrier, first day on the job, got lost and a supervisor had to go and find him and finish the route. I only found this out through a contact at the local Post Office. USPS did not tell me this. The carrier says he delivered the package, his Father is a supervisor at another post office. So USPS says it was delivered, Period. I file a claim On the following Wednesday, the package showed up in a neighbors mail box, 1 mile away. USPS says all is Good. The carrier is still on the job, unfortunately intimeold
  6. I don't think this guy cares about what the original Chevelle and Camaro; were capable of. Both of these cars are not original cars anyway. My recommendation: Try to get to these 2 cars in person and drive each. Seat of the pants feel; may be different than actual speed anyway. But my first thought was: is this guy for real?
  7. I also have a few of those, "Black Handle Screwdrivers',; that have failed. They turned, to the color white and fell apart. I have all types of screwdrivers, and the handles usually last decades. But not the black handle Snap-On's. intimeold
  8. I just read the owner's original ad, on Craigslist: In there he states the V-8 engine is a 360. Well there wasn't an option for the 360 engine in that car, in 1978. The engine options were 351M, 400, and 460. The 351M is basically the same as the 400 engine. Shorter stroke and different pistons. Ford used the 351M name after they dropped the Cleveland name. This engine bares no resemblance to the 351 Windsor engine. All of these engines are torque monsters; well suited to this size of car. intimeold
  9. I am only going to touch on one difference in the two types of air compressors currently sold to home owners and small shops. Noise: This quote came out of another forum; but applies here. I don't know what study they cited. "Air compressors can get up to 70-90 decibels loud – the average conversation is about 60 decibels, oil-less air compressors running at full capacity and you'll definitely have a noise problem". From my own experience, no fancy study just my shop. Every oil-Less air compressor that I tried was louder than any new, used, antique, air compressor. And some oil-less were really loud, annoying loud. People are trying mufflers and shielding to get the noise down. I didn't mention cost, dependability, size, only noise. intimeold
  10. Gary F, Good try, and an orphan; so close
  11. I think the hint, helped some. We had fun with that one. intimeold
  12. Yes, That was a hard one. I haven't seen a 1957 Nash for a long time, driving down the road. intimeold
  13. No, not an Olds. Hint! The only thing this make of automobile has with Oldsmobile; is that both makes are orphans. I'll send you a PM; don't want to spoil the hunt for anybody still chasing this
  14. Being Top Heavy, you should be really careful with this one. Thank for posting this. intimeold
  15. Here in the mountains of PA; some of the Hot-Rod Diesel pick-ups have big stacks;; to Roll coal as they say. But I have never seen a bark covered stack before!
  16. Central PA Weather 02-18-2021 I have about 28 inches of snow in the fields right now. A lot of packing has taken place; and not much melting. intimeold
  17. Dale was always, friendly and enjoyable to talk with; when I saw him at the Antique motorcycle meets. A Great Guy. intimeold
  18. The third picture, of the pic of the rear of the white car, brought back memory's. I haven't seen one for many years. As a young pup, I actually rode in one of those cars. I remember being amazed at how different everything, about that car was. How many recognize, those tail lights? intimeold
  19. My version of the answer to that question would be, something like this; brakes that have "No power Assistance to Actuate the Braking Force, to the master cylinder or at the master cylinder "Thus making the pedal easier to depress, to increase braking pressure. After I study my words a bit; I may want to tweak that statement. I'll go with this for now. intimeold
  20. OH MY GAWD, I never knew this car was made!
  21. The 305 cu in cars: I had an acquaintance, that had one of those cars; so I never actually drove it; but I can attest that being a passenger, riding shot-gun, the ride was terrible. The floorboard, where your feet should go, was raised up about a inch and a half, to make room for a part of the exhaust underneath. Maybe the catalytic converter. Anyhow that hot exhaust part was right below your feet; in addition to your knees pushed up toward your chin. intimeold
  22. Certainly the 10 cars on the list deserve to be there; many times over. But only naming 10; lets a a lot of cars get away. From experience, I would like to name another one for Dishonorable Mention. The early first generation Ford Escort. mainly the 1981 and 1982. Head gaskets, camshafts, and most importantly cracked heads. I happened to be a technician at a Ford Dealer, when this Piece of $hit came onto the market. Every one of them, had Milk Chocolate oil running through the engine. They were so bad that the Fly-by Night extended warranty company that the dealer sold at time of purchase; would give the customer their money back, for the warranty; when the car came in needing a new head. Yeh, How about that. You paid for a warranty; but when You tried to use it for a new Escort head; the Warranty company found a clause in the very small print, that allowed them just to give the customer's money back for the warranty. They just had too many claims. Probably would not fly, in the courts today. And best of all, the dealership's owner was a Preacher. The family had some kind of congregation. The cracking head problem was fixed in subsequent, later years.
  23. I am from PA; and this manufacturer has escaped me. I thought I knew all PA automobiles and motorcycle's; but I learn something everyday.
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