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  1. intimeold

    Looking at a 1981 Imperial Advice Needed

    Right, Mark, Don't get me wrong I do see your point. On the Seville, look back at the posts I am the one poster that was adamant, about checking the camshaft, early in the repair. I am glad you got it running to your satisfaction. I am coming from being a used car dealer, so consider my point: We never, or I should say, we tried to never put more money into a vehicle; than the vehicle was worth; or nobody wanted to buy. I'm not looking at a sentimental or a just to have vehicle; we look at it from a possible sale down the road, and how much we have in it. Just giving you another way to look a things. And to answer your question: Is the Chrysler 318 a good engine, Yes it is a great engine .
  2. intimeold

    Looking at a 1981 Imperial Advice Needed

    MarkV, I would also stay away from this one. We don't see any uptick in value in this car at all, over the next years. They just had too many problems from the start. Maybe it runs good now; so just pay a "drivers" price for it and don't sink any money in it.
  3. intimeold

    1964 Corvette convertible *SOLD*

    Being a corvette owner, I am well aware of how "numbers specific " Corvette owner's can be. Not only 'numbers matching"; but how many of a certain Corvette were built with an array of options. Or even a combination of options. The trade magazines and blogs, really push these ideas. Some Corvette owners use the lack of certain options to "dig" at some owners; which I think is reprehensible. Your 1964 Corvette is a beautiful car. I really liked the paint and interior combination. I would have loved to have that car in my collection, just too little funds and space at this time. You, really presented it nicely. intimeold
  4. intimeold

    WANTED Renault R16 any year!

    ah, the R-16 I worked at a Renault dealership after school, cleaning cars and prepping new ones. Before the R-16, we had R-8's and R-10's; which were rear engine and rear drive. The R-16 was revolutionary; with the front engine and front drive. We lived in the mountains of PA; and got a fair amount of snow back then. All of those cars, rear drive and front drive, were amazing in the snow; with just stock summer tread Michelin tires. Seemed like they would go anywhere in the snow. I am not going to say anything about the dependability of any of them, let's just end this note, on a happy note.
  5. intimeold

    Just retired - need some advice

    Well, Get rid of the alarm clock! No really, Congratulations
  6. intimeold

    Those Pesky Wheel Ants

    The pic of the Pontiac seats, caption, and the kid on the rear deck; could and surely would get you arrested today.
  7. intimeold


    Just Amazing!
  8. intimeold

    Daytona 1957

    WOW, every time I see the photograph, my mind just starts to wander. Does anybody know how we can magnify the view as to see better details? intimeold
  9. intimeold

    hard brake pedal 1955 olds w/power brakes

    I had a 1955 Pontiac Starchief, power booster; rebuilt by ED Strain. It was perfect after he worked on it. I don't remember what type it was. But here is his ad. There are several types : THE AD FROM ED STRAIN , There are four main types of power brake boosters that we rebuild. There’s the Midlandbooster, the Bendix Treadle Vac and the Bendix Hydro Vac boosters, and the Delco Moraine Booster. We rebuild other types of boosters as well, but these are the four primary types of brake units that we work with. Don't just get a rebuild kit and do it yourself; unless you have done some before. But maybe you are trained on them. I worked on many types of braking systems in my career; but needed help on this one. Of course the rest of the braking system must also be in excellent condition to maximize the result. intimeold
  10. intimeold

    collector cars in California fire

    I just watched the video, about Dennis Gage, and the Tims Special and Hudson Italia. Well I actually watched it 3 times. Great representation about the cars. I am thinking a different direction, than a car and motorcycle collector right now. Bear with me, I'm not trying to offend anyone. It makes me sick to see all of this destruction; which some of it could have been mitigated. All of the lives lost, families destroyed, and the classic autos we all enjoy, because current environmental policy's and pointing fingers. I am a farm owner with some forest too, and have done some logging in the distant and near past; just two years ago lastly. Also I do live in the East (PA) and up in the mountains. Watching the videos of the two fantastic automobiles; I took my eyes off the cars and looked at the surrounding roadsides, and forest (Just brush to us). While they drove those, they didn't pass one tree that worth anything. There wasn't a marketable "Saw Log "there. I understand the different climate and natural plant life; but around here we would Brush Hog all of that down; to make a healthy environment for some really nice, Good, Sustainable growth. We have done that in this area; and even taken old coal strip mines and planted sustainable and profitable, and healthy tress in place of junk shrub growth. All the while make a healthy place, for native wildlife to live. Believe me, if foresters in this area can get trees to grow in a barren coal strip mine; something better can be done; than what is currently done, where this video was shot. I'm finally getting a handle on what is really going on out in that CA area. By them. Whoever, land owners, government, ??, they are putting everyone at risk of these tragic brush fires. Someone has to take the reins and do some serious forest management. The naysayers will come back and say I do not mention the climate conditions. I will counter and say that is ALL they want to blame it on. There can't be a one sided approach. They are leaving so much fuel (burnable brush, worthless brush) on the forest floor, that these places are not safe to live near. I feel sorry for the people who live in those areas. intimeold saw·log /ˈsôˌlôɡ,-ˌläɡ/ noun plural noun: saw logs a felled tree trunk suitable for cutting up into timber.
  11. intimeold

    What GM Car Used This Interior

    Great call, "Brass is Best" I remember seeing that view, from my inside, rear view mirror. intimeold
  12. intimeold

    '57 Buick totaled in Hamilton, Ohio

    Never good to see a restored car; crashed because of a mechanical failure. Hope everyone is OK
  13. intimeold

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    The starter in the intake valley was on the older 4.7 engines. Not sure of all the applications that engine was used in. The Tundra, starting in 2007 used the 5.7 engine; and the starter is in the normal position, on the side of the engine, and bolting into the bellhousing/transmission. There is a 4.6 engine; not usually seen, in a Tundra; but available. The 4.6 is not the same as the 4.7, it is a more modern engine like the 5.7. Don't know where the starter is. Granted the starter in the V , and under the intake is not a good idea. But never had any in my shop, on the 4.7 Tundra that needed replacement; but the Cadillac Northstar engine was another story. But as somebody has already posted the Northstar had many more problems than the starter.
  14. intimeold

    Rarity ? Pure sales talk?

    I have always struggled to keep my sanity; when talking to someone who is not an avid collector of automobiles or motorcycles. Mostly when the person uses terms like ," Rare, Special, Custom, and the famous term, Classic. They have no idea that the terms; especially Custom and Special, are usually not always though a baseline line offering from a motorcycle or automobile company. I live in a State that brought out a licence plate , with "Classic" on it. It has lower time and other requirements , that an Antique Tag. Classic has a 15 year requirement from production date; Antique has a 25 year time frame. There are some other requirements also. So depending on your luck at the DMV or any special help from a notary; you can have a Classic car after 15 years of build date. That term Classic just makes my blood boil. These people don't even know what a Classic car is. I motorcycles, I guess the term Custom , does about the same thing to me. I''m sorry I was just venting.
  15. intimeold

    So whom would you sell it to?

    Once again: Show us the pics!