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  1. Was there an engineering or ergonomic reason for the right turn at the end of Packard's column shift lever, that put the shifter knob looking you in the face, or was it a gimmick?
  2. I have a '54 DeSoto Firedome four-door S19, which, except for the color, is the same as my father's car from the mid-1950s. That was the car he owned when I got my license and I tore it up pretty good. I figure I owe this one something for past sins.
  3. What would I need to hook that up to a three-speed manual in a '52 Special (264 cid engine sitting in there now).
  4. Without a doubt, "Fee-Fi-Fifty Five Ford, coming November 12th (NOVEMBER 12th).
  5. Within 500 miles of NYC, closer is better, in OCG #3 or better condition.
  6. I want to find a 1939 Model 81 with sidemounts, in #3 to #4 condition (OCG) within 500 miles of NYC. Trying to recover from a 1965 cluster****, maybe even get my old car back. Doesn't metter that my wife can't drive it anymore, she has her own.
  7. I have a strong preference for stick shift. I'm trying to recreate the past here. Should be #3 or better though (OCG), I'm getting too old to spend a lot of time on restoration. Also, the closer to metropolitan NYc (specifically, Fairfield County, CT), the better. I am selling out of the 1960 if anybody wants that.
  8. That looks like one bank of a V8. Did Hupmobile ever make a V8 model? If it's a four-banger, I think Hupmobile stopped with those sometime during the mid-1920s.
  9. Would someone explain the difference between "free wheeling" and just coasting with the clutch in?
  10. There is a ratty one up on EBay right now, a fairly recent listing.
  11. I'm trying to find one of these cars in the northeastern U.S., principally just to look at and photograph. Does anybody have a clue?
  12. redman60

    looking for

    Except the Firedome will say "Firedome," etc. My recollection is, they were different for the two series.
  13. I once knew, but I've forgotten. Why can you shift an electric overdirve transmission (long since obsolete) without the clutch. In college, I had a '57 Ford with overdrive. You had to put the clutch in at stoplights, etc. but otherwise--as I recall--it was pretty much like Fluid Drive. You could shift between second and third without the clutch. Help me, I lost the formula.
  14. My old favorite Krause book says a #2 car--which sounds like what you're describing--is worth about $19,000.
  15. A recent edition of "American Cars 1946-1975" indicates a value of $2,500 to $3,500 for a #5 car, depending on whether it is a Dynamic or Super 88, and a sedan (post) or hardtop.
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