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  1. hi y'all, does the wind wings for 1939 ford the same as the 1938 lz . happy new yaer to all!
  2. hi i have some 36-37 four maybe more larry 864-934-3473
  3. thanks good looking heads but want to make sure their flat larry
  4. hi y'all what are the correct spark plugs used for a 1938 lz champions j-12, j10, h10, ????????????????/
  5. hi y'all. just finshed the 38 engine. ready to start working the alum heads, they need to be resurface ,how much can be taken of the heads ?any help y'all can give me would help, thanks larry
  6. hi i think you should paid someone to restore it never saw one on ebay or the lzoc good luck larry ps have front bumper and brackets
  7. hi y'all,, need to what are the threads right or left handed on a 1938 pinon gear any tricks to take them off thanks larry:confused:
  8. i y'all, i'll start , the doors , and trunk lid are almost imposs to find .. the frame with motor is junk even if its ok .. parts only or 100,000 to fix,i need the rockers , first offer 800.00 and i'll transport to sc
  9. hi,, looks great, i'm working on my 38 coupe's rockers not much left.i acid dip mine took the pain out of it, hahahahahaha larry:)
  10. hi boz , larry hann 1300 marett rd pendleton sc 29670
  11. hi boz, lets try again, 864-934-3473 larry
  12. thanks guys,boz sent a mess to you
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