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  1. Desparately looking for same . I have checked ebay but nothing comes up under this number . Does any one have another Delco part number . Thank you , Carl
  2. Greatest site ever !! Over the years I've needed information on some pretty obscure subjects and always find someone willing to share the answer on this site . I was "nominated" to be part time caretaker of a friends magnificent '37 Packard Super 8 convertible coupe . Many of you know how it is . Knowing which kind of screwdriver to use on a Phillips head screw and you're looked at as a master mechanic . I often find myself keeping an eye out for parts for this car . During the incredible restoration over a period of many , many years , I think someone forgot the transmission because it sure
  3. Help ! My friends fully restored 1937 Super 8 has a very noisy transmission . I have the oppurtunity to purchase a tranny from a 1936 120 that I could rebuild and keep as a spare for him . So , the question is , is this the same transmission . Any input would be greatly appreciated , Thank you .
  4. Currently we are prepping 2 1933 Essex 8 Terraplane coupes for sale . These are from an estate with one being an older amature restoration . Great running and looking rust free car . The second is a complete but partially disassembled car . It is rust free with original interior and cleaned and primed body and frame . Engine and drive train are cleaned and painted looking like new but with no history . One mystery is that the ID plates have been removed and misplaced . So , although they are both titled , I believe I will need a corresponding identification on the car . So , one big question
  5. The RM preview was not open to the public the first year they were there . Only those who purchased the catalog were permitted to view the cars . Many show attendees left the fields early to view the cars , but were turned away at the door . I was asked to report on the condition of several cars for friends in Boston who would then bid by phone . I think you'll agree that if you are representing a seller you have the obligation to expose it to all walks of buyers and in that instance they preferred to create an aura of arrogance and privilege . Regarding pedestrian traffic acquiring all of th
  6. 1973 B-body gas tank new , Hershey<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <HR SIZE=1><!-- google_ad_section_start -->1973 Pontiac Gas Tank , NEW! This is a Spectra Premium 26 gallon tank for B-body ( Catalina , Bonneville , Grand Ville ) . Ordered the wrong year for my needs . Paid $ 225 plus shipping , will sell for $ 185 and deliver it to Hershey or anywhere along the way from Boston on Oct 3 thru Oct 8. Cell (413) 499-1156<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  7. There was a time when part of the "Hershey Experience" was the Black Hawk Collection and and various other exhibits were free for the viewing at the Hershey Lodge . RM shutout anyone from not only the auction , but also the viewing of the cars to be auctioned in it's first year there unless you purchased a catalog at $80 (admits two) . Subsequent years , they allowed viewing of the autos but admission to the auction remained $80 dollars for two . It really does anger those purist in the hobby to have a fee of that magnitude placed on them just to appreciate these vehicles . Oh yes , to join t
  8. I've stayed at the Hershey Lodge for over thirty years , not because I 'm wealthy but because I skrimp all year . In reality , the rates are only a few dollars more than the others ( 20 - 30 dollars per night ) and the accomodations are very high quality . Shuttle bus right to the door all day long and decent eats at four on location restaurants . The hot tub and pool are the topper after a day on the fields . At one time you had to be vested but I've noticed vacancies the past few years . Someone didn't tell them about the recession . If you choose to try them , request a walk out room on the
  9. 1973 Pontiac Gas Tank , NEW! This is a Spectra Premium 26 gallon tank for B-body ( Catalina , Bonneville , Grand Ville ) . Ordered the wrong year for my needs . Paid $ 225 plus shipping , will sell for $ 185 and deliver it to Hershey or anywhere along the way from Boston on Oct 3 thru Oct 8. Cell (413) 499-1156
  10. Thanks Dave for your info . I went over it before heading to Jiffy Lube . I know , I know , but the one of the guys there is a friend and the car was treated like a museum piece . The looks on the young peoples faces and the questions were priceless . "What kind of car is it ?" , " A what ? ". I have a lot of hands on experience with 50's and up autos and didn't realize how foreign the Packard could be in spite of it's simplicity . Such as , where is the oil filter , what does it look like and what is this L8 of which you speak ? I'll be looking for a TSM in Hershey , thats for sure ! I was a
  11. A good friend wants to drive the old 1501 roadster to a show in Cohasset MA this week-end . Older full restoration on a car he's had since 1963 but it only gets out once or twice a year , if that . So answers to the following questions would be greatly appreciated . 1. Are the lifters solid or hydraulic ? They are noisier than I'm comfortable with . How difficult are they to adjust ? 2. The engine was rebuilt well over a decade ago and probably has about 600 miles on it . What weight oil is generally preferred ? 3. One family member mentioned that the transmission tends to leak due to a rope t
  12. After let's just call it a labor dispute , my car was stolen from it's usual parking space at work . It was stripped and recovered in a less than desirable suburb of Boston . My plain Jane '64 Lemans sleeper was forced into service . It was a former Southern rum runner with many performance and suspension updates not obvious to the casual eye . It too was stolen and my search of every junkyard and service station went on for a year . Along came a MA State Trooper who spotted my car with no inspection sticker and ran the numbers . It had been 18 months and I had given up . Well ,
  13. Wow ! Thanks Oldsfan , I may never have found that . The car in question , #70 , is listed there . The information is in need of correction , but that will be done . Everytime I use this site , I'm impressed with the assistance and information I receive .
  14. The adventure begins . A good friends restoration dream sits in a storage unit in S Cal hidden from the world since 1992 . The $50 k restoration stalled and the car was entombed , undisturbed for almost 20 years . Old paper work led to two former owners and a CA history back to 1962 . Next week I will put on my Indiana Jones hat and fly from Boston to CA to unearth it's secrets , inventory the stacks of boxed parts , and prepare it for sale . It doesn't get better than that . 65 years old and I'm off on a fantasy treasure hunt . One bit of lore passed
  15. Thanks for the clarification . I PM"d Mr. Roth but forgot to post to this site .
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