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  1. Hi all brought an unidentified early Weston Mott rear axle a while back hoping to use parts for my Regal Underslung, it is smaller than Regal. Any help with ID, think small Buick possibly? regards David
  2. Hi I am restoring a 1911 Regal Underslung and require 2 steering arms. These were made by Weston Mott and were also fitted to Buicks of the same era. Thanks in advance for any help Regards David
  3. Good comment, brake backing plate 9 3/4 inches, Gearbox/ torque tube mating flange 6 7/8 inches, Width backing plate to backing plate 50 inches. Axle housings unequal lengths short 23 inches, long 27 inches. Looking for brake bands and linkages also thankyou David
  4. Wanted to buy Weston Mott rear axle as per white example in photo, wanted for my Regal Underslung but also fitted to certain Buicks and other make, what do you have?
  5. Hi The model 59 roadster I restored had the frame number stamped on top of the headlamp fork mounting, cannot remember if it was the left or right, If a model 69 it will be stamped 69 followed by a T for touring body, R for roadster or C for Coupe followed by the car number. Mine was 59R713
  6. Cannot tell you what the car is but the rear axle is a Weston Mott of 1911 era. It is 95% similar to a Regal Underslung unit. If anyone has one similar or knows the wearabouts of one please let me know
  7. I have a 1911 owners handbook but the description is very vague, in the 30 and 40 models oil flows into the lower part of the crankcase and when it reaches a certain level in the crankcase it overflows back into the crankcase though the holes marked F
  8. Looking for a front axle for a 1910 regal underslung , can anyone help ? Regards David
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