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  1. I wonder if the guy in the Cadillac shirt is the same guy wearing Cadillac bling on his necktie .
  2. Thanks Guys. Roger, the hard boot is in the trunk. I'm too scared to put it on Too many chances to scratch something with it. The previous owners (before restoration) used the boot all of the time. The car and the boot had the scratches to prove it. Do you have any tips on installing it
  3. Hi All, Might as well finish off this build thread with a couple of all done pics. Thanks for all of the support and thanks to the AACA for this great forum!
  4. Thanks Guys.. Took the car out for test drive yesterday and the car performed great! Here's the trunk release diagram I have. It looks to be the same as the one Roger posted.
  5. Circuit breaker would be the correct terminology. Here's what it looks like
  6. Thanks... The black top was a tough choice to make for me. It was a battle of originality vs personal taste. Originality won out. The car left the factory with a black top and that is what it has now. You know what? I think I like it better than a white top. The black contrasting top gives the car a classy look. The convertible top motor has a relay. You can find the relay behind the drivers side kick panel. I hope the seller finds that part for you. As you are finding out, a replacement is VERY expensive. There maybe reproductions available but no timeline was given on when that will happen.
  7. Hi All, Got the bumper all straightened out. Here's a quick before and after..... Omaha, 2008 April, 2011
  8. West, it was completely by chance. The plate was a gift Frankly, until you mentioned it, I totally missed it. Thanks for pointing it out.
  9. Thanks guys! John.... A lot of folks said I was nuts on this restoration. I would say insanity is a key ingredient :D Got the bumper installed. It needs some final alignment but it will do for right now. I did say the bumper will finish the car off. I'm afraid I jumped the gun. The fiberglass parade boot needs to be stripped and painted, then I will be finished :cool: Here's some pics,
  10. Thanks Guys! Harry, Welcome to the AACA forum. Glad to read that you got the top all figured out. Another Eldo on the road! Nice going. :cool:
  11. Wow it's been a while I didn't get much done over the winter but I did get the trunk all finished up. Here's a pic
  12. Thanks Jerry. The wheels finally arrived. They came out great! I mounted the tires ASAP and installed the wheels. :cool::cool::cool: As soon as the back bumper ends return from the plater, this car will be finished! Stay tuned. Happy Holidays!!!
  13. Give Pete a call. Here's the link, Petes Parts
  14. Thanks! This whole grouping of pictures remind me of the movie, right after the trial. They come out of the courtroom to the street and the actor says "look, they love the cars" Here's a few more
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