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  1. Hi All, August 31st, 1955 the very first Biarritz was built by Cadillac. A 1956 Eldorado Biarritz finished in emerald green rolled off the line and the Eldorado Biarritz was born! Pics and more info including the build sheet to the first batch of 1956 Cadillacs built. Many other first on that list as well. The first Eldorado Seville and the first Sedan Deville. Enjoy, http://1956eldorado.blogspot.com/2015/08/happy-60th-birthday-to-1956-eldorado.html
  2. It's been a while since I posted here about the 1956 Cadillac Eldorado Roster. In the latest update we discuss three different Emerald Green Eldos. Click on the link below to catch up, http://1956eldorado.blogspot.com/
  3. I now understand that I have a lot to lose as well. Any recommendation or suggestion I make on this forum could be a huge liability for me personally. I will act accordingly going forward.
  4. Wayne, Thanks for taking the time to write. True, I do have a voice in the AACA as a dues paying member. I do not have a voice here however. Sure I can make a call or email a board member but I don't have to because I do have a voice elsewhere on a forum for free. Obviously here on the AACA forum, the fear of lawyers is stronger than the fear of competition. I say this because I do worry about the longevity of our club. In the future when the paper generation is gone and the computer generation is the majority of the membership, will they tolerate rules like this? I don't believe they will. Advocation ONLINE for members will have to be part of the future of this club otherwise folks will just go elsewhere and remember the AACA forum as the place that offered no help.
  5. IMO, it's a sad day for the AACA when their due paying members have no voice on their own site and have to go to a non-club site to discuss hobby issues.
  6. Lots of Cadillacs on that footage. Even a couple of 1956 Eldorados! A rare sight even for 1957, a '56 Eldo Seville and a '56 Biarritz parked front to back. You can see them parked together on the right just after the T-Bird near hit. :cool:
  7. This car was for sale right here on this forum back in May, http://forums.aaca.org/f151/sale-1961-eldorado-biaritz-328642.html It finally ended up on CL for a song. Check out the 1961-62 Cadillac Group for the latest info from the current owner, Some new detail pics of the 1961 Eldorado factory custom - 1961-1962 Cadillac Owners Group
  8. Guys, The heartbeat of future auto enthusiasts is very very strong. It just that their interest in cars is different than ours. Check out this cruise night video from my neck of the woods.. Hundreds of cars, lots of folks and not a gray hair in the bunch!!!
  9. Just think, less than ten years ago the paint division was riding high. Jeff Gordon was winning championships and DuPont was the one buying paint companies (Spies Hecker & Standox).
  10. If you have been around the hobby, you know about DuPont paint and their involvement in the auto industry. Today, after 88 yrs in the auto paint business, DuPont agreed to sell off it's automotive paint division for $4.9 billion to an investment firm called Carlyle. DuPont out of the paint business...Times they are a changing, for sure. Here's the WSJ article about it, Carlyle to Buy DuPont's Performance Coatings Unit for $4.9 Billion - WSJ.com
  11. Thanks... The production was all my sons doing. He had me driving all over town for the right footage :cool:
  12. My son and I had some fun this weekend with the Caddy and a camera... :cool:
  13. Anything for my ride... LOL. In two years, I have only done 120 miles. So I'm only looking at roughly $100 bucks per year to burn this fuel.
  14. Thank Dave. I have a better understanding now. The compression ratio of the Cadillac 365 is 9:75 to 1, so it isn't too high. Cadillac does call for 97 octane as the fuel requirement at sea level (I'm at sea level), also according to Cadillac, the hotter it gets the higher the requirement gets. So in the summer 97 + is required. The best I can do with pump gas around here is 93. Just trying to find a way to get to the required octane. Everything in my car is brand new and compatible with alcohol. I don't have an issue with ethanol per se. Here's a pic from the 1956 Cadillac Serviceman issue. This is where I'm getting my requirements from. Thanks again.
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