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  1. I'm in Need of Parts for a 1934 Buick 66C. I need a Rear Bumper and Mounting Arms, 1-Horn, less Trumpet. 1 Tail Light Left Upper on ours is Broken and the Plate Holder is Missing. 2 Wiper Motors. I'm told some of these parts are the same on all 34-35 50-60-90 series,. other than the Wiper Motors. Top Prices paid for Good Parts. Also Looking for 6-Wire Wheels from a 34 50-60-90 Call Dave Lewis 217-529-5290 or Mail replys to Dave Lewis, 3825 South Second Street, Springfield, Ill 62703
  2. Has anyone out there Tried this? If So How did it work out? What Parts Worked for the Clutch Pedals and Linkage? Any Parts out there for Sale?
  3. I have a picture, but why do you ask? Do you think you have one? It says SKYLARK on the Horn Button.
  4. The Horn Buttons are Out there NOS, Just Missed one for $500.00, Never Give up Hope in this Hobby, Dave
  5. Want to Buy, 53 Skylark NOS or Mint Horn Button. Front Seat End Caps, Plastic Panels for 53 with Power Seat. Want to Buy NOS or Repo Hood Plastic Emblem for same. Top Prices Paid For Nice Parts!!!Call Dave 217-529-5290 or e-mail.
  6. Wanted to Buy; Mint or NOS 53 Skylark Horn Button un-signed. Also Need Front Seat Plastic End Caps for any Model 53 with a Power Seat. Must be in Good Useable Condition. Mounting Holes Must be Good. Call Dave Lewis 217-529-5290
  7. Need a Complete Rebuildable Carb for a 1939 Large Series AAV-26. Also Need Same For 1938 Small Series AAV-1 Would Like NOS Starter Switches For Same. Chokes Too If You Have.
  8. Looking for good rebuildable, Complete, Stromberg Carbs for 1938 Special (AAV-1) with Choke and Starter Switch. Also Need the Same for 1939 Large Series (AAV-26) Would Like to Buy NOS Starter Switches for Both if Possible.
  9. What do you want for the Black Conv. with Red Interior? Dave
  10. What do you want for the Black Conv. with Red Interior? Dave
  11. Where is this Select Sixty For Sale At? Drop me a note at my private mail, Dave
  12. I have a Brand New Pair of Reatta Sill Plates I bought for my 90 Reatta 10 years ago as Spares. I knew Someday I would need to Show the Car. We Sold The Car So I'm selling the Sills. $400.00 For the Pair. Reatta Parts Company said they were selling at $250.00 each, But had None.
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