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  1. I thought those vintage 1956 Kiddie Corvette pedal cars were cool but this is on a whole other level. Wow. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121333330359
  2. Those posts are referring to the '89 car, which was based on the third-generation Caprice. The '91 Avanti was a very different car. My question is if it too was based on the third-gen Caprice mechanicals or the fourth as pictured above.
  3. I already did and got no response. My guess is they didn't have a clue of what I was talking about. It kinda makes me feel good to know I am so knowledgeable.
  4. I thought you Vette guys might get a kick out of this '77 Corvette Go-Kart body on eBay. I had never seen one before but aparrently the company F.W. & Associates, Inc. made several variations of Corvettes starting in '77. Anyone have a complete example of one of these with the running gear? F.W. & ASSOCIATES, INC. 1977 CHEVROLET CORVETTE GO-KART BODY (VERY RARE)
  5. These are all good questions that I would also like to have answered by a knowledgeable source - or maybe even a former GM engineer who worked on these cars.
  6. I'm sure you'll agree that not "impossible" and "pretty easy" are two different things. It's a shame none of these members did a pictorial with detailed instructions of their conversions. That would be an enormous help to new members interested in tackling such a big job and certainly worthy of a sticky on this board.
  7. ...and they said it was "pretty easy"? Wow. Guess there's no need for any help then. Must be pretty straightforward.
  8. Ah so you've done the swap and it's easy you say? How about posting step-step instructions for the dash conversion. I'm sure the moderators will make your post a sticky. Thanks in advance.
  9. ...and I would be surprised if those folks have a dash setup with fully-functioning gauges. That seems to be the most difficult hurdle for any Reatta engine swap. Good job Mike.
  10. Anyone know for sure? I know the previous Cafaro Avanti's were based on the 3rd generation Caprice's, however the new longer and wider '91 Avanti had the '91 Caprice 5.7L LT1 motor so I'm wondering if the chassis and other mechanicals were also from the '91 Caprice. Thanks.
  11. Great comparison image. This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for to illustrate the difference between the '58 Cadillac Series 62 and Fleetwood Series 60 sedans. A picture is worth a thousand words - even if those words are from the so-called "experts".
  12. Does anyone have a complete list of the interior colors and color combinations for the '57 Super 88 models? I understand they were different from the Ninety-Eight model line but have not located the information to confirm it. Thanks!
  13. Those of you that get Hemmings Daily Digest e-mails may have noticed this announcement for a new 1:43 scale 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood Series Sixty Special by Bruce Arnold Models. Hemmings Classic Car at Hemmings Blog – Classic and collectible cars and parts I e-mailed the writer for Hemmings about it this afternoon. Here is some of his response: "They are made of resin and chrome finished white metal (similar to pewter). Bruce makes the master pattern himself. Pricey? Yes but these Cadillacs are all hand-made by one person and extremely limited. I've heard no more than 25 will be produced. Considering that fact that Bruce's previous releases have skyrocketed in value (one of his '47 Fleetwood models recently sold for $1,200 on eBay), I'd say this one will have no trouble finding buyers." - Tal
  14. Bummer. I was hoping one of the Buick experts would have some old period photographs or reference material with images of the Y-Job in it's original finish. Guess not.
  15. Thanks. Yeah, the various '54 Century's I've seen with a two-tone finish on the body were re-painted by their owners and only have the lower section done between the wheels. Looks cool but not factory-correct.
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