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  1. The "stroller" bodies which you can still buy online for beween $50 and $150 were made by illegally casting an old Chinese-made toddler push car - the kind where small children push the car along with their feet. It was available in the 80's and early 90's. The bodies are much smaller than the ESKA "Kiddie Corvette" and the proportions are not nearly as accurate. The seat is very shallow and the windshield is cast into the fiberglass. They were never pedal-powered. The one you saw in the late 1950's was most likely the pedal-powered "Kiddie Corvette". It was an exact 1/3 scale replica with acc
  2. The "strollers" are pretty worthless. They are only available as bodies and the casting is horrendous. Avoid the overprced ones on eBay. In fact, avoid them all. Now the "Kiddie Corvette" is a different story. They were vintage 1956 and highly sought-after by discerning collectors. I understand the one on eBay eventually sold for over $3,500!
  3. Judging on the silence, I guess your friend had one of the cheaper and more plentiful stroller Vettes. Even a decade ago, the Eska Vette (sold by a knowledgable collector) would have commanded 1k+.
  4. The forum at corvette.com is terrible. Clearly, no one is minding the gate and the forum is regularly besieged with spam. Take a look for yourself. Corvettes - California
  5. Are you sure it was the same thing? There are '57 Vette "Stroller" bodies out there that owners paint and customize themselves. They are considerably smaller than the "Kiddie Corvette". Here are some examples of the stroller. The original "Kiddie Corvette" was only available in white with red interior. It has never been duplicated or re-released, which is surprising considering how easy it would be to rip-off. That is if you can find one to rip-off.
  6. I had heard rumors about the existence of these "Kiddie Corvettes" but had never seen one until now. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330437893026 My friend lived next-door to a retired Chevy dealer in Kansas who told him about '56 Vette pedal car giveaway that sold more full-size Chevy's than any other promotion at the time. Kids would drag their parent into the showrooms and the salesmen would take over. Not all dealers could get the junior Vette's and the ones outside the big cities had to pull strings with the corporate boys. A fascinating piece of GM history.
  7. You can confirm the accuracy of the model's scale by simply dividing the real car's overall length, width and wheelbase measurements by 43. If the numbers match the measurements of the model, it's correct. Incidentally, I have a pewter Cadillac Allante, which is closer to 1:40 scale. I would not be surprised if your pewter TC is larger than 1:43 scale. T
  8. Yeah. Absolutely amazing for only 4.5" long. I heard these guys use special dentist and jeweler tools. I must say that compared to the big toyish and clunky 1:24 and 1:18 diecast models, 1:43 scale seems much more impressive. T
  9. Cool. Grand Prix must have some connections because the Model Auto Review website reported that Alezan discontinued all new production and will be closing their doors by the end of the year. Nevertheless, I would still prefer the BAM version since Alezan flubbed the wheelbase and gave it an incorrect Lebaron interior. Here is another photo of the revised interior by Bruce Arnold. -Tal
  10. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I want it...! </div></div> Since Bruce Arnold is also a manufacturer, maybe he would re-release the kit complete with the corrections. I imagine a fully built and detailed model done up to match a owner's car would run at least $120-180. BAM's original Cadillac models have been selling on eBay for over $300.00 each! Check it out. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=223&item=6967822599 -Tal
  11. Found this on the diecast.org website. The original manufacturer of the kit was a French company called Alezan. I checked and they are no longer in business. The model is 1:43 scale and made of resin and metal. Apparently, the kit wasn't totally correct and this guy had Bruce Arnold Models (known for making very expensive 1:43 scale Cadillac models) re-do it. It looks incredible for only 4.5 inches long. http://www.diecast.org/diecast98/html/asp/forums/forum43/viewMessage.asp?id=4818&start=4818 -Tal
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