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  1. Mr. Eaton, sorry I haven't responded, I picked up another job and haven't had much free time for the internet. But yes if you are still willing I could still use the sway bar. I haven't had the chance to look into how much shipping would be but will do so tonight, unless you by chance had that information. If not I did see where you had put the dimensions of the bar but I did not notice a weight or your zip code it'd be coming from. Thank you again for your assistance.
  2. Thanks again, it puts my mind at ease to hear you don't need to lower the subframe. As for it breaking I managed to somehow have the front spring on that side break and begin to separate at the bearing plate mount, and the mechanic I went to said that if could have caused the rod to bend and crack from age especially since it is hollow, which kind of surprised me, but hey it did last 11 years as he said there was no doubt in his mind it is the original piece. Damn GM, how can you expect to win people over when your product only lasts 11 years,lol. Thank you again for your advice gentlemen.
  3. Mr. Eaton, Thank you for the offer, I live in Ontario, ny, any idea how much the shipping would be? Also when you swapped yours did you in fact have to drop the subframe? Thank you again for any further information you can share.
  4. So yesterday I heard a funny clunk from the front of my 2000 regal, and found out today it was a broken sway bar. The mechanic I went to said it was ok to keep driving the car and he recommended to be careful on turns and that replacing it would be very expensive. So my questions are is it ok to drive the car? And is it that tough to replace it? He said you had to drop the subframe, is this true as well? And would it be bad to get one out of a junkyard, that obviously wasn't in bad shape? Thanks for the information.
  5. I thought of making this post after reading the post in regards to the '73 Regal and what got me was the part of the story of how he said at 2 his dad let him stand on his lap and steer the wheel. Now I am sure many of you know my father John DeFiore and I wanted to to make this post so to pay respect and love to him for teaching me the greatness that Buicks display. I think my favorite thing he ever said about Buicks is that they're meant to be driven slow so people can admire them, he is still a man of few words but they do always have substance and worth behind them. So here in pictures is my Buick past and hopefully future. Love you dad. I also currently own a 2000 Regal LSE of which I don't really have any pics of, esp since it is white and with all this snow I keep losing it, lol. As for the future part the first picture is of me a few months old behind the wheel of his "56 Super, so even though my baby brother thinks it's going to be his someday, I have a four year head start on him, lol.
  6. I think that would be a great idea. There are a few groups already on facebook dedicated to Buicks, of which I can say I belong to. I think this could only offer more exposure for the club and help bring in more members, if I can help ain anyway please let me know.
  7. On this Father's Day I just wanted to say thank you to my dad for so many things. Most importatly for being my dad, but also for sharing his wisdom, his integrity, his strength, his virtues, and to honest his love of cars, especially Buicks. I have fond memories of "helping" my dad wash and work on the cars as a child, and then as I got older learning how cars worked as well as how to maintain them, and even now I am still amazed and proud of him when I see him do something on his cars that I will admit I find too daunting, even if it does a few wrinkles in the paint I think it came out great. And although I realize I may not always say it, thanks Dad for everything, especially the Buicks.
  8. Excellent story. I have always been smitten with the Electras of that era myself. Started with a gold '85 my dad found to replace my 84 wagon and then led to a brown '88 electra and then a grey '87 electra t-type. I remember always getting amazing mph figures out of those cars, even though I had to replace the engine in the '87 twice. Those 3800's were quite the engine, too bad GM lost sight of that. I wish I had some photos of those cars to share, but all I have are my memories of some great Buicks that helped solidify my love for the marquee. I now own a '93 regal gran sport, 178,000 miles,17 years old and still running strong, it's needed some big time repairs this past year, but amazes me most of the things I have had to replace are all original parts, and people say GM didn't build anything of quality the last couple of decades. Just the other day I had a co-worker comment on how nice the car still looks, even though it does have some ugly rust on the driver's side rear wheel well, but it is always nice to get a compliment(even if it isn't a classic yet) It's too bad that GM has never (hasn't yet), come out with another 2-door Buick, but here is hoping that the new LaCrosse leads to beter things for Buick(even though dad says a Buick without the oil filter sticking off the front of the engine(a 3.8) isn't a Buick, lol
  9. Hey Doug, sorry to see the T-type go but I think that red one has some good potential-- As for our dad raising us right, here is my stable of past Buicks..for you dad, love you (also love you too mom- who let dad have all these Buicks, which let us boys have all these Buicks and so on) Even though it isn't mine(yet-lol) the picture of me as a baby was taken in dad's 56 Super-so in a way I can say it was my first time behind the wheel of a Buick. I did also own (1 each) '85(gold 4dr) and '88(brown 4dr) park avenues, as well as a '87 Electra T-type(dark grey 4 dr), I currently drive a '93 Regal GS (greenish blue 2 dr) which still gets me between 25-27 mpg- love that 3.8L I am hoping to maybe add either a '99-'04 Regal or maybe a '10 Lacrosse in the future, or if I am really lucky a '69 Riviera- but that's what dreams are made of. *sigh*
  10. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: bhclark</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I think the Solstice should be rebadged as a Skylark! I would also welcome the Pontiac G8 as a Buick! It would be nice to see a Buick that was in the $20000 range.....it's hard to get brand loyalty when the younger buyers can't afford a $35,000 Lucerne or Lacrosse. </div></div> I agree with you whole heartedly. I have been saying it for the last couple of years that GM has priced Buick out of contention for new car buyers, esp younger ones. When the LaCrosse Supers first started hitting showroom floors, one of my friends said that for the first time ever he could see himself in a Buick, at least untill he saw the price, sad to say he ended up getting a Toyota. While I am a little afraid that the entry level Buick will be nothing more than a rebadged G5, it would be in their best interests to start trying to lure college graduates or even high schoolers and if that is what it takes, then so be it. As for bringing over the Solstice as a Skylark, this is where I have to disagree. The Sky is such a better candidate. The solstice is so plain looking while the Sky is a looker to be reckoned with. I do like the idea of calling it a Skylark, back when the Bengal was making the rounds, I sent a suggestion to Buick that they should call it the Skylark as that brings up visions of Buick's muscle car past. I really hope that Buick does in fact mature and grow with the reinvention of GM, and that it is finally able to shed it's stoic image as an old mans car. By the way I am a 2nd generation Buick driver and am only 33 years old, but couldn't be more in love with my Buicks. I have turned 4 of my friends into Buick drivers based on my dedication and the durability of my Buicks. Case in point, I have a '93 Regal GS, with 178,000 miles & 16.5 years old, and just in the last month have had the tie rod ends, front wheel bearings, and the exhaust pipe all need to be replaced- all original parts, show me a honda or toyota with that many miles and years that is still mostly original- i don't think you could find one. although i am open to being proven wrong, i just don't think such a car exsists.
  11. You're right my money is going to every other country in the world but, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH GM? What a stupid comment to make. That kind of narrow mindedness is what got GM into this mess to begin with. I do agree we should be using the taxes that we pay to take care of our problems here at home first and to he** with everyone else but what is the chance of that happening?
  12. Ok all complaining and predicting the coming of communism aside SHUT UP! Theyu did this to themselves and ahve no one else to blame. I have said this before and will till they chain the doors on the last factory- LOWER THE PRICES! I can get a fully loaded camary for around $28000 but a fully loaded Lucerne is almost $40000?!?!?!? WTF!!!! No I don't want to see people lose thier jobs but really what was thier offer to congress- give us money now and MAYBE(not to be underestimated of a word)we can turn things around. Give it up already. Yes in this world it is survival of the fittest in this economy and guess what- GM just doesn't have the skills it's need to make it. How's this for a plan? Give them the money with the understanding that upper management needs to take a 40% pay cut, the UAW needs to cap salaries at their current levels for the next couple of years or offer a voluntary pay cut untill the automakers can get things straitghened out. Ideal- NO but at least a sincere thought. I agree it does seem unfair to save the banks and let the automakers fail but that is what is happening. I for one do not want to buy a piece of a poorly run company with my tax money in 2009, just to do it again in 2011? 2012? 2013? If they were to comeup with a concrete plan that couldn't backfire and fail- sure I'd be willing to help, but I just can't see beating a dead horse. GM can't survive this crisis without my tax money then tough. I feel the same way about those who bought houses way out of thier price range and now they need help. And DO NOT tell me these people were tricked by the mortgage brokers. If you only make $35000 a year- you CANNOT afford a $100000 home. Same with the banks who offered these mortgages who now are standing there with an open hand looking for a handout. You did this to yourselves and I for 1 am not willing to help you, because how then will you learn? I agree it is sad to think that some day(soon?) there may not be any domestic automakers, but maybe a better domestic automaker could emerge from the ashes? Isn't that the essence of capitalism? Face it electing the more charismatic canidate does not make things all better. Only time will tell where and when this crisis ends and just maybe America may be better off. I for one am not sure where we're going but do firmly believe in this country's ability to pick itself up from failures and emerge stronger that she was.
  13. I just read that GM more than likely will be claiming chapter 7 if something doesn't change in the next 48 hrs or so. This is very sad to me. I understand that for years in the 70s and 80s GM's quality was luckluster but I think they made some positive strides in the 90s and continued to build on those during the last couple of years. I own a 93 Regal GS which sure could be a better car but still gets 27 MPG consisantly and runs like a tank and I have always wanted a 98-04 Regal and was really looking forward to the new Lacrosse but face it GM stopped trying to lure new customers and tried to keep their pockets lined with all the cash they hold and were willing to keep pumping out the same crap day after day (Terraza anyone?). They did this to themselves and can not blame those who found the value in a $15000 Toyota instead of a $30000 rebadged half-assed Pontiac clone. It will be a sad day when GM closes it doors as I am sure this will be the fatal blow to our economy. I read today that someone on MSNBC said that GM closing would lead to 10% unemployeement opening the door to a depression without doubt. WHile I agree a government bailout could save GM now, what about in 2 years from now if they can't get their heads out of their asses, will I have to bail them out again? And where is money coming from? I know that this is a bit assholeish of me, but let them go- I don't want to pay for some high up execs salary when they killed the company. Maybe it is time for GM, Ford, and Chrysler to merge into 1 company? Sure we wouldn't have Buick then but at least I won't be buying a defunct company with my tax money. Just my .02 jstbcausd
  14. I don't think high school and college students are Buick's target market. And therein lies the rub of it all. If Buick won't target that demographic then someone else will and make money off of them. The only thing keeping Buick from the grave is China and I dont know about you but I find that unacceptable. There was a time when Buick did offer something for everyone (39 models in 1993) but now they are far too narrow minded and digging their own grave. Think about it if Buick fails to lure a younger buyer now, who'll be around in a few years when those of us who believe in Buicks are gone? I understand the idea is to make the best car and sell hundreds of them, but isn't it better to sell 3 $15000 than 1 $30000?
  15. All I can say is at least its an article that doesn't mention plans to stop production of Buick. Yes I would like to see more promise of new models and features, but the real problem GM has is an inability to lower the prices of their cars. I have said it before and will keep on saying it till maybe(not likely) someone in GM gets it and does something about it. I know for a fact the prices of the Lacrosse Super turned 2 of my friends off and they bought a Pontiac G5 and Honda Accord. If Buick and by that reason GM is too survive they need smaller less expensive cars that high school/ college students can afford. Untill GM gets this Toyota and Honda will continue to outsell GM. Why pay $30000 for a base model GM when you can get a loaded Toyota for $28000? This is what I meant when I said new hope for Buick. Maybe just maybe this could be the very thing that saves Buick. A smaller least costly car that offers classic Buick durability at a value price that may be able to compete with Toyota and Honda. Just a clarification on my position and some food for thought for those who long for the good old days of "What's good for GM is good for the country"
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