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  1. Anyone interested? I am taking offers! Thanks!
  2. The 1st $2600 gets the TC. I am guessing it's the nicest $2600 TC around. My work van broke down, and the TC's gotta go!
  3. I had a question about the small puff of smoke at engine start. It IS blueish. Not white. Somebody said that they were worried it was coolant burning. There has never been any coolant/water in the oil. I chalk it up to the guides since this is the Mitsu 3.0. This car does not need head gaskets. Sorry about the confusion! Thanks for the mails!
  4. 1990 TC for sale in Chicago NW suburbs. Car has approximately 75-80k miles (the ODO stopped about 3 years ago at 50k and I put on less than 12k a year). I replaced the transmission 4 years ago and it is working great. That is the only mechanical thing that I had to do with it, besides normal maintenance. Car is a 3.0 Autotrans with the little puff of blueish smoke when started. I run synthetic oil in it. White car with white hard top / black soft top. Soft top had a new headliner installed last spring. Car has the original hardtop. Heated mirrors and rear-window defogger work perfectly in the hardtop. Tires have 25k on them, not new but not worn out. I have the original cassette stereo (have the original optional Chrysler CD add-on which is missing the mounting bracket), but I installed a later model Chrysler single CD in-dash player. I have treated all of the interior leather once with the materials recommended by the TC Club. Leather is not perfect, (the usual small hole in the top left side of driver seat). Passenger seat has been sat in less than 20 times in 4 years. Armrest is perfect and original! Usual shrinkage on the instrument cluster cover near the windshield. No issues with accumulator or brakes, but they are due for a drain & refill. Seat switches in console are perfect. The common LeBaron cup holder swap has been done, but the original cubbie hole is included. Comes with a vintage 1990 hardwired car phone! Comes with an extra black pentastar-trident airbag and a black leather rear center filler panel and speaker cover. I even have a spare soft top which was original to the car and not quite as good as the current top. Headlights are perfect and so are cornering lamps. Taillights are perfect. TC Club light protectors are on the headlights & cornering lamps and are still clear. A/C was recharged 4 years ago and blows cold (R12). Original wheels. All my vintage TC ads and TC Club newsletters will be thrown in for free. I do not have the TC video. Car has received a car show award (AACA Event). Not a big winner, but a place award. Was displayed at the Walter P Chrysler National event in Lincolnshire, IL. The car does have rust in the rockers in the usual place. This is very common, and the only cosmetic thing the exterior paint needs. No tool kit or umbrella, but comes with the burgundy tech / repair manual. I have replaced the factory horn with a louder unit, but I saved the original horn (needs compressor). This car is not perfect, but has been looked after very well by a car guy since I purchased it 4 years ago. I believe the car spent the early years as a winter only car in Florida. Anyone on this board want this car for $3000, it's yours. I am keeping the higher price everywhere else. I'd like to see someone take care of it! Pics: http://www.slyrose.com/tcpix.htm
  5. Hi Lou! Sly's the 1st name, Rose the last name. Thganks for your response. I pulled the Pos. terminal off the batterytoday and the car still ran. Took all the connections off & cleaned them today and it seems to be working. I do need new cables though. I ordered some from rock auto and they aren't completely right. My cables have multiple wires coming off that dissappear into the main harness, and a neg wire that has a splice in it for 2 cables to join together. Are these going to be custom made cables for replacements/ Has anyone replaced their cables? Thanks! Sly
  6. Thanks for the info! I'll give it a whirl!
  7. Anyone have a set of battery cables for a 3.0? My car is losing power abruptly. When I step on the brakes, the power will go out. It will go out sometimes when I'm driving. The trans dowshifts, the radio goes out, the lights flicker, and today I had a total reset stopped at a stop sign. I think I have a bad set of cables. I treated all of the grounds that I could find. By doing the grounds last year, I fixed this problem. I have done it again and no fix. Could it be anything else?? Thanks!
  8. I just had mine changed along with the idler, along with the rest of the belts and the water pump. The car has about 55k on it and the timing belt looked good. The other belts were terrible. I am surprised they hadn't broken. Might as well get them all done at once. Good luck.
  9. Hi there, I am working with our local club to get it into the new millenium. Our treasury has always been in cash, stored in a lock box. We want to get a bank account setup so we can do some cool stuff with Paypal and such. Any of you involved in the money part of a local club? If so, are you a not-for-profit org.? If you are, what is involved in becoming one? Should we just have the treasurer just set up a personal account? The bank wouldn't give us a free small business account because we have no tax ID #. Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks!
  10. [color:"green"] I need at least one, but a spare would be groovy. Let me know the damages for 2. Thanks!
  11. [color:"green"] Happy St. Pat's everyone! I just got the TC out of the shop after it spent a week or so getting fixed. I'll post that stuff later. One thing I had done was getting the brake fluid drained. Everytime I get a service guy near wheels on ANY of my vehicles, I end up with missing hardware! My driver's rear wheel cap is now missing! The technician wrote that the cap was missing when he worked on it. We all know that if they take it off and lose it, all they have to do is note that it was "missing" when it arrived. Same thing happened to 2 of my Pacer trim rings when I got new tires. Pacer tim rings are VERY difficult to find! So, to wrap this up, who has a spare center cap for sale? Thanks! [color:"green"]
  12. The voltage drops are probably caused by poor grounds. There is a ground on the right side fender (inside the engine compartment), one on the left fender near the battery, and on the anti-lock brake pump assy. These odometers usually cease to function after 50k. See TCparts.com. Do a search for these things on the discussion, most of these problems have been discussed many times. Good luck, let us know how you are doing! SR
  13. Look around for a reputable Trans shop in your area and stay away from Chrysler dealers. I did the same thing and had to pick my jaw up off the floor after they quoted the price for a rebuilt unit. I went to a local shop that is owned by a trans rebuilder company. They took out the old one, put in a rebuilt unit (updated software and hardware, new solenoid pack), and had it done in 2 days. 2 yr/24000 mile warranty (including towing). $1000 total. Good luck, use Hemi if possible! Sly
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