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  1. how about a licence plate shroud for 77 cutlass..thx vito
  2. hello all still 'in search of' and exploring suggesations made by the group to find an answer, but in the meantime....can someone check to see if their transmission cross member bows up toward the center where the trani mount is. there was a thought from a buick dealer that that cross member seems different than factory original. he felt it was awfully high in the center thus creating the drive shaft angle to be more acute. that could be 'another' reason when weight is in the trunk thwe vibration is less.....thx vito ps not sure if other models will have the same cross member
  3. hi gene thx for that input. and i was thinking along the same lines in the begining. i started with new tires, then i found a shop that would balance the tire to the rim because non of these factory wheels are true. with all that, no change. but remember, there was a significant change after the carrier bearing, bushing and driveshaft balancing was done. its just not completely gone, plus the last thing we tried was the correct trani mount, and after that was put in the vibration was actully more pronounced, sooooooooo, im still exploring. thx alot vito
  4. your time, knowlege and concideration is well taken and appreciated...thank you vito
  5. hi ntx my mechanic is having trouble locating specs on ride height and driveshaft angles...can you help? thx mike
  6. ok...i'll be on it in the next couple of days..thx again vito
  7. just some thoughts?? just some 'great' thoughts and maybe on the money. i did weigh down the rear just today[funny eh?] and the shutter was definitly less. those rear springs are 8 years new, so i think i will use coil spring lifters in the front before just replacing them....do you agree? thx so much for the advice......vito
  8. ok...good thought, but wouldn't you feel the vibration if you were to power brake. yeh ive tried, mildly as if i were accelerating normal and there is no vibration.....thx vito
  9. the vibration starts half way thru first gear and goes away as it shifts into second[under normal acceleration] it started happening as a light vibration and just got progressively worse over time. apparently buicks with dual drive shafts had a poorly designed carrier bearing that needs replacing sooner than later because it could not be greased properly. so my mechanic replaced that bearing and the bushing including new engine and tranny mounts, new u joints and completely balanced driveshaft{twice]. im assuming that was the original propblen because the vibration is 90% gone but is definitly still there and my mechanic is stumped that is where we are to date this car has been family owned and only has 35000 miles thx for your help in advance
  10. hi group still can not get rid of drive train vibration half way thru first gear so far...repalced carrier bearing and bushing, new u joints, new factory correct engine and tranny mounts and balanced the driveshaft twice.....90% better but still there suggestions please! its driving me nuts thx vito
  11. hey barry...that 66 is out of control...good job i want one!.........vito
  12. yes keep it....im going thru this now with my 67 wildcat. thx to some members of this group i was told i should have the switch pitch as standard equipment. i never believed i did, for one i thought 65 was the last year and second, it does not perform like my 65 rivi[of which i really did not exspect it to because of the weight]....anyway i took it to an old school trani guy who comes with good recommendation and he concluded that a solinoid near the torque convertor is not sending the proper signal...therefore the trani need to come out. i was hoping it was the kickdown switch, i hope he is right! it will be pricy but i can not wait to have this done it is killing me, but the funds are not there right now. if i can get a comparable response in low end performance to my rivi, im going to sleep in the car that night its done LOL any input guys? good luck rusty
  13. hi ted...the wildcat is a 67 so it is a quadrajet. if you have a good one that would a good thing for me...thx vito
  14. hi jeff. ya know that would be good but why do you have to be on the other end of the earth from where it need to be shipped to LOL. i live in arizona but it has to go to new york 12550....are you familar on the least exspensive way to ship? time is not an issue...thx vito
  15. holy crap was that enjoyable!!!!!!!!! i need to get mine on here. need to get educated..............vito
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